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Lance Armstrong's 2000 Olympic bronze medal will be returned to IOC

Former cyclist Lance Armstrong has lost another accomplishment, following his admission to the use of steroids.

Matthew Stockman

Lance Armstrong is being forced to give up a medal that he won in the 2000 Olympics. The bronze medal has been acquired by the U.S. Olympic Committee and it will be returned to the International Olympic Committee, according to USOC Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer Patrick Sandusky. Armstrong won the medal for cycling in 2000 during the Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

The IOC has stripped him of the medal and has asked for it to be returned to its headquarters in Switzerland. Armstrong has already been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, following his admission to taking steroids. He has also been sued for $12 million by SCA Promotions, who sponsored Armstrong during his 2002 and 2003 Tour de France wins, because of the forfeit of his titles.

Armstrong has refused to have a full debriefing with the USADA on how long he used the drugs to compete in cycling tournaments.

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