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NFL, Week 3: Live coverage of Sunday's games

Join us for live coverage of Sunday's NFL games, including the Colts vs. 49ers.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Oh No Romo [6:00 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Any live coverage for the Sunday Night game?

Ryan Van Bibber [5:50 PM]:

Going to wind down our live coverage now. Be sure to head over to the team blogs for more conversation about these games,

Stephen White [5:49 PM]:


Stephen White [5:47 PM]:

Geno has to get that snap off before the review

Matt Watson [5:44 PM]:


Daryl Richardson re-injures foot against Cowboys

Richardson only played one play on Sunday before suffering another injury.

Matt Watson [5:44 PM]:

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

Honestly the Jags’ defense deserves a lot better than their offense. A lot better.

Stephen White [5:37 PM]:

Hmmmm wonder what they were arguing about

James Dator [5:36 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [5:35 PM]:

not the look you want to see from the coach

Ryan Van Bibber [5:35 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:29 PM]:

Stephen Hill being relevant!

Clay Wendler [5:28 PM]:

i know he had a bad game last week, but as a chiefs fan, seeing that makes me jets green with envy

Clay Wendler [5:27 PM]:

Stephen White [5:27 PM]:

Boldin getting his grown man on again.

James Dator [5:27 PM]:

Geno’s throw very similar to Newton’s 47-yarder to Ted Ginn. Both off their back foot, but have so much arm strength it doesn’t matter

Stephen White [5:26 PM]:

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Fantastic throw by Geno Smith for a 51 yard TD. The kid is going to be alright

James Dator [5:24 PM]:

Jaguars still have -5 yards on the day

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:

To phil simms’ “point” a few minutes ago, are people’s biggest worry with Aldon Smith that he won’t get punished? Cuz me personally Im more concerned with if he will get help.

Ryan Nanni [5:16 PM]:

Matt Watson [5:15 PM]:


Mariners-Angels delayed due to SWARM OF BEES


James Dator [5:15 PM]:

The Jags aren’t doing this whole offense thing so well

Ryan Van Bibber [5:13 PM]:

there’s a bee hive delay in the baseball game in Anaheim, which sounds like something that would happen to the DOlphins

Ryan Van Bibber [5:09 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [5:09 PM]:

EH Manuel missed a wide open man in the middle

Mark Ennis [5:08 PM]:

Love Ray McDonald. A lowly three star lineman out of HS

Stephen White [5:07 PM]:

I jinxed Bradshaw smh

Ryan Van Bibber [5:04 PM]:

and of course Mike Smith doesn’t go for it on 4th-and-1

Stephen White [5:03 PM]:

Ahmad Bradshaw with a nice run, good to see him healthy

Ryan Van Bibber [5:02 PM]:

the Falcons are going back to run/play action combo … and it’s working

Ryan Van Bibber [4:59 PM]:


Stephen White [4:59 PM]:

Uhm folks, that was justin smith not aldon smith AND neither made the sack, instead it was Ray McDonald

Ryan Van Bibber [4:55 PM]:

Babin w/ the sack on Wilson … DUVAL

Stephen White [4:53 PM]:

Most of the runs were on the perimeter also. But not sweeps etc, more like counters and misdirection stuff

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

Tie game pending xp. If the 49ers can find this kind of success running the ball all day, the Colts are in BIG trouble.

Stephen White [4:51 PM]:

Rookie McDonald with grown man blocking, two guys at the same damn time.

Matt Watson [4:51 PM]:


PRESENTED BY325718769_oldspice-article


Watch: Sunday Night Football fantasy preview

Everyone knows to start Brandon Marshall, but what are the other fantasy implications of Sunday Night Football’s matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears?

Stephen White [4:50 PM]:

Frank Gore rolling early

Stephen White [4:50 PM]:

Matt Watson [4:47 PM]:

Awfully nice of that Bills defender to give Geno that push into the end zone

Ryan Van Bibber [4:47 PM]:


Richardson scores on first carry for Colts

Trent Richardson is enjoying his change of scenery and having an early impact for Indianapolis.

Clay Wendler [4:42 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [4:41 PM]:


NFL games, Week 3: Panthers, Cowboys roll early

There were several early blowouts in Week 3, but the Titans, Browns, and Bengals all took it down to the wire for late fourth-quarter victories. The 49ers and Colts highlight the afternoon slate, and the Dolphins host the Falcons in their home debut.

Matthew Kenerly [4:41 PM]:

Did we ever give CBS props for listening to fan feedback and changing the Final prompt from yellow to red?

Clay Wendler [4:40 PM]:

Stephen White [4:40 PM]:

Geno Smith looking good early. 7-0 Jets

Ryan Van Bibber [4:40 PM]:

Stephen White [4:39 PM]:

Colts defense came to play. 3 and out for the 49ers

Stephen White [4:33 PM]:

Trent Richardson hasn’t seen a hole like that since he left Alabama lol

PFT Commenter [4:31 PM]:

aldon smh letting OTHER ppl drive wildly all over the place now

Clay Wendler [4:30 PM]:

James Brady [4:30 PM]:

Terrible call on the helmet-to-helmet. That’s four today, by my count.

Ryan Nanni [4:28 PM]:

Multiple flags on San Fran early? Let’s just go ahead and get any children/pregnant women 400 feet away from Harbaugh now.

Stephen White [4:28 PM]:

49ers defense two plays, two flags

Stephen White [4:27 PM]:

They called crown of the helmet there?!?!?

Mark Ennis [4:27 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [4:26 PM]:

what the hell happened to the vikings?

