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2014 NFL playoffs, Wild Card Saturday: Live coverage, analysis & more

The NFL playoffs are underway, starting Saturday with the Chiefs vs. Colts (4:35 p.m. ET) and the Saints vs. Eagles (8:10 p.m. ET). Join SB Nation's NFL team for live coverage and more.

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derp ferguson [11:26 PM]:

of course costas would wear a scarf outside his lapels

Clay Wendler [11:24 PM]:

Clay Wendler [11:24 PM]:

goodnight everybody

concretejimmy52 [11:24 PM]:

Chip Kelly coached a good game. Eagles are playoff contenders. It’s not the Cowboys or Redskins.

Clay Wendler [11:24 PM]:

tmoseley20 [11:22 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Not going for it on that 4th down in the redzone. Could have been up 21-20

derp ferguson [11:22 PM]:

drew brees and russell wilson are both short

concretejimmy52 [11:22 PM]:


Joe McAtee [11:21 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Please put together a Michael Vick narrative ASAP

Ryan Van Bibber [11:20 PM]:

so where did it go wrong for the Eagles?

Stephen White [11:20 PM]:

Sucks for them, and now nobody wants to see the Saints this post season

Ryan Van Bibber [11:20 PM]:

that’s that

Stephen White [11:20 PM]:

Oh, Eagles

Josh Laincz [11:20 PM]:


Josh Laincz [11:19 PM]:

I guess they can block it, right?

Ryan Van Bibber [11:19 PM]:

@3k great job good effort

Gihyou [11:18 PM]:

This isn’t exactly ideal kicking conditions. Short FG but not an absolute gimme.

Nabae Asfar [11:18 PM]:

laughing in the stands

Nabae Asfar [11:18 PM]:

shayne graham misses the game winning fg…hartley seen

concretejimmy52 [11:17 PM]:

This is torture for Eagles fans.

Stephen White [11:17 PM]:

Love that they arent over thinking this. 3rd and 1 = sneak.

Joe McAtee [11:16 PM]:

You are all doing a great job tonight.

Stephen White [11:15 PM]:

Robinson showing up big. Like that

AloysiusEwing [11:14 PM]:

Saints won’t fall for it and they’ll get a 1st, ending any chance the Eagles have

icorriher [11:11 PM]:

So I know they’re at the 25 but does Chip consider letting them score?

Stephen White [11:11 PM]:

Mmm hmmmm

Chris Haines [11:11 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [11:11 PM]:

Chris Haines [11:10 PM]:

@sgw94 Yup.

Stephen White [11:10 PM]:

Id sneak it again. Theyre getting 2-3 yards on those today

Ryan Van Bibber [11:09 PM]:

@Chris Haines #AssholeKicker

James Dator [11:09 PM]:

Saints RBs picked a heck of a game to become reliable short-yardage runners

Ryan Van Bibber [11:09 PM]:

4th 2:45
Other guy that struggles in cold weather 23
Team without coherent weather-related narrative 24

Chris Haines [11:09 PM]:

icorriher [11:08 PM]:

Was just thinking Payton’s goal might be kick a short FG as time expires

Stephen White [11:08 PM]:

Too many jump cuts by Ingram on that play

Chris Haines [11:07 PM]:

Well that was an easy horse collar call.

Stephen White [11:06 PM]:

Horse collar

Ryan Van Bibber [11:06 PM]:

@Chris Haines yeah, but Brees has the NARRATIVE to beat

gleeker8 [11:06 PM]:

if eagles win, seahawks super bowl run becomes harder = go eagles

Clay Wendler [11:05 PM]:

Stephen White [11:05 PM]:

This might come down to who has the ball last

Chris Haines [11:04 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Also, no pressure on the Eagles D.

James Dator [11:04 PM]:

I can’t remember a better opening day of playoff games

concretejimmy52 [11:03 PM]:

Good game.

Ryan Van Bibber [11:03 PM]:

alright Drew Brees, no pressure

concretejimmy52 [11:03 PM]:

Foles let it fly.

concretejimmy52 [11:03 PM]:

@Chris Haines He was being held.

Chris Haines [11:02 PM]:

Pretty sure Jackson coulda caught that ball, but he knew he was gonna get the flag.

Stephen White [11:01 PM]:

Knew that was coming

James Dator [11:01 PM]:


Chris Haines [11:01 PM]:

Clay Wendler [11:01 PM]:

holy crap, i just realized ty hilton had 224 yards today

Stephen White [11:00 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yep

Stephen White [11:00 PM]:

So fast

Ryan Van Bibber [11:00 PM]:

@sgw94 seems like they’re using a pretty good mix of 4-man fronts too

Stephen White [10:59 PM]:

Great block? Seriously?!?

concretejimmy52 [10:59 PM]:

Still plenty of time if the Eagles score a TD for Brees to get a FG.

