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This Week In GIFs: Millions now living will die

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This week's crop of GIFs suggest that sports are trying to murder us all. Vote, and help us decide the best of the week.

Welcome once again to THIS WEEK IN GIFs, friends. This is a special week, as I've decided to round out the field with a couple of fantastic sports GIFs I somehow missed over the last few weeks. While this does technically fall afoul of the rules we've set up, it does fall in accord with our mission statement, which is, "show folks some animated sports GIFs that are neat or funny and that they will like, enjoy, watch, view, and have fun watching with other folks or with themselves."

Voting, as always, will remain open until Sunday at 11 p.m. Eastern. And remember, GIF Tournament IV begins later this month. Enjoy!



(Via The Score)

It's usually OK to forget to kick things. This morning I was walking down the street and I passed a tree, and I forgot to kick it. No big deal. Just a moment ago, you forgot to kick ex-Kansas City Royal Kevin Seitzer. You're fine, right? And as I type the first part of this sentence, I have forgotten to kick a garbage bag full of restaurant napkins and chicken bones sitting outside the Moonlite Bar-B-Que in Owensboro, Kentucky. If we focused on the things we forget to kick, we would encounter paralysis via stimuli. In virtually every scenario, it's best for us not to think about kicking things.

Mr. ter Stegen, Germany's goalkeeper, should have remembered to kick that ball in that very instant, but if he were always concerned with remembering to kick things, he wouldn't get anywhere in life. Acceptable loss, if you ask me. By the way, you should really check out Moonlite Bar-B-Que if you ever find yourself in Owensboro. Maybe it's not the best barbecue place in the world or anything, but I've been there a couple times and I thought the food was really good both times.



I don't fault folks one bit for being scared of lightning storms, because they should be. Terrible weather has been going on ever since that monkey randomly had that human baby 6,000 years ago, and before most of us had shelter at the ready, and it'll be here until we leave or we fire enough weather-altering missiles into the clouds to make it sunny all the time.

Personally, I think lightning storms are freaking amazing. My friends and I will sometimes arrange impromptu "thunderstorm parties," head over to a friend's house with some beers, and watch the show. The best music to blast really loud during these storms is probably Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or maybe a scratched Killer Mike album that just skips on him saying "I'M GLAD REAGAN DEAD" over and over.


(H/T @cjzero)

That man and that kid were sitting in the same row, which implies to me that they belonged to the same party. This is probably a funny GIF, and that kid was probably not seriously hurt, and this probably isn't a big deal. Little-kid me probably wouldn't have cared that much. But I'm still yelling HEY HE'S LITTLE AND YOU MADE HIM DROP HIS LITTLE BASEBALL OUT OF HIS LITTLE HAND and wishing grown folk could remain grown folk without devolving into soulless gorilla-children.



There are a few different points of appreciation to be had in this guy. First, of course, we have Mr. Cruz, who has made his fair share of appearances in THIS WEEK IN GIFs for reasons that have never been flattering. Then, as Marc Normandin noted, we have Sox reliever Franklin Morales, who properly understands that nothing, not even checking on the cerebrospinal health of a co-worker, is more important than stretching.

My favorite is the nameless Sox reliever who catches the ball, and is seen in the briefest of flashes jumping and raising his arms in celebration of his catch. Maybe he thinks that's how you win. Like you get the baseball and declare, "BASEBALL!" and then your team has to go and hide the baseball, and somewhere along the way you get a wreath around your neck and a chalice of lemon drink and shit.



This is where Garrett Jones' mammoth home run landed in Pittsburgh: just a few feet away from a passing cyclist. God, what a crummy way that would be to go out. As a cycling enthusiast, I am in a perpetual state of concern while on a bike, and I prioritize my worries thusly:

1. Getting doored
2. Getting doored
3. Getting doored
4. Getting doored
5. Brakes fail while doing downhill
6. Getting doored
7. Driver merges into my lane
8. Getting doored


9,446. Getting doored
9,447. Dinosaur bites my face off and my face looks like a screaming skeleton
9,448. Garrett Jones hits a home run into my neck and I fall into the river
9,449. Getting doored


(Nominated by valued Internet subscriber Shield Wall)

pfffffff hahahahahahaha



(Via Larry Brown Sports)

UMPIRE. Hey, you guys aren't allowed to have a cardboard cutout of Andre Ethier in your dugout.
TREY HILLMAN. Sorry. We will move it.
UMPIRE. Thank you.
TREY HILLMAN. Hey, by the way, I made a mix CD if you want me to burn you a copy.
UMPIRE. Oh yeah, what's it called?
TREY HILLMAN. It's called Trey Hill-Mix!
UMPIRE. Ha! Goodness gracious!
TREY HILLMAN. Well I am going to move this cardboard cutout of Andre Ethier into the clubhouse. I will be right back.