Mark Ennis [4:24 PM]:

James Brady [4:21 PM]:

“Battle of the very young good quarterbacks.” – CBS analysts on 49ers-Colts

James Dator [4:20 PM]:

National coverage is becoming NFL Red Zone

Mark Ennis [4:20 PM]:

PFT Commenter [4:20 PM]:

might be time for schiano 2 get on he horn w/ Chris Simms IMO

Clay Wendler [4:19 PM]:

Mark Ennis [4:18 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [4:18 PM]:

there’s the CIN defense we’ve been expecting

Stephen White [4:18 PM]:


James Brady [4:17 PM]:

Er Vikes-Browns.

James Brady [4:17 PM]:

“Have to try and get the ball down inside the end zone.” -Ravens-Browns commentator

James Dator [4:17 PM]:

When he doesn’t have the ball is aimlessly wandering around, looking for meaning

James Dator [4:16 PM]:

Watch Rivers through that whole play and your life will be complete

James Brady [4:14 PM]:

I love that the first thing Rivers does there is turn and look at the ref.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:14 PM]:

Mark Ennis [4:14 PM]:


Mark Ennis [4:14 PM]:

I have never laughed at anything like I am at that Rivers gof

Stephen White [4:13 PM]:

Jordy Nelson is cold blooded

PFT Commenter [4:13 PM]:

what a headsup play by rivers there

Mark Ennis [4:12 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [4:12 PM]:

speaking of elite …

Mark Ennis [4:12 PM]:

Did he play at Michigan State?

Mark Ennis [4:12 PM]:

Swear to God, I do not know who Brian Hoyer is.

James Brady [4:11 PM]:

Jordan Cameron is a football player.

Mark Ennis [4:10 PM]:

Hahahaha Viings

PFT Commenter [4:10 PM]:

theres no debating it hes elite

Matthew Kenerly [4:10 PM]:

ooooh, shoul have drafted Jordan Cameron

Stephen White [4:10 PM]:

Got em coach

Ryan Nanni [4:10 PM]:


PFT Commenter [4:10 PM]:

Bruan Hoyer===Elite

Stephen White [4:09 PM]:

….Cuz they have no kicker. Wow

Stephen White [4:08 PM]:

Hoyer trying to win

James Dator [4:08 PM]:

Curtis Painter got some pass attempts, and threw an INT on his third one

Clay Wendler [4:06 PM]:

Seth Rosenthal [4:05 PM]:


Vontaze Burfict gives Ryan Taylor a cup check

Hey, that’s not nice.

Ryan Nanni [4:04 PM]:

It should also be noted that Brian Hoyer is driving.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:04 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Locker mania

Ryan Van Bibber [4:03 PM]:

4th 3:47
Packers 30
Bengals 34

Ryan Nanni [4:03 PM]:

There are 2 kinds of Titans drives: 1. Three and out 2. 90+ yard touchdown drive

Ryan Van Bibber [4:02 PM]:

the TD stands. Bengals take the lead

Stephen White [4:01 PM]:

LMAOOOOO PACKERS. about 30 minutes ago my picks for today looked like hot garbage, now smelling like roses. Wow

James Brady [4:01 PM]:

Bad pass by Jake Locker, but Chargers DB forgets how to play football, gives up TD. Wow.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:01 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [4:01 PM]:

@sgw94 ahahahahaha

Stephen White [4:00 PM]:

Sorry, yes Im a homer.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:00 PM]:


Stephen White [4:00 PM]:


Mark Ennis [4:00 PM]:

Hahaha Packers fumble on 4th and inches and the Bengals take it back for six

James Dator [3:59 PM]:

The Panthers have pulled Cam Newton, Derek Anderson will finish the game

Ryan Van Bibber [3:59 PM]:


Stephen White [3:59 PM]:

Guy points out Freeman has had passed dropped today then blames him for completing less than 50% of his passes. Somebody shoot me, please

Clay Wendler [3:58 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [3:56 PM]:

no first down for Cobb on that play

Ryan Van Bibber [3:55 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Belichick always wanted to be a Tannenbaum, er, Scarlet Knight

Mark Ennis [3:53 PM]:

I am about to go on a Schiano hunger strike.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:53 PM]:

leave it to the Rams to reanimate Monte Kiffin

Ryan Van Bibber [3:51 PM]:

The Rams have pulled Jake Long in favor of Max Starks

Ryan Van Bibber [3:49 PM]:

Mark Ennis [3:48 PM]:

Matt Watson [3:47 PM]:


RG3 finishes run with nifty headfirst dive-fumble

Maybe RGIII shouldn’t be running as much…

Stephen White [3:47 PM]:

Blount now adding insult to injury

James Brady [3:47 PM]:

Lets see if Pereira replies to me calling him out on him being totally wrong about RGIII and his fumble.

Mark Ennis [3:47 PM]:

Cincinnati stand up

Stephen White [3:47 PM]:

Still just a magnificent throw

Ryan Nanni [3:47 PM]:

Further review takes that bomb TD away from the Redskins, so PUT IN COUSINS

Ryan Van Bibber [3:47 PM]:

@Mark Ennis lol. they said earlier this morning that Miami was expecting 70K

Stephen White [3:47 PM]:

Wow, they called back the TD

Mark Ennis [3:46 PM]:

From the Wall Street Journal. 20 minutes or so before kickoff in Miami

Ryan Van Bibber [3:44 PM]:

someone told Mike Brown that XPs cost $53.42

Ryan Van Bibber [3:43 PM]:

so much Bengal-ness

PFT Commenter [3:43 PM]:

griffin just threw like a 60yd bomb just 2 show of

Stephen White [3:43 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [3:42 PM]:

And of course Cincy gets the XP blocked. GRAPE JOB.

Stephen White [3:42 PM]:

Helluva effort by Garçon to get that first down

Mark Ennis [3:41 PM]:

Here come the Bengals. Blew a 14-0 lead. Now climbed from from 30-14 to make it 30-28.

