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Uni Watch: Ranking MLB's unis

Denis Poroy

So Uni Watch's brilliantly talented Paul Lukas has just released his rankings of all 30 major-league franchises' livery, and of course I believe Lukas is brilliantly talented because I agree with him about almost everything. Seriously. If you read his thumbnail comments, just imagine that I wrote them and you'll be inside my head (except he gets into the weeds just a bit more than I could).

Just two very tiny quibbles:

1. I can't countenance the White Sox ranking in the top half of the rankings (even if just by a nose). I suppose it's because black-heavy uniforms just don't look right to me, so maybe I should disqualify myself.

2. The Nationals are 26th? Behind the Rangers and the Rockies and the Brewers? Huh. I don't get that at all. I like the Nationals' colors, and I like their lettering. Huh.

Bringing up the rear? Why, the characterless Padres, of course:

By far MLB's blandest, most watered-down uniform set. A blank slate would have more character, and a Little League uni would have more gravitas. Bring back the brown!

... and Lukas doesn't even have to mention those awful camouflage alternates.

Bottom line, as Lukas points out, is that a) Baseball's got the best uniforms, and b) none of these are truly awful. Just another reason to love the modern game!