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Robbie Sherman has the most unfortunate handle on Twitter

This is what happens when one character separates you from the most #controversial man in America.

This is Robbie Sherman, #Phish #Jets #Knicks #Yankees fan.


This is Richard Sherman, Seahawks corner and #HotSportsTakes lightning rod.


Since people on Twitter are people, and people are idiots, that little underscore is causing a bit of a problem.


That sounds awful! I DM'd Robbie, and he told me the @-mentions have been "literally non-stop" this week.
"There is actually a lot of support," he said. "But then there are a bunch of racist remarks."
Through all the inconveniences, Robbie's been a good sport. He even got a jersey!
Still, he's weighed whether the handle is worth holding on to.
"At first it was funny so I didn't want to change it," he said. "I even offered a long time ago for free but now would 100 percent sell it."
For future reference, Tom Crabtree showed us all how to handle this situation.

RIP, Robbie's mentions. You had a good run.