James Dator [3:41 PM]:

Stephen White [3:41 PM]:

Bengals aint heard no fat lady. Touchdown Marvin Jones

Charlie Gebow [3:41 PM]:

Could an injured Jeff Driskell supplant Eli Manning as QB of the Giants? My Column:

PFT Commenter [3:41 PM]:

i bet u anything Andy Ried woke up this morning, put on his red shirt and utilitybelt, drove to the stadium and was like ‘ohhhh yeah’

Ryan Nanni [3:41 PM]:

TD Bengals, and there’s still time for like 5 more stupid turnovers in this game.

Clay Wendler [3:39 PM]:

you’re pretty bad if you led tedd freaking ginn get deep on you

Mark Ennis [3:39 PM]:

Cam throwing a dime off his back foot

Clay Wendler [3:38 PM]:

PFT Commenter [3:38 PM]:

@sgw94 going 2 steal that term FYI

Ryan Van Bibber [3:38 PM]:

The Giants are in KC next week, fyi. The 4-0 Chiefs … say that to yourself a couple times, feel how strange it sounds.

Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

Giants getting molly whopped

Ryan Van Bibber [3:37 PM]:

Stephen White [3:36 PM]:

RLOLbert Griffin III

Ryan Nanni [3:36 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber (cough) Kevin Gilbride (cough)

James Dator [3:36 PM]:

Cam Newton throws a 47 yard TD to Ted Ginn, and the Giants being made an example of.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:36 PM]:

Jim Haslett’s the biggest fraud in the NFL

Stephen White [3:35 PM]:

Boy, that Redskins defense….

Clay Wendler [3:35 PM]:

PFT Commenter [3:34 PM]:

rex ryan will tell u, if you go feet first your giving yourself up

Mark Ennis [3:34 PM]:

Bengals are trying to dig out of their collapse. Just picked off Rodgers in the red zone.

James Brady [3:34 PM]:

“(a) when a runner is out of bounds or declares himself down by falling to the ground and makes no effort to advance.” Says nothing about sliding.

James Dator [3:33 PM]:

Giants finally force a stop and then go offsides on the punt to give Carolina another series. Sports radio in NYC will be very interesting tomorrow morning

James Brady [3:33 PM]:

Redskins get screwed if that’s really ruled a fumble.

Oh No Romo [3:31 PM]:

Nevermind, Peterson is leading rusher

Ryan Nanni [3:31 PM]:

Ed Hochuli would be the best waiter. “Our special tonight is flounder, a species of flatfish…”

Cory Williams [3:30 PM]:


Oh No Romo [3:30 PM]:

Is Ponder the leading rusher for Minnesota?

Stephen White [3:30 PM]:

Now the Texans can’t get anything going on offense. Strangest game and role reversal Ive seen in some time

Stephen White [3:26 PM]:

After a quiet start to the season Darnell Dockett has at least two sacks today

Ryan Van Bibber [3:26 PM]:


Tom Brady says something bad after rare pick

I’d love to, Tom, but you’re married!

James Dator [3:25 PM]:

Eli is sacked again, his 7th

Matt Watson [3:25 PM]:


Matt Watson [3:25 PM]:

Stephen White [3:23 PM]:

At the very least do it in the redzone

Stephen White [3:23 PM]:

I honestly cant understand why the Vikings dont do more read option/pistol/wishbone stuff with Ponder. Play to his and AD’s strengths

Ryan Nanni [3:23 PM]:

Tony Romo, Week 3 baller y’all.

Oh No Romo [3:22 PM]:

Ponder scrambles in for the TD

Stephen White [3:21 PM]:

Hoyer just remembered he plays for the Browns

Oh No Romo [3:21 PM]:

7 turnovers combined in this Browns-Vikings game

Cory Williams [3:21 PM]:

Vikings defense is playing well again. Ponder though…

Oh No Romo [3:20 PM]:

Hoyer has 3 interceptions

Stephen White [3:19 PM]:

Don’t look now but the Bengals just kicked the fat lady in the ass. Lotta time left.

Stephen White [3:19 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber freeman played his arse off today aside from the int before halftime. You wouldn’t know it because, again, drops

James Brady [3:17 PM]:

Are the Rams trying to psyche Dallas out by taking the play clock down to zero every time while down multiple TDs?

Ryan Nanni [3:17 PM]:

Barkevious Mingo sacks Christian Ponder and that’s one of the best sentences ever.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:16 PM]:

@Mark Ennis is Freeman salvageable?

Oh No Romo [3:16 PM]:

Ponder gets sacked…again!

Matt Watson [3:16 PM]:


Aldon Smith active, Vernon Davis out

Aldon Smith is officially active for Sunday’s game, while Vernon Davis is out with a hamstring injury.

Mark Ennis [3:16 PM]:

@sgw94 that’s not the worst idea in the world. Blow the Bucs up and start over. New coach, new QB, new GM

PFT Commenter [3:16 PM]:

i bet all Andy Reids taking a full brunch avantage of having a Sunday off

Stephen White [3:15 PM]:

Ribs for Vincent Jackson. He is done for the day

Stephen White [3:14 PM]:

Vikings have to trade for Freeman, no?

James Dator [3:13 PM]:

Fun fact: The Giants’ leading rusher is Eli Manning with 14 yards, which all came on the third play of the game

Stephen White [3:13 PM]:

Albert Breer tweeted Glennon was warming up for Tampa but now it appears Freeman will stay in

Ryan Nanni [3:13 PM]:


James Dator [3:13 PM]:

Cam Newton runs for a touchdown, now up by 30

Clay Wendler [3:13 PM]:

PFT Commenter [3:12 PM]:

the redskins should change there name to the lions so they can win this game

Mark Ennis [3:12 PM]:

Bengals fans, how’s it going

Ryan Van Bibber [3:11 PM]:

why is Cincy’s D so meh this season?

