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Anna Benson had many weapons to show her husband

The sad story of a former major league pitcher, his troubled wife, and serious felony charges.

We haven't heard from Anna Benson and former Mets starter Kris Benson in a while, which makes some sense given that he threw his last big league pitch in 2010. Here's what she's been doing: buying weaponry, possibly going insane, and definitely showing up to her estranged husband's house armed to the teeth, screaming, and demanding $30,000 from him. Kris, for his part, has presumably been doing some pricing of various home security options.

Armed to the teeth is not an exaggeration:

Anna Benson, dressed all in black, had a black Taurus Judge revolver, expandable baton and red folding Batman knife with her, police said. Also recovered was a hatchet, a Taser, 13 bullets, a bag of syringes and eight pills, police said.

The red Batman knife is probably this double-bladed monstrosity, and provides just another slight degree of terror to the story. Mrs. Benson was also wearing a bulletproof vest, which she claimed she was trying out for a company, a company she would tell you all about except,'s top secret, and lives are at stake.

The problem is that I don’t have any money to start my business, and a lot of the stuff I can’t tell the investors about because it is top-secret military and Department of Defense stuff. I don’t disclose any of the information, because that could jeopardize the officers and the soldiers.

Mr. Benson escaped out the back door after Mrs. Benson confronted him, broke a computer monitor with the baton, and demanded the money. Mrs. Benson, who faces twenty years for the various charges in the case, didn't see what the big deal was, and says she still loves her husband very much. The couple have three children together, and now their mother is in jail because she might be mentally ill. You probably should have stopped reading at the first paragraph for the fun stuff, because the last paragraph of anything is where all the sad is.