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Internet Christmas for Baseball Nerds, Part XXXV: Johnny Wockenfuss's batting stance

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Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss Johnny Wockenfuss

Johnny Wockenfuss. Man, maybe the most underrated name in baseball history. It turns you from an erudite student of baseball into Daffy Duck instantly. Johnny Wockenfuss. And if you didn't know what it was like to watch Johnny Wockenfuss bat, here you go. It's ridiculous. Until the loosening of MLB's YouTube restrictions, there was no way to share this magic with the world. Thank you, MLB.

Because you are 12 or so, you are assuming Johnny Wockenfuss was a slap-hitting utility player. Well, he was a utility player, but he wasn't a slap hitter:

12 Yrs 795 2373 2072 86 310 277 278 .262 .349 .432 .782 115
162 Game Avg. 162 484 422 18 63 56 57 .262 .349 .432 .782 115

Imagine the litany of little league and high school coaches pleading with him to TURN AROUND, DANG IT. He refused. And so it was that Johnny Wockenfuss became a successful Major League Baseballer.

Johnny Wockenfuss, your batting stance is ridiculous.

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