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NFL: "So you think we have a concussion problem?"

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Hannah Foslien

Concussions in baseball are up. Or maybe just the diagnoses are up. Either way it's definitely an issue, much more than it's ever been before. And I just came across a really good wrap-up of the current situation, beginning with this:

Concussions have been a major concern in Major League Baseball this season. About a dozen catchers have been placed on the seven-day concussion list because of head injuries, including former MVP Joe Mauer, who has not returned to the Minnesota Twins after almost a month on the sidelines.

USA Today looked at the rise in head injuries among catchers in baseball, showing the trend has been increasing for the past two years.

Teams have put players on the disabled list due to concussions or head injuries 18 times this year, five more than all of last season and seven more than in 2011, when the seven-day concussion DL was implemented. In 10 of those 18 instances, the players were catchers, including the Boston Red Sox's David Ross twice.

This is all interesting material, and there's much more interesting material. One might question the point of an entire article doing almost nothing but regurgitating a USA Today article, but I'm not really not that picky; I'll take my information wherever I find it. But whom, you might wonder, is doing all this regurgitating?

The National Football League.

Yup. The National Football League's official website posted a long article about concussions in baseball, with just one tiny mention of CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL. And if this doesn't head the list of Keith Olbermann's next "Worst Persons in the World" segment, there's something wrong with the world. Hell, maybe the segment should just be retired until the NFL does something even more self-serving and hubristic and plain old disgusting. Assuming that's even possible.

Meanwhile, tomorrow on Complete list of NFL players who have used steroids or HGH in the last calendar year. Also known as "NFL roster dump".

Hat Tip: Dayn Perry