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Keith Olbermann will appear on SportsCenter for the first time in 16 years tonight

He'll provide a taped essay on Alex Rodriguez.

ESPN Images

You all knew he was coming back, but still, ESPN has something planned tonight to keep it in people's heads that Keith Olbermann has returned in a big way.

Olbermann, whose self-titled sports talk show debuts at 11 p.m. ET on Aug. 26, will make a pre-recorded appearance on the 11 p.m. ET edition of SportsCenter Thursday. It will be Olbermann's first appearance on the show since 1997, when he and the network parted ways after his vaunted five-year stint as an anchor for the program. He and Dan Patrick most notably teamed up for what was colloquially referred to as "The Big Show."

What has drawn Olbermann onto SportsCenter, you ask? Well, Alex Rodriguez, of course. Olbermann, a devout baseball fan and host for the MLB Postseason on TBS, will be delivering an essay on the maligned third baseman's return to Yankee Stadium on Friday. Rodriguez faces a 211-game suspension for his link to the Biogenesis scandal, which he has appealed.

No word came from ESPN on whether or not Olbermann's appearance would be a one-time only deal.

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