Brandon Weeden says Thayer Evans asked him about Oklahoma State pulling an 'Okie choke'


Despite the fact he was there for four seasons the article covers, Weeden said, "It all happened before I got there. But the guys that they did question were not very good sources to question because they are kids that got kicked off the team for drugs or for whatever it might be. They were dismissed and so these are guys that aren't real credible. And the guy who wrote the article (Evans), we had a little run-in at Texas. He's an OU guy. He's always had it out for Oklahoma State, so he comes up to me after we beat Texas and he said, 'when's it going to happen? When's Okie State going to pull it's Okie choke? Like they always do.' I laughed and said, 'Who is this clown?' to our SID guys.''

The former Oklahoma State quarterback becomes the latest former Cowboy to express strong objections to a series currently being published by Sports Illustrated, in which all manner of rule-breaking is alleged by other former players. There's much more here from Weeden, by Mary Kay Cabot. HT USA Today.