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Mayweather defeats Canelo by majority decision in highly anticipated showdown

Floyd Mayweather wins his mega-fight with Canelo Alvarez in dominant fashion, even if one judge managed to see the fight as a draw.

Al Bello

Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter in the world, this was known coming in to his bout against Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas tonight, and reenforced when he dominated Alvarez.

Early in their bout, Canelo was able to start timing Mayweather, being competitive when deciding -- inexplicably -- to get involved in a technical boxing bout rather than utilizing his size. While the early rounds were competitive, Mayweather took over as the fight continued.

It was the jab of Mayweather that dominated the fight. He was able to keep off the ropes and throw the jab, only choosing to throw power punches at Mayweather when he decided, not when Alvarez forced him to. As Canelo said after the fight, Floyd was simply too good and he "just could not catch him."

There were moments when Canelo let his frustration get the best of him, throwing a blatant low blow at one point and a shoulder butt later in the fight. Both times the fighters jawed with each other and refused to touch gloves. But Mayweather's composure did not waiver, he instead simply went back to work with the same jab, straight right and occasional hook/uppercut attack.

At 23 years old, Canelo has a bright future ahead of him. He didn't embarrass himself, he simply ran into a fighter too good. It's on him to see how he comes back in the next several fights to see if this was just a setback or if it was just the highlight of his career.

Where the story lies is in the official scoring. A seemingly wide decision for Mayweather somehow became a majority decision when C.J. Ross scored the fight a draw. Ross should never be allowed to judge another fight and any commissioner who allows it should be fired.

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