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The GIF Oracle: Let's help you find the sports GIF you're looking for

I am the GIF ORACLE. I am here to help you find the animated sports GIF you desire.

HELLO! I am the GIF ORACLE, I love you very much, I contain over 200 animated sports GIF, and my purpose is to help you find one that suits you.

Please, by all means, click one of the options below.










About the GIF Oracle

There are thousands upon thousands of sports GIFs spread across the Internet, but the GIF Oracle contains only 200 or so that were judged by its creator, Jon Bois, to be of exceptional quality.

The GIF Oracle is a living database. As new GIFs are discovered, either through SB Nation's This Week In GIFs series or elsewhere, the best ones will be added to the Oracle. When appropriate, new pages will be created.

If you know of a particular GIF that you believe merits inclusion to the GIF Oracle, please tweet Jon about it at @jon_bois. Please note that doctored GIFs are ineligible for consideration. This is a place of unadulterated athletic spectacle.

Jon has made his best effort to credit the creator of every GIF he can. If you see one that is misattributed, please tweet at him.

There are several folks who deserve special recognition for their contributions to the world of sports GIFs: @SBNationGIF, @bubbaprog, @jose3030, and @cjzero, to name a few.

Enjoy, y'all.