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Winning plus fireworks equals ... well, progress?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians are on the verge of a pretty special season. But they have to keep winning. Recently, I wrote about the Indians' attendance issues. Thursday night, they sold 12,607 tickets for an important game against the Astros. They won, in stirring fashion. Granted, that was a school night. Friday night, they sold 17,310 tickets for a critical game against the Astros. They won. Granted, the weather was threatening.

Saturday night, they sold 26,611 tickets! Granted, the Royals -- in a similar market and similar, but less interesting, position in the standings, sold more than 36,000 tickets. But still: 26,611 tickets! Progress!

Well, maybe. There's this:

Cleveland -- Indians first baseman Nick Swisher has one final thank you for Tribe fans for the 2013 season: a newly added fireworks display on Saturday, September 21.

Swisher's outgoing personality and ties to Ohio -- he spent his childhood in Columbus and just over the state line in Parkersburg, W. Va. -- have played a role in him becoming an instant fan favorite among the Tribe faithful. He picked the Ohio- and Cleveland-themed music to which the fireworks will be set.

"It's been an exciting season and I hope fans have had as much fun at the ballpark as I have," Swisher said. "I definitely appreciate fans' support, and to thank them, I'm giving them one last fireworks show during the Tribe's Fan Appreciation Weekend!"

Oh. Approximately 10,000 fans showed up for the fireworks. The Indians did win, and Sunday they'll go for the four-game sweep. There aren't any guarantees, but the Indians do have a tiny edge on their closest competition for the second wild card and they've got a cake schedule the rest of the way. I'm pulling for the Indians to get that wild card. If only so we can find out if the good burghers of Cleveland are capable of supporting the local club.

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