Ryan Nanni [3:10 PM]:

Cincy’s D is starting to crumble, but their offense hasn’t done them many favors.

Stephen White [3:10 PM]:

Pats up 20-3 now

Ryan Nanni [3:07 PM]:

Eli Manning just wanted to ride bikes with his friends today.

Stephen White [3:07 PM]:

DeMarco Murray with a huge day, over 160 yards rushing

James Dator [3:07 PM]:

Eli throws an INT. This team is melting down

Matt Watson [3:07 PM]:


Packers down to one RB after Starks injures knee

Already missing Eddie Lacy, Green Bay is down to their last active running back against the Bengals.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:06 PM]:

@KrazyChiefsfan their third trap game of the season

Clay Wendler [3:06 PM]:

none can stand against the reid dawn

KrazyChiefsfan [3:06 PM]:

Giants looking more like a trap game

Mark Ennis [3:05 PM]:

Clay Wendler [3:05 PM]:

Stephen White [3:04 PM]:

Ravens now running away with it a bit up 24-6 over the Texans.

Cory Williams [3:04 PM]:

Browns look more like the Browns this half

James Dator [3:02 PM]:

Panthers with another TD. Up 24-0 over the Giants

Stephen White [3:02 PM]:

Vincent Jackson out with some sort of injury

Stephen White [3:01 PM]:

Oh man Fox just caught Brady mouthing “F Me” on the sideline after that int

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

No idea whats going on with this officiating crew in Baltimore but they appear to suck.

Matt Watson [3:00 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [3:00 PM]:

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

Mark Barron with the huge interception of Brady in the endzone. A score there and Bucs might as well have started packing it in

Oh No Romo [2:58 PM]:

Oh wow, Peterson fumbles! Browns get the ball back.

Matthew Kenerly [2:56 PM]:

@Mark Ennis MTSU might have something to say about that

PFT Commenter [2:56 PM]:

i guess we’ll find out

PFT Commenter [2:56 PM]:

the real question is can u be elite w/out being good?

Oh No Romo [2:55 PM]:

Chad Greenway picks off Hoyer. Vikings ball

Ryan Nanni [2:54 PM]:

Jeff Fisher’s facial hair is greying in real time.

Stephen White [2:52 PM]:

Huge catch by Torrey Smith

Ryan Van Bibber [2:52 PM]:

Ware has 115 sacks. Is now the Dallas franchise leader

James Brady [2:51 PM]:

Ticky tacky helmet-to-helmet call on the Bengals. This stuff needs to be reviewable .. game too fast for the referees.

Mark Ennis [2:48 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:48 PM]:

@sgw94 yeah, noticing that

Stephen White [2:47 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber this is more of a meta thing, after all the noise about that call this offseason, they have been very rare so far.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:47 PM]:

Cowboys miss a FG!

Stephen White [2:47 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:45 PM]:

@sgw94 it’s been like that all day on the flags in Dallas

Stephen White [2:45 PM]:

Dez Bryant just lowered his head and initiated contact with the crown of his helmet after catching a pass, no flag

Ryan Van Bibber [2:45 PM]:

@PFT Commenter strong takes

PFT Commenter [2:44 PM]:

lets tell the whole story hear

PFT Commenter [2:44 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber who also went to 3 schools and has no degrees

Stephen White [2:44 PM]:

@PFT Commenter Id say the coach should be fined for listening!

Kenneth Arthur [2:43 PM]:

@RyanVanBibber that’s…. specific.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:43 PM]:

PFT Commenter [2:42 PM]:

i just think there should be more fine’s

PFT Commenter [2:42 PM]:

players shoud get fined if they tell the coach to challenge a play they messed up and there wrong

Thomas Holzerman [2:41 PM]:

err, Rams ’bout to get boatraced

Thomas Holzerman [2:41 PM]:


Stephen White [2:41 PM]:

Man I did not see the Rams losing like this. Sheeeeesh.

Ryan Nanni [2:40 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:39 PM]:


Eli Manning sacked 6 times

The Carolina Panthers are dominating the New York Giants early in Sunday’s game.

Ryan Nanni [2:37 PM]:

Romo throws his 2nd touchdown today and the rout is on in Dallas.

Stephen White [2:37 PM]:

Giants just went down 17-0 to the Panthers. However the Panthers just looooooove second half collapses

Ryan Van Bibber [2:37 PM]:

Stephen White [2:36 PM]:

Empty hand for Ponder, that’s a fumble.

Oh No Romo [2:35 PM]:

Wow, Ponder fumble to end the half.

Stephen White [2:35 PM]:

Texans led 6-0 most of the first half. Now down 17-9 at halftime after they hit a last second field goal. Crazy game

Ryan Van Bibber [2:35 PM]:

not typo

Ryan Van Bibber [2:35 PM]:

Half 0:00
Texans 6
Ravens 17

Thomas Holzerman [2:34 PM]:

Josh Freeman with a Logan Thomasesque line right now. Is that why Thomas is such a pro prospect?

PFT Commenter [2:33 PM]:

FYI there letting Aldon Smh play today before sending him 2 dr. drew or whatever

Oh No Romo [2:33 PM]:

Good drive by Minnesota.

Kenneth Arthur [2:33 PM]:

When he dipped, you dipped, I dipped?

b.pate [2:33 PM]:

Can’t believe I benched Kenbrell Thompkins. Damnit!

James Dator [2:30 PM]:

Steve Smith appears okay. Trainers put a pad on his hip

Stephen White [2:30 PM]:

And of course Freeman throws an interception. Dumpster fire in Tampa, not much can put them out.

