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Alex Rodriguez suspension: Scott Boras warns MLB against making deals with PED providers

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The super agent doesn't like MLB getting cozy with guys like Tony Bosch.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Outspoken agent Scott Boras is unhappy with Major League Baseball for its handling of Alex Rodriguez's suspension, and he fears that the league's deal with steroids dealer Anthony Bosch will encourage other dealers to pursue relationships with players, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Boras told Rosenthal:

"The integrity of the game is only partially served when a known pusher is exonerated, when the genesis of this entire problem is now given a forum and compensation and is not behind bars for the distribution and promoting the use of illegal drugs, not only to baseball players but all members of the sporting community and youth."

A-Rod's former agent believes that by working with Bosch and paying at least $1.8 million dollars to provide him with security and legal aid shows a misguided sense of priorities:

"If these individuals go free, it promotes behavior to create processes to distribute PEDs, knowing the league's focus is on the players, not on the distributors of drugs."

Major League Baseball did not comment to Rosenthal, but he reports that in the past, it has claimed its authority is limited to enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement and that it is unable to act as a law enforcement agency in these matters.

Though MLB cannot aid in the criminal prosecution of dealers like Bosch, by dropping its civil suit against Bosch and providing him with substantial assistance the league has put itself in an uncomfortable relationship with a man who helped players cheat. Whether that will embolden other dealers as Boras fears is impossible to know, but it does put the league in the uncomfortable position of being the patron of a man who facilitated players in their cheating.

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