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Crowds surge at 'Sign Tim Tebow' rally

Jacksonville's 'Sign Tim Tebow' rally is going about as well as expected. But it is picking up steam.

Whatever his utility as a player, the phrase Signing Tim Tebow could have a bright future as a euphemism -- a short way of saying I Pretty Much Give Up, Whatever. For usage: a bummed-out person wearing mustard-stained sweats to a bar on Saturday night would be Signing Tim Tebow.

But for other fans -- including, we must presume, the desperate Jacksonville Jaguars fans Tim Tebow loyalists who organized Monday's Sign Tim Tebow rally for 3:16pm in EverBank Field's parking lot -- Signing Tim Tebow meant something else. It meant hope. It meant a chance to see their favorite quarterback one-hop bubble screens to Cecil Shorts. It meant a chance to start a popular movement and take their team back.

Which, yes, there were just three fans there at the appointed time. But there's traffic and getting time off from work and, wait, here's a report from just a few minutes later.

This means that the crowd is doubling in size every few minutes. If this rate continues, and there's no reason to assume it won't, the entire population of Florida will be in EverBank Field's lot by this time tomorrow. Unless...

Oh. Okay. Maybe it's time to Sign Tim Tebow on the Sign Tim Tebow movement, then? Or give it another few months. Probably should give it another few months.