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It's Erin Andrews photobomb season

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The first great photobomb of the NFL season arrived right on time.

Football doesn't work, can't work if all involved don't pull their weight. This difficult, brutal endeavor is, in the end, a collaborative, communal thing. Nothing works unless it all does. As it happens, this is also the case with a properly executed photobomb.

Erin Andrews, professional that she is, is going to do her job when Sunday comes. When the camera is on and the mic is live, she will pretend to be excited about who might collaborate with Bruno Mars during the Super Bowl halftime show, and maybe (um) break some exclusive (um) news about it. But that, by itself, is not all that much. To become something, to be what it could be, it requires more. It needs a properly ghoulish, dead-eyed photobombing collaborator, someone as dedicated to doing his job as she is to doing hers. So:

And that is how you win.

Vine via @TroyMachir.