Oh No Romo [2:29 PM]:

First big mistake by Brian Hoyer. He got picked off by Harrison Smith

Kenneth Arthur [2:27 PM]:

I feel like the Giants should send gift baskets to the Vikings for overshadowing how bad New York is right now, losing 10-0 to CAR

Stephen White [2:27 PM]:

Texans thought halftime started 5 minutes ago evidently. Epic collapse in progress

PFT Commenter [2:27 PM]:

thats my cousin FYI

Clay Wendler [2:26 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [2:26 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber A.J. Green doesn’t have a catch in that game. That can’t keep up, can it?

chuckycrater [2:26 PM]:

That’s the old Belichick fake field goal. Have a guy run in as far as the numbers so it’s a legal substitution, hide him to the side, throw him the ball.

Cory Williams [2:25 PM]:

Dan Dierdorf just called that baltimore punt return

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Brady to Schiano “That’ll learn ya”

Ryan Van Bibber [2:24 PM]:

sort of expecting the Packers to explode in the second half with like 4 TDs

James Dator [2:24 PM]:

Steve Smith down in Carolina

Stephen White [2:23 PM]:

Here comes a TD to teach him

Ryan Nanni [2:23 PM]:

“Boy, just a couple of geniuses going at it, huh, Belichick?” “Sure, Greg Schiano. Sure.”

Stephen White [2:23 PM]:

Why is Schiano…55 seconds…a timeout?!?!

Thomas Holzerman [2:22 PM]:

@Oh No Romo he’s out-Brownsing the Browns

Oh No Romo [2:21 PM]:

Minnesota called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Frazier wanted to challenge a play that is automatically reviewed

Ryan Van Bibber [2:20 PM]:

@sgw94 hehehe

Stephen White [2:20 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber by the 4th quarter they will be at the YOLO section lol

Thomas Holzerman [2:20 PM]:


Thomas Holzerman [2:19 PM]:

actually shocked Jimmy Graham didn’t pull that in, because Jimmy Graham is Captain America

Ryan Van Bibber [2:19 PM]:

@sgw94 they’re in the WTF chapter of the playbook for Week 3!

Stephen White [2:19 PM]:


Stephen White [2:19 PM]:

Brown dumping out the whole playbook I see lol. Gotta do whatcha gotta do

Ryan Van Bibber [2:18 PM]:

here’s my question on the Browns fake FG … why?

Oh No Romo [2:18 PM]:

THE BROWNS ARE BACK! Muffed punt and Vikings ball!

Clay Wendler [2:18 PM]:

Oh No Romo [2:17 PM]:

3 and out for Minnesota.

Stephen White [2:17 PM]:

No idea what the hell Schaub saw there. Point shaving

Stephen White [2:17 PM]:

Mount Cody is out. Here goes the war of attrition. And just as I say that Smith int for a Ravens TD

Thomas Holzerman [2:17 PM]:

@Oh No Romo missin’ u, Big Johnny

Matt Watson [2:17 PM]:

Matt Watson [2:17 PM]:

Bad news, for any Lions fans here: Jason Jones carted off the field

Oh No Romo [2:16 PM]:

@Thomas Holzerman Or his uncle… #PeoplePower

James Dator [2:15 PM]:

The Giants have 5 yards of offense. That is not a typo

Thomas Holzerman [2:15 PM]:

When Moose said “James Laurinaitis says, ‘You know something…’” I immediately imagine his dad’s old tag team partner cuttin’ promos #RIPHawk

Matt Watson [2:14 PM]:


Fauria does the ‘Bye Bye Bye’ touchdown dance

Might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie.

Matt Watson [2:14 PM]:


Eli Manning sacked 6 times

The Carolina Panthers are dominating the New York Giants early in Sunday’s game.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:14 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [2:14 PM]:

Dude, Brandon Weeden wouldn’t even be the best passer on the special teams unit.

Stephen White [2:13 PM]:

Ravens kick a FG, only 3 down now. But their defense has to be tired already

MandalorianWookieHunter [2:12 PM]:

Brady’s gonna stab Bolden for that

Thomas Holzerman [2:12 PM]:

I thought they were flagging helmet to helmet hits? Cincy dude clearly went h2h on Rodgers on that scramble near the sideline, no call

Oh No Romo [2:12 PM]:

1st and Goal at the 5 for Green Bay and they end up with another field goal

Mark Ennis [2:11 PM]:


Kenneth Arthur [2:10 PM]:

It’s like Brian Hoyer didn’t get the memo that he’s supposed to turn into Teddy Bridgewater

Stephen White [2:09 PM]:

Maybe the Texans are playing undisciplined today but they sure seem to be getting the short end of the stick penalties wise

Mark Ennis [2:08 PM]:

Stephen White [2:07 PM]:

Ravens kinda sorta moving the ball now. Would be crazy if after all that they go to halftime leading

MandalorianWookieHunter [2:07 PM]:

@sgw94 what the hell was that?

Stephen White [2:06 PM]:

Bucs…I cant even…

MandalorianWookieHunter [2:06 PM]:

My goodness whats wrong with Vincent Jackson?!!

PFT Commenter [2:05 PM]:

folks IMO u shouldnt get to have “Jr” on your jersey unless ur dad was also a NFL player

Ryan Van Bibber [2:05 PM]:

@Mark Ennis hahaha

Oh No Romo [2:05 PM]:

Dalton fumbles….Packers ball in Bengals territory! RINSE AND REPEAT!

Mark Ennis [2:05 PM]:

The Bengals can’t stop fumbling.

Ryan Nanni [2:04 PM]:

Philip Rivers just got flagged for cryin’.

