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Wild's new road jerseys leak

The team's new threads leaked on Saturday.

Minnesota Wild

The past few weeks, the Minnesota Wild have been touting their new road jersey, which was to be revealed at the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday. The threads leaked on Saturday night, however, and are now free to stare at on the Wild website.

The new threads maintain the Wild's colors of green and white, but changes up the team's jersey template, though it still comes nowhere close to matching the team's home uniform template. The shoulder pattering is somewhat similar to the New Jersey Devils, with lines on the arms and at the stomach somewhat similar to the team's alternate jersey.

Overall, it's a very nice look, in my opinion. My only problem is that the Wild still refuse to have their own identity across uniforms. The home, road and alternate jerseys all follow completely different templates. Perhaps that's for the best, however. Maybe there ought to be a few teams that just go nuts and do something different on all of their jerseys. Why not, you know?

Along with the Wild, the Buffalo Sabres are also revealing a new third sweater this season. The Carolina Hurricanes and Dallas Stars unveiled new uniforms as well.

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