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NHL free agency: Teemu Selanne will determine his future next week

Teemu Selanne will decide whether he is returning to the NHL by next week.

Marianne Helm

Unrestricted free agent forward Teemu Selanne will decide whether he will return to the NHL for the 2013-14 season by next week. Speaking with Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register, Selanne explained that his decision will be influenced by the opportunity he is presented with the Anaheim Ducks, via Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy because the OC Register is behind a paywall:

"My point is, if they're better than I am, I am expecting and accepting a smaller role," Selanne said. "But if I'm better, I need to play more. I need to play top minutes. That's what I'm looking for.

"That's fair for everybody. To be honest, I've been playing a big role. I don't know if I'm ready to play 10-12 minutes a game. And that's what I want to make sure. If I play well, I get what I deserve.

"Sometimes it's not like that. So I want to make sure I'm treated the way I deserve."

Based upon his comment, it seems as though it's Anaheim or bust for Selanne. Of course, Daniel Alfredsson proved that assumptions like that aren't always accurate.

Regardless, it's not surprising to hear Selanne is focused on his role. Considering everything he has accomplished in his career, his only motivation to continue playing is to actually play. If the Ducks don't have a role suiting his desire then there is little reason for him to put in the work it takes to play hockey at the professional level. Especially considering he is 43-years-old.

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