Mark Ennis [2:03 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Stafford is the Michigan punter!

Ryan Van Bibber [2:02 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:02 PM]:

@PFT Commenter asking Mike Lombardi

Stephen White [2:02 PM]:

Old man Dallas Clark moves the sticks

PFT Commenter [2:01 PM]:

is Brian hoyer elite?

Stephen White [2:00 PM]:

Hats off to the Ravens defense for keeping the scoring to just 6 so far but their offense has to help them out soon or that dam will break

Thomas Holzerman [2:00 PM]:

uh, are we sure the Browns are tanking?

Ryan Van Bibber [2:00 PM]:

Stephen White [1:59 PM]:

Did I mention it was on a pass?

Seth Rosenthal [1:59 PM]:

Stephen White [1:59 PM]:

Redskins RB just flatbacked a Lions DE. Cant see numbers but it looked awful…for the DE

Ryan Nanni [1:59 PM]:

I know math says otherwise, but…is it possible nobody wins the NFC East?

Thomas Holzerman [1:58 PM]:,_Pennsylvania Reference for those who don’t know

Oh No Romo [1:58 PM]:

Another Bengals turnover and this one results in a Packers touchdown.

b.pate [1:58 PM]:

@sgw94 So scary!

Thomas Holzerman [1:57 PM]:

there are dumpster fires and there are tire fires, but the Giants are the Centralia, PA of the NFL

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

Kenny Britt just landed in his head. Like directly on his head. Scary

Ryan Nanni [1:57 PM]:

Kenny Britt just took a baaaaad spill.

Stephen White [1:56 PM]:

Bucs appeared to out a defensive end on Kenbrell Thompkins on a crossing route. Went about like you would imagine. Pats 7 Bucs 3

Thomas Holzerman [1:55 PM]:

Scott Hanson has his Freudian slip game on today hardcore

Ryan Van Bibber [1:55 PM]:

@sgw94 and against the Rams DEFSTL has no answers for it

James Dator [1:55 PM]:

Eli has been sacked SIX times now. Three for Greg Hardy

Oh No Romo [1:54 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Rodgers, I mean.

Stephen White [1:54 PM]:

Bengals pass rush is so consistently impressive. All of them, the whole group

Oh No Romo [1:54 PM]:

@Mark Ennis He had nowhere to go.

Stephen White [1:54 PM]:

Cowboys offense needed a day like this to get on track

Mark Ennis [1:54 PM]:

Cincinnati’s defensive line is on freaking fire

James Dator [1:53 PM]:

Cam Newton throws an interception and hands the ball back to New York

James Dator [1:52 PM]:

Eli Manning stats: 2/3 for 10 yards, sacked 5 times

Thomas Holzerman [1:52 PM]:

@Run Home Jack maybe they need Clowney more than they need Bridgewater

ocala girl [1:52 PM]:

how does one watch the packer game on here

Ryan Nanni [1:51 PM]:

On the other hand, Cleveland’s D is making Ponder look like an All-Pro.

Oh No Romo [1:51 PM]:

Another Bengals turnover and the Packers have the ball once again inside the Cincy 40

James Dator [1:51 PM]:

Eli sacked again, this time it’s Kawann Short for the first of his career

Stephen White [1:50 PM]:

Joseph Fauria with an impressive jump ball TD for the Lions

Ryan Van Bibber [1:50 PM]:

Cory Williams [1:50 PM]:

Did Fauria just do the Bye Bye Bye dance?

Ryan Van Bibber [1:49 PM]:

@sgw94 that’s B’more’s first 1st down

Stephen White [1:48 PM]:

Wow, Joseph hit with a taunting call extending the Ravens’ drive

Oh No Romo [1:47 PM]:

Crosby’s field goal is good. Packers on the board.

Oh No Romo [1:46 PM]:

Packers went 3 and out after that interception. They have fourth down to start the 2nd quarter.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:46 PM]:

that is not the Packers-Bengals score I thought I’d be typing in today

Ryan Van Bibber [1:46 PM]:

2nd 15:00
Packers 0
Bengals 14

Thomas Holzerman [1:45 PM]:

Joique Bell, man. Joique Bell.

Stephen White [1:45 PM]:

How long does Jim Haslett keep his job? Goodness his defense is turrible

Ryan Nanni [1:45 PM]:

Man, Washington’s defense is butt.

Cory Williams [1:45 PM]:

Washington’s defense is so bad

Ryan Van Bibber [1:45 PM]:

@Mark Ennis talent has a way of doing that in Cleveland

Kenneth Arthur [1:45 PM]:

aaannnddd… the Vikings take over as the biggest disaster so far this season.

Stephen White [1:44 PM]:

Mike Williams moves the chains on third down but now on a knee hurt. Maybe wind knocked out of him

Mark Ennis [1:44 PM]:

I guess Trent Richardson was holding the Browns offense back.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:43 PM]:

Stephen White [1:43 PM]:

Jordan Cameron once again balling

James Dator [1:43 PM]:

@Run Home Jack He’s ruining their tanking

James Dator [1:43 PM]:

@Run Home Jack They’re going to have to make a switch. He

Stephen White [1:43 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber bootleg on third and goal

Ryan Nanni [1:42 PM]:


Oh No Romo [1:42 PM]:

Sam Shields with a big interception in Bengals territory.

PFT Commenter [1:42 PM]:

anytime CJ2YPC rushes over 1000 yds you can set ur watch to a holdout in 4 months IMO

Stephen White [1:42 PM]:

Texans going for another FG here but man are they landing body blows. Ravens defense gonna be tiiiiiied boss by halftime

James Dator [1:41 PM]:

Panthers keystone cops the punt, and Giants have it back. Ball is batted around, and New York recover.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:41 PM]:

@sgw94 what was the play?

