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Halfy Hour: Best and worst of summer

Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford are joined by's Maggie Gray to break down the bests of summer -- sports and otherwise.


(1) The Beach

The experience of a sunny day doing beach things at the beach.

(4) Frozen Treats

Your ice cream cones, Italian ices, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, etc.


(2) Backyard Party

A cool hang with friends and food and tiki torches.

(3) Baseball Game

A cool hang with friends in the sun, kicking back, and enjoying some ball.


(1) Return of Football

Hurray! It's fall camp and there are depth charts, cuts, and Hard Knocks.

(4) Vacation Rental

You and your bros or sisses share a house at the lake or the woods or the beach or something.


(2) Grilled Meat

Eating something that's fresh off of the fire. Smoked meats count, too.

(3) Waterslides, etc

Either in somebody's cool backyard or a theme park. Any recreational water that speeds you along or launches you.


(1) Swimming Pools

Frolicking in the shallow or deep end. Diving boards and cool jumps are included.

(4) Cabanas

Sometimes, it's more fun to chill on something covered and comfortable. Spray misters included.


(2) The Scantily Clad

The people you both do and don't want to see wearing less than usual.

(3) Umbrella Drinks

Cold, filled with fruit, delicious.


(1) Cold Beer

Crisp, refreshing, hits the spot.

(4) Tans and Burns

This includes yourself and others.


(2) Shorts and Flip flops

Letting it all breathe after a cold winter and spring.

(3) Movies and TV

Blockbusters and unexpectedly great shows like The OC (Season One). Air conditioning plays a part.