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Joe Buck, Randy Moss buried the hatchet over legendary mooning incident

The Fox play-by-play man finally got a chance to address "moongate" with the legendary wide receiver.

Jeff Gross

From the second he was hired by Fox, everyone on earth who cares about sports media has speculated about what would happen with Joe Buck and Randy Moss on the same network. Would either of them address when Buck called Moss' legendary faux-mooning back in 2005 at Lambeau Field "a disgusting act"? Well, credit to The NFL on Fox and both Buck and Moss, they chose to address it immediately.

The future Hall of Fame wide receiver joined Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth on Sunday night during the Colts-Giants game. Buck seemed a little more enthusiastic about getting it out in the open than Moss did, but they did address it and, presumably, let it go and are now the best of friends.

Terrific line from Buck towards the end with "Thanks to Twitter, I don't get to forget." It caps off a pretty entertaining weekend of Joe Buck vs. The Internet. This has now officially been dealt with, and we hopefully never have to talk about it again.