Thomas Holzerman [1:41 PM]:

maybe all the Browns needed to do was try to tank to do well since all they try to do they screw up at

Stephen White [1:41 PM]:

Nobody in the stadium was fooled by that play fake, Titans smh

Stephen White [1:40 PM]:

It sorta just makes sense

Stephen White [1:40 PM]:

Amazing how much better Chris Johnson looks with improved blocking in front of him. Actually, not all that amazing

Mark Ennis [1:39 PM]:

Bucs have forced New England to punt three times in the opening quarter.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:38 PM]:

@sgw94 bahahahahaha

James Dator [1:38 PM]:

Star Lotulelei with his first career sack. Eli has been taken down 4 times now

Stephen White [1:37 PM]:

Hoyer running read option? No. HELL NO

PFT Commenter [1:37 PM]:

Browns going2 ask for a running clock for rest of the season

Stephen White [1:37 PM]:

Locker actually looks pretty good when he uses his legs as a weapon.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:37 PM]:

@Mark Ennis really needs to be a focus for college recruiters first. SEND US YOUR GARYs

Mark Ennis [1:36 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [1:36 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Look, the Vikings could CRUSH Wake Forest.

Mark Ennis [1:36 PM]:

My favorite thing about NFL Twitter is FSU fans that think Christian Ponder is good.

Mark Ennis [1:35 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber is he the only guy named Gary in the NFL?

Stephen White [1:34 PM]:

Ravens offense is just offensive. I’ll see myself out…

Ryan Van Bibber [1:34 PM]:

Stephen White [1:34 PM]:

Joique Bell looking like young Bettis on his TD run.

Ryan Nanni [1:34 PM]:

ahahaha jake locker just running all over san diego

PFT Commenter [1:34 PM]:

coach-killa cam has put Riveras back against the wall

Mark Ennis [1:34 PM]:

James Dator [1:33 PM]:

Bomani isn’t wrong. Richardson was stalking the field pre-game, which is unusual for him

Stephen White [1:33 PM]:

Fat guy touchdown by Tolbert.

Mark Ennis [1:33 PM]:

Thomas Holzerman [1:32 PM]:


James Dator [1:32 PM]:

Panthers score, Mike Tolbert runs it in

Stephen White [1:32 PM]:

Josh Freeman is balling but he aint getting much help. Bucs up 3-0 after an earlier missed FG by them

Mark Ennis [1:32 PM]:

Cincinnati is all over Green Bay. 14-0 and about to get the ball back after sacking Rodgers on 3rd down

Ryan Nanni [1:32 PM]:

Watch Ron Rivera burn a timeout here.

James Dator [1:32 PM]:

4th and inches inside the 5. Ron Rivera is actually going for it

Ryan Van Bibber [1:31 PM]:

@Mark Ennis really increasing his trade value

Thomas Holzerman [1:30 PM]:

Jenkins with a nice tackle on Murray

Mark Ennis [1:30 PM]:

Vikings account doesn’t know who’s playing

Stephen White [1:30 PM]:

T Suggs with the spin move for a sack! Don’t see that often from him, especially on the left side

Thomas Holzerman [1:29 PM]:

@Run Home Jack between that, Chelsea scoring yesterday, and GT getting a 0 YAC passing touchdown, I think the Mayans were a year off with their apocalypse projections

Stephen White [1:29 PM]:

@James Dator smart

Mark Ennis [1:29 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [1:28 PM]:

Brian Hoyer has thrown a touchdown. Repeat: Brian Hoyer has thrown a touchdown.

James Dator [1:28 PM]:

The Panthers have given up on passing. Nobody can protect Newton, so he’s running it almost every down

Stephen White [1:27 PM]:

I actually think the Saints lucked into a TD because Meachum and that TE couldn’t have both run the right route beside each other

Thomas Holzerman [1:27 PM]:

how do you get a holding penalty on the defense at the line?

Charlie Gebow [1:27 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Am I the only one reminded of that one commercial for that “NFL Head Coach” video game where Jeff Fisher tells a guy that fake punts never work?

Mark Ennis [1:27 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [1:26 PM]:

almost a fake punt INT

Mark Ennis [1:26 PM]:

That replay of Finley getting up and going back down is so scary.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:26 PM]:

Stephen White [1:25 PM]:

Ravens forced to punt, their defense has to hate life right now.

James Dator [1:25 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Sounds right

Mark Ennis [1:25 PM]:

All you need to know about the Panthers

Stephen White [1:24 PM]:

Sheesh Finley knocked silly, got up and then fell down

Ryan Nanni [1:23 PM]:

Touchdown Robert Meachem! (This message sent from 2009)

Matthew Kenerly [1:23 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Wouldn’t “The Unforgiven” be more apt?

Mark Ennis [1:23 PM]:

Finley might have a concussion for Green Bay. He got up wobbly.

Thomas Holzerman [1:23 PM]:

Brees makin’ it look too easy

Stephen White [1:22 PM]:

Dockett sacks Brees in the redzone

Mark Ennis [1:22 PM]:

James Dator [1:22 PM]:

Neither the Panthers nor Giants have positive yards yet. Combined for -16

Thomas Holzerman [1:21 PM]:

are we sure the Giants aren’t tanking for Clowney? because that would be illegal in five states

Mark Ennis [1:21 PM]:

Mark Ennis [1:20 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [1:20 PM]:

So then my faith in Randy Bullock has been validated!

Thomas Holzerman [1:19 PM]:

Texans take up most of the 1st quarter on the opening drive and only get a field goal? When did they join the B1G?

