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Uffsides: Fred Dryer on his lawsuit against the NFL, 'Hunter', and 'Frisky Dingo'

Two-time Pro Bowler Fred Dryer -- still the only man to record two safeties in an NFL game -- discusses his lawsuit against the NFL, the greatest TV dramas of the 1980s, and his cult appeal thanks to "Frisky Dingo."

If you don't have time for the full episode, please enjoy these highlights. In this first clip, Dryer explains the correct pronunciation of former co-star Stepfanie Kramer's first name, talks about his extensive gun collection, and ribs the handsome interviewer about his dainty, girlish hands:

Dryer had no knowledge of his cult appeal thanks to the [adult swim] cartoon "Frisky Dingo." Here, he sees a clip from the show for the first time:

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