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Good morning, it's NBA All-Star argument time

In today's Good Morning It's Basketball: All-Star reserves are announced, the Suns are still scorching, the Cavaliers are more of a mess than ever and JaVale and Blatche, reunited at last? Let's get it.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

WE HAVE ALL-STARS: The league announced its All-Star reserves on Thursday. Here they are.

East: Wall, DeRozan, Millsap, Noah, Hibbert, Bosh and Joe Johnson.

West: CP3, Tony Parker, Dwight, Dirk, Aldridge, Lillard and Harden.

Kyle Lowry, Arron Afflalo, Lance Stephenson and Al Jefferson are your official East snubs. Anthony Davis, Mike Conley, DeMarcus Cousins and Goran Dragic get your sympathy in the West. There should be at least one injury replacement for Adam Silver -- starter Kobe is unlikely to appear -- and chances are Davis is the choice, primarily because All-Star Weekend is in New Orleans.

Any of this grind your gears? Remember to please argue based on the merits, not the narratives, because everyone's narrative is powerful in its own way.

COACHING ALL-STARS: Our resident coach Doug Eberhardt doles out awards to the coaches with the best plays coming out of timeouts. Randy Wittman is not involved.

DO NOT LEAVE DEREK FISHER HANGING: He hasn't gotten to be a 52-year veteran by giving up easily.

GOOD NIGHT, DAVID: When you wake up Monday, it will be in Adam Silver's NBA. If you can't leave the Stern era without reading 5,000 words on his legacy, boy do I have you covered.

THE SUNS ARE, UH, ON FIRE!: Phoenix dropped 66 on INDIANA! in the first half, and hung on to win. Just in time, Grantland's brilliant Jonathan Abrams has a sprawling feature on the club.

FLEXIN': The Knicks continue to throttle crummy teams, beat the Cavaliers handily. J.R. Smith gave Tristan Thompson a pretty good shake. Kyrie Irving refuted an ESPN report that he wants out of Cleveland. (Keep in mind that said report was one line in a Chad Ford chat.)

GOLDEN: The Warriors took this round in their war against the Clippers. We need this match-up in the playoffs.

BROW-BEATEN: A hilarious new Kids Foot Locker ad starring Anthony Davis. H/T: r/nba.

RONDOOOOO: Danny Ainge admits he's getting a lot of calls about the point guard. None of them appear to be serious offers.

STOP SLANDERING BLAKE GRIFFIN: Zach Lowe has all the evidence you need that Blake is more than dunks and flops.

SELF-FLAGELLATION: Daryl Morey to ClutchFans: "I take some sort of pride that you could argue that Royce White is the worst first-round pick ever."

CATASTRO-D: In this week's Drive & Kick, Flannery chats with Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News on what's wrong with the Pistons. Subscribe on iTunes.

FIXING BRANDON JENNINGS' JUMPER: Five things that could help.

STRANGEST BURGLARY EVER: Antoine Carr's retired No. 32 jersey has gone missing in Cleveland.

MITCH PROWLIN': Reports that in free agency the Lakers will pursue restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe.

TODAY WE ARE ALL FILIPINO: JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche both want to play for the Philippines in the FIBA World Cup this summer. Please please please.

MEET OLADIPO: Cool Q&A with the young Magician from James Herbert.

BREAKING MADDEN SUPER BOWL: The only Super Bowl that matters -- the Breaking Madden Super Bowl -- was held on Thursday, and it was glorious. Basketball fans will be thrilled to know that Jon Bois is taking his talents to NBA 2K14 next. I cannot wait.

Happy Friday. See you Monday.