James Dator [1:18 PM]:

If you like watching QBs get hit then Panthers-Giants has you covered. Three total sacks in 7 minutes. Neither team can protect

Clay Wendler [1:18 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [1:18 PM]:


Stephen White [1:18 PM]:

Lions aren’t living right if they’re giving up pick sixes to De’Angelo Hall

Clay Wendler [1:17 PM]:

b.pate [1:17 PM]:

Romo TD! #FF

Stephen White [1:17 PM]:

Id throw jump balls to Dez Bryant all day in the redzone. ALL. DAY.

PFT Commenter [1:17 PM]:

MeAngelo Hall trying 2 pad his stats w/ a nother defensive TD FYI

Thomas Holzerman [1:17 PM]:

cool push-off there, Dez

Ryan Van Bibber [1:16 PM]:

yikes, packers

Mark Ennis [1:16 PM]:

Can the Bucs ask for a running clock?

Stephen White [1:16 PM]:

Texans doing that thing where they just methodically wear you out on offense to open the game.

Thomas Holzerman [1:15 PM]:

McCarthy’s jamming the start button trying to get the substitution screen up to put Cobb back in kick returns

Stephen White [1:14 PM]:

Oh and Bengals ball after a fumble by the Packers on kickoff

Ryan Nanni [1:14 PM]:

Good god, Green Bay, what was that kick return?

Ryan Nanni [1:13 PM]:

@sgw94 It’s amazing what “not playing for Norv” can do for a man.

Stephen White [1:13 PM]:

Antonio Gates and Phillip Rivers have discovered the fountain of youth, apparently

Mark Ennis [1:12 PM]:

@sgw94 might wind up the steal of the draft.

Stephen White [1:12 PM]:

Great googly moogly that effort by the Bengals’ Bernard. Wow

Ryan Nanni [1:12 PM]:

Gio Bernard just made one hell of a leap to get in the endzone, but it’d be worth only like 4 points in Olympic diving.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:11 PM]:

Cowboys have remembered how to run the ball

Stephen White [1:10 PM]:

Vikings already on the board. Long day just starting for the Browns

Ryan Nanni [1:10 PM]:

@James Dator But they have such a strong running ga-oh.

Mark Ennis [1:10 PM]:

good afternoon friends.

James Dator [1:08 PM]:

The Giants have attempted one pass in 8 plays, which is the opposite of how you attack Carolina.

Stephen White [1:08 PM]:

3rd and 5 Ravens blitz and cant get home, first down pass from schaub to johnson. Not sure why they blitzed

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber not sure how it helps Schiano though. Not sure who it helps honestly. One thing is for sure they are leaking like a collander right now

PFT Commenter [1:07 PM]:

not sure itwas smart for the texans 2 have special teams meeting in a golden corral IMO

Thomas Holzerman [1:06 PM]:

Cowboy muffed punts are the best muffed punts

Ryan Nanni [1:06 PM]:

It’s 1:06, and the Cowboys have already peed themselves.

Stephen White [1:06 PM]:

Bucs can’t keep their back up/pass rushing nose tackles healthy. Theyre gonna have to use the rookie William Gholston in that role now with backup Gibson hurt

Ryan Van Bibber [1:05 PM]:

@sgw94 gotta be the most favorable matchup of the day. curious how the TX game plan for that

Ryan Nanni [1:04 PM]:

Ravens-Texans doesn’t feel right without T.J. Yates being asked to win a playoff game.

Stephen White [1:04 PM]:

Big question for me today is how much will the Ravens DLine exploit the absence of Duane Brown for the Texans?

Thomas Holzerman [1:04 PM]:

haha, Scott Hanson just thought Matt Elam was Ed Reed

Ryan Van Bibber [1:01 PM]:

@sgw94 I got the sense that the story was engineered by the PR department after the bad run of stuff w/ him and Revis last week & more Freeman stuff

PFT Commenter [1:01 PM]:

hey folks an godbless u on this NFL sunday a lot of aberations and pretenders out there bout 2 get exposed

James Dator [1:01 PM]:

@sgw94 Did you ever run into a coach who had a total control demeanor?

James Dator [12:59 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber No arguments from me.

Stephen White [12:59 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yep. A lot to unpack about that story. Is it the same players only meeting as before or a new one? Was Goldson unhappy or was he just taking other guys’ concerns to the HC? Maybe most importantly, did Schiano take what he told him to heart or just brush it off?

Ryan Van Bibber [12:59 PM]:

@James Dator probably should have fired him in January

James Dator [12:58 PM]:

Big Blue View told me this week that Coughlin is untouchable, even with a Giants’ loss — but Ron Rivera could be fired today if the Panthers hit 0-3 entering the bye

Thomas Holzerman [12:58 PM]:

wut wut

Ryan Van Bibber [12:56 PM]:

@sgw94 you see that story this a.m. about the Bucs players meeting over Schiano?

Stephen White [12:51 PM]:

Good Footbalk afternoon folks!

James Dator [12:51 PM]:

Rob Riggle has continued his not-funny streak to every single week.

James Dator [12:49 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Hey now, they had a semi-famous song in 1997.

Ryan Van Bibber [12:47 PM]:

@James Dator hahaaha, i had to Google that band

James Dator [12:46 PM]:

The Carolina Panthers know how to put on a show. They’re opening today’s game with a Sister Hazel concert. GET AMPED

Cory Williams [12:45 PM]:


James Dator [12:44 PM]:

Happy football everyone!

Ryan Van Bibber [12:44 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [12:43 PM]:

and if you’re looking for fantasy football advice, Matt Ufford is live in the war room

Ryan Van Bibber [12:42 PM]:


Von Miller, collector attempted to cheat drug test

Von Miller’s suspension increase reportedly stems from a failed attempt to switch urine samples from an NFL-sanctioned drug test.

Ryan Van Bibber [12:41 PM]:

and we’re live!