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Filed under: 400: Danica Patrick triggers wreck, Travis Kvapil upset

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After being collected in a wreck triggered by Danica Patrick during Sunday's NASCAR race at Pocono, Travis Kvapil expressed his frustration with Patrick on Twitter.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in three races, Danica Patrick was involved in an accident she was responsible for creating. And in both instances Travis Kvapil was collected in the carnage.

Patrick was having a solid outing running in the top 20 in Sunday's 400 at Pocono Raceway. But on lap 110 of 160 she was attempting to pass Kvapil on the inside through Turn 2, when Patrick's Chevrolet broke loose and slid up the track.

Both Kvapil and Patrick sustained damage along with the cars of Jeff Burton and Paul Menard.

"These cars rely on side force, so when someone's on the outside of you, it always makes you a little bit looser," Patrick said. "I didn't feel like I went in any more hero-like that time. We were tight in the race and so we had freed it up a little bit and it was better. But then, when they're outside of you, you just get loose. So, I just chased it up and it spun around."

Three weeks ago at New Hampshire, Patrick overdrove Turn 1 and hit the rear of boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s car. The contact pushed him up the track and into Kvapil, who had nowhere to go and couldn't escape the spinning Stenhouse.

After being collected for a second time in a wreck he did not instigate, Kvapil took to Twitter to vent his frustration following Sunday's race.

#FIBS is an acronym for "F*** Illinois B******," according to Urban Dictionary. Patrick is a native of Roscoe, Ill.