Ryan Van Bibber [10:59 PM]:

@Mark Ennis i think you can cross off cheesesteaks just for all the references from the broadcast

Stephen White [10:59 PM]:

The Saints are playing….disciplined run defense. Hardly ever see them do that

Mark Ennis [10:56 PM]:

Philly fan bad behavior Bingo is getting close!

Ryan Van Bibber [10:55 PM]:

4th 8:04
Team with more field goals 24
Teams with less field goals 17

Pablo Mercado [10:54 PM]:

field goals are the best this game is stupendous

Josh Laincz [10:53 PM]:

It’s refreshing to have 8 minutes left and still have some timeouts as an Eagles fan

icorriher [10:53 PM]:

Big stops by both teams back-to-back

Stephen White [10:53 PM]:


Stephen White [10:53 PM]:

Good srop by the Eagles. Werent fooled at all

Stephen White [10:51 PM]:

Nice juke there

icorriher [10:50 PM]:

And this is why I’m shocked Chip kicked it.

Ryan Van Bibber [10:50 PM]:

@sgw94 man, he’s really lobbying over there too

Stephen White [10:50 PM]:

Meechum is having a bit of a career revival the last few weeks

concretejimmy52 [10:50 PM]:

Nice pass.

concretejimmy52 [10:49 PM]:

Plenty of time left. Eagles defense has done a good job of keeping the Saints offense in check.

Stephen White [10:49 PM]:

Glad to see theyre saving Keenan Lewis from himself

gleeker8 [10:48 PM]:

concussions are going to be a game-deciding factor in both games today

concretejimmy52 [10:47 PM]:

Chip Kelly seems to be a smart coach.

Stephen White [10:45 PM]:

Three point game

icorriher [10:45 PM]:

I’m shocked Chip kicked on 4th and 1.

Stephen White [10:44 PM]:

Big stop by NO. Holding them to a FG is a win imo

Rodger Sherman [10:42 PM]:

poor sweeting

Chris Haines [10:41 PM]:


icorriher [10:41 PM]:

Lewis hurting himself completely changed this game.

Chris Haines [10:41 PM]:

Stephen White [10:41 PM]:

Cooper with the big catch for a first down

Mark Ennis [10:41 PM]:

I’m trying to think of something analogous to people trying to tackle Shady in space.

Chris Haines [10:40 PM]:

That was really close to #DESEAN

Stephen White [10:40 PM]:


Stephen White [10:39 PM]:

Surprised at that conservative play call there

Stephen White [10:39 PM]:

3rd and long. Saints dont want the Eagles O right back out there

Stephen White [10:36 PM]:

Big holding call there

Stephen White [10:35 PM]:


Clay Wendler [10:35 PM]:

Stephen White [10:35 PM]:

Saints gotta run the ball

icorriher [10:34 PM]:

Looked like the LBs were all clogged in the middle and nobody was in B-gap at all. Hawthorne got crushed

concretejimmy52 [10:33 PM]:

I hope the Eagles win by a point.

Stephen White [10:32 PM]:

Had to go for it at this point but still ballsy call to run it in

Mark Ennis [10:32 PM]:

Such an enormous drive for Philly. Well done.

Chris Haines [10:32 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [10:31 PM]:

Rob Ryan has a picture of Buddy on his play sheet

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:


Chris Haines [10:30 PM]:

Yo Shady just jockstrapped that dude.

Rodger Sherman [10:30 PM]:

jesus shady

Ryan Van Bibber [10:30 PM]:

I could watch Shady make those cuts all day, on an endless loop

Stephen White [10:30 PM]:

That juke by Shady…..

icorriher [10:30 PM]:

shady is insane

Chris Haines [10:29 PM]:

Haaaaaaaaaay DeSean

Stephen White [10:29 PM]:

What a play by Desean Jackson

icorriher [10:29 PM]:

Not a coincidence that Jackson gets a ball when Lewis gets hurt

Mark Ennis [10:29 PM]:

Perfect offensive rebound right there.

Clay Wendler [10:29 PM]:

Mark Ennis [10:29 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [10:29 PM]:

this is not the same version of the Eagles OL we saw most of the season

Navy_Rebel [10:28 PM]:

Ah Eagles fans…bless your cold, dark hearts….

Mark Ennis [10:28 PM]:

Looks like he jammed his neck by hitting his forehead/face right into Avant’s armpit.

