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SB Nation's top 100 NBA players of 2017

Four years ago, SB Nation writers set out to determine who the top 100 NBA players would be in 2017. Our guesses turned out about as well as you'd imagine.

Will Andrew Wiggins be a top 10 player in 2017?
Will Andrew Wiggins be a top 10 player in 2017?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: To all of you clicking on this story for the first time, this was a project we did in 2013. That's why all the rankings seem all over the place. Yet it's fun to look back at some of the things we all thought we knew then. It's hard to predict the future.

Welcome to SB Nation's Top 100 NBA Players of 2017! This project is what it says on the box: Six SB Nation NBA writers and editors predicted who will be the top 100 players in the league in the year 2017. Then we commented on each other's picks. All of this is laid out below.

You can begin your adventure by going to the page containing Nos. 100-91 and reading through in order. Or you can click on a player's face below to jump straight to that fella's blurb.

No. 100: DeAndre Jordan Austin99_medium Stephenson98_medium Porter97_medium Walker96_medium Rabb95_medium Green94_medium Ross93_medium Gordon92_medium Millsap91_medium
Gay90_medium Shumpert89_medium Mayo88_medium Len87_medium Zeller86_medium Smith85_medium Jennings84_medium Thompson83_medium Bynum82_medium Jones81_medium
Hayward80_medium Antetokounmpo79_medium Bradley78_medium Pekovic77_medium Teague76_medium Mcgee75_medium Schroeder74_medium Waiters73_medium Bryant72_medium Smart71_medium
Faried70_medium Vucevic69_medium Jones68_medium Anderson67_medium Young66_medium Mclemore65_medium Gallinari64_medium Mirotic63_medium Noah62_medium Batum61_medium
Wade60_medium Parker59_medium Butler58_medium Exum57_medium Harrison56_medium Thompson55_medium Parsons54_medium Lawson53_medium Kanter52_medium Conley51_medium
Lamb50_medium Mkg49_medium Evans48_medium Gordon47_medium Bledsoe46_medium Henson45_medium Oladipo44_medium 43_medium 42_medium 41_medium
40_medium 39_medium 38_medium 37_medium 36_medium 35_medium 34_medium 33_medium 32_medium 31_medium
30_medium 29_medium 28_medium 27_medium 26_medium 25_medium 24_medium 23_medium 22_medium 21_medium
20_medium 19_medium 18_medium 17_medium 16_medium 15_medium 14_medium 13_medium 12_medium 11_medium
10_medium 9_medium 8_medium 7_medium 6_medium 5_medium 4_medium 3_medium 2_medium 1_medium

Again, you can also explore the list in reverse order, beginning with No. 100 ...

Meet your panelists

CONRAD KACZMAREK: The editor of Cavaliers blog Fear The Sword and a contributor to's NBA coverage. Spoiler alert: he didn't pick Kyrie Irving No. 1 overall.

MIKE PRADA: The editor of and the founding editor of Wizards blog Bullets Forever. He still has not recovered from picking Austin Rivers as the No. 14 best player of 2015 two years ago.

JONATHAN TJARKS: An SB Nation assignment editor and NBA draft maven. How high did he pick Perry Jones III? Click and find out!

PAUL FLANNERY: An contributing editor and journalism professor at Boston University. He did not, for the record, pick Avery Bradley.

RICKY O'DONNELL: An SB Nation assignment editor and NBA contributor who totally tried to pick every Chicago prospect remotely plausible.

TOM ZILLER: An NBA editor for and the founding editor of Kings blog Sactown Royalty. Remembering the Austin Rivers situation, he refused to pick any high school players to his significant detriment.

What our blogs are saying

SB Nation's NBA blogs have provided snap judgments that you can read with our thoughts and will be reacting to the top 100 of 2017 all day. We'll add links here as those reactions pop up.

Brew Hoop crunches some numbers suggesting the Bucks' young talent is middle of the road.

Bright Side of the Sun wonders about Alex Len's inclusion on the list.

Blazer's Edge notes the placement of three current Blazers on the list.

CelticsBlog argues that all three of their players in the countdown are ranked too low.

Clips Nation believes Chris Paul is way too low.

At the Hive cannot believe Anthony Davis was ranked below Andre Drummond.

Mavs Moneyball laments the absence of any current Mavericks on the list.

Canis Hoopus thought Andrew Wiggins was ranked too high, but is fine with the Timberwolves' placements.

Blog a Bull would have taken Derrick Rose No. 3 (he's fifth).

Fear the Sword is thrilled five Cavaliers made the list.

Raptors HQ thought Kyle Lowry was snubbed.

Golden State of Mind thought all the Warriors rankings were fair.

Indy Cornrows thought the same of the three Pacers on the list.

NetsDaily thinks Deron Williams is in the right spot, but would have ranked Brook Lopez higher.

Peachtree Hoops is thrilled four Hawks made the list.

Bullets Forever thought John Wall should have been a little higher.

Grizzly Bear Blues thinks Marc Gasol should have been ranked much higher.

Orlando Pinstriped Post asks Magic fans if Maurice Harkless should have made the top 100.

Liberty Ballers thought the same thing about Michael Carter-Williams.

The Dream Shake thought the Rockets' rankings were fair.

Pounding the Rock wonders which of the two Spurs ranked will be the team's best player in 2017.

SLC Dunk thought Gordon Hayward was ranked way too low.

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