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NBCSN cancels 'The Crossover'

Michelle Beadle's show suffered from cast changes, lack of promotion and preemptions.


After seven months on the air, a change in co-hosts and preemptions for sailing and cycling, NBCSN has finally put down The Crossover for good. The network cancelled the Michelle Beadle-hosted daily sports show on Wednesday. A spokesperson for NBC confirmed the news to me via e-mail.

The Crossover debuted the week of the Super Bowl in February with Beadle and co-host Dave Briggs. After three months, Briggs was dropped. NBCSN gave the show a boost by airing a special edition following Stanley Cup Final coverage, but as the summer wore on, the show went on hiatus for the Tour de France and returned to almost non-existent promotion.

In its place, the network will lean more toward NFL programming and fill the rest with the NHL's return. The network's lone, general sports studio show is the noon talk show SportsDash, which debuted in August. Based on upcoming television listings, the network appears to be ramping up its ancillary hockey programming, and doing more one-hour editions of its NHL Live pre-game show.

Just last week, Beadle appeared on the Sports Media Weekly podcast, blaming the network for those aforementioned preemptions and lack of promotion. She also hinted that she'd like to be more involved in NBCSN's hockey coverage. Alas, there's probably a good show to be made with Michelle Beadle's involvement, but The Crossover wasn't it.