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NFL ratings, Week 4: Peyton Manning continues to draw awesome numbers

Peyton has gotten the highest rating for CBS, Fox and NBC so far this season.

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Here's your weekly look at NFL ratings, which shows the pure dominance of the league from a local and national level. Pregame ratings for The NFL Today on CBS were unavailable.

CBS (Regional Window)

National overnight ratings for The NFL on CBS were unavailable, so we're left with local numbers. This week, instead of what I usually do -- posting the top 10 markets -- I'll take a look at what each particular local market involved with a CBS game rated.

Local markets for CBS 1 and 4 p.m. ET regional window

Market Game Rating
Indianapolis Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville 34.0/57
Minneapolis Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota 33.2/67
Buffalo Baltimore vs. Buffalo 32.6/63
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota 31.0/59
Baltimore Baltimore vs. Buffalo 30.1/58
Cincinnati Cincinnati vs. Cleveland 29.2/51
Nashville NY Jets vs. Tennessee 28.5/44
Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Cleveland 27.6/56
Jacksonville Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville 16.4/33
New York NY Jets vs. Tennessee 9.9/20

Fox (1 p.m. ET Window)

Fox drew a 10.2 rating in the 1 p.m. ET window with four regional telecasts, with Seattle-Houston airing in most of the country, but also featuring games involving the Giants and Bears. This was up 4.1 percent from last year's window, which was headlined by the Jets and San Francisco playing a terrible game. Worth noting: despite their horrendous record, the Giants are still easily outrating the Jets.

Local markets for Fox 1 p.m. ET window

Market Game Rating
Kansas City NY Giants vs. Kansas City 39.0/71
Seattle Seattle vs. Houston 36.1/68
Detroit Chicago vs. Detroit 32.2/56
Chicago Chicago vs. Detroit 29.9/60
Houston Seattle vs. Houston 27.3/55
Tampa Bay Arizona vs. Tampa Bay 20.3/39
Phoenix Arizona vs. Tampa Bay 19.5/40
New York NY Giants vs. Kansas City 14.9/34

Fox (America's Game of the Week Window)

Fox split the nation into three NFC East vs. AFC West showdowns, with most of the country (69 percent) seeing the Eagles get blown out by Peyton Manning and the Broncos. The window drew an 18.5 rating, up 24.2 percent from last year's window, which featured Saints-Packers in most of the nation. Manning has now led Fox, CBS and NBC to their highest ratings of the season. Also, note the absurd local numbers in Denver.

Local markets for the Fox 4:25 p.m. ET window

Market Game Rating
Denver Philadelphia vs. Denver 39.8/77
Washington Washington vs. Oakland 29.0/51
San Diego Dallas vs. San Diego 27.5/55
Dallas Dallas vs. San Diego 26.8/48
Philadelphia Philadelphia vs. Denver 26.2/44
Bay Area Washington vs. Oakland 12.3/33

NBC (Sunday Night Football)

Despite taking on the Breaking Bad finale, the Homeland premiere and the return of primetime programming on ABC, CBS and Fox, Sunday Night Football won the night. That said, Patriots-Falcons still took a 12 percent drop from last year's Giants-Eagles broadcast, despite hitting massive ratings in Boston.

Top 10 local markets for Sunday Night Football

Market Rating
1. Boston 35.3/55
2. Providence 28.1/41
3. Atlanta 26.5/40
4. New Orleans 25.5/35
5. Richmond 18.1/26
6. Sacramento 17.7/31
7. San Diego 16.4/28
8. Las Vegas 16.0/26
9. Charlotte 15.8/26
10. Norfolk 15.3/23

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