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Even Barack Obama is making fun of Mario Chalmers

Back in November, Mario Chalmers told our Holly MacKenzie that he's fine with and even happy that his teammates constantly shout at him on the court, a phenomenon that's spurred one of the greatest Tumblr pages of all time. Wonder how Chalmers feels after this moment from the Heat's championship ceremony at the White House.

It's one thing for Twitter to make fun of this phenomenon. It's another when Chalmers is getting shade from the most powerful person in this country. If Obama played in the NBA, we imagine it'd look something like this:


(Thanks to @sleeptest for the GIF).

BONUS: See pictures of Heat players getting mad at Chalmers.

Traditionally, the prez gets a jersey that says his last name on the back. We think they could've done better than "POTUS." Maybe "Barry." (Or OBUMMER, if the Heat were run by various Twitter users.)