Stephen White [10:27 PM]:

Tried to turn his head right before contact to avoid a penalty. Bet he hurt his neck

Navy_Rebel [10:27 PM]:

@sgw94 Damn. Not good.

Stephen White [10:26 PM]:

Oh man Lewis is hurt

Navy_Rebel [10:26 PM]:

Stephen White [10:26 PM]:

Thought Shady was about to make a house call

Clay Wendler [10:22 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [10:20 PM]:

just think if the Saints had bothered to run Ingram more in that Patriots game … we might not have that whole “Brees on the road” thing to talk about

Stephen White [10:20 PM]:

And they just did. This might be too steep a hill. Especially if the Saints dont let up off the gas on offense

Ryan Van Bibber [10:19 PM]:

Ingram is money tonight

Chris Haines [10:19 PM]:

The Eagles defense is what we thought it is.

Stephen White [10:19 PM]:

If Philly goes down two TDs….

Stephen White [10:18 PM]:

Too many cats going for the ball instead of tackling the guy these days

Navy_Rebel [10:18 PM]:

@sgw94 Stepping up nicely tonight with PT gone

James Dator [10:18 PM]:

When it takes four defenders to finally bring down Darren Sproles you have a problem

Stephen White [10:18 PM]:

Ingram with the Beast Mode light version

Chris Haines [10:17 PM]:

Honestly, Brees should be torching this secondary.

Navy_Rebel [10:17 PM]:

wth was that?

Stephen White [10:17 PM]:

Brees is a master of pocket footwork. Stays moving

Stephen White [10:16 PM]:

Stills with the nice catch. What a great fit for that offense.

Stephen White [10:15 PM]:

Held him then fell on him to make it MORE blatant smh

Stephen White [10:15 PM]:

Armstead big holding penalty

Stephen White [10:14 PM]:

Three man rush

Chris Haines [10:13 PM]:

I’m mostly happy that Riley Cooper dropped that pass so there were at least some fucking new jokes we could make about this game.

Stephen White [10:13 PM]:

Nice blocking on the right side. That trips bunch got some good push

Josh Laincz [10:13 PM]:

@Mark Ennis so good

Stephen White [10:12 PM]:

@Mark Ennis NAILED IT!!! lol

Ryan Van Bibber [10:12 PM]:

@Mark Ennis very well done

Mark Ennis [10:11 PM]:

Felt so good about that one.

Josh Laincz [10:10 PM]:

that drop will come up later :(

Ryan Van Bibber [10:10 PM]:

Stephen White [10:10 PM]:

What if he becomes the goat of this game because of that play? Lotta game left but if they don’t score or lose by say 3…

Ryan Van Bibber [10:10 PM]:

@Chris Haines lol

James Dator [10:09 PM]:

Can Riley Cooper overcome the adversity of that drop?

Chris Haines [10:09 PM]:

So much for the Riley Cooper Redemption Tour.

Stephen White [10:09 PM]:

Cooper with the drop

James Dator [10:09 PM]:

It’s astonishing that McCoy is under 40 yards, DeSean has 0 receptions and the Eagles are down by just 6

Stephen White [10:09 PM]:

Listen a qb not throwing a guy the ball does not mean he has been shut down. I bet D Jackson was open deep and didnt get the pass a few times

Navy_Rebel [10:08 PM]:

Stephen White [10:07 PM]:

LOL at Shady reversing field when he saw the corner coming up to force

Navy_Rebel [10:04 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman I think he remembered what Reggie Bush did at Chicago a few years ago and thought better of it

Clay Wendler [10:04 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [10:03 PM]:

disappointed lance didn’t bust out the key and peele dance again

Stephen White [10:02 PM]:

After all that the Saints are now up 13/7. Eagles better start to hang their hat on something

Navy_Rebel [10:01 PM]:

Breezy got her mojo back

James Dator [10:01 PM]:

It’s a touchdown! Not many of those tonight. What a thing that was!

Oh No Romo [10:01 PM]:

Whoa, a touchdown!

Stephen White [10:00 PM]:

Kids never throwing your hands up after holding. Its like holding up a “hey Im guilty” sign

Stephen White [9:59 PM]:

Barwin got body slammed

Ryan Van Bibber [9:59 PM]:

so, how ’bout this game?

Stephen White [9:59 PM]:


Navy_Rebel [9:48 PM]:

@matthew_k Because he can’t get a job dancing

James Dator [9:47 PM]:

@matthew_k So he can buy time to grow into that coat

concretejimmy52 [9:47 PM]:

@matthew_k Because he played for the Steelers. Why is Tomlin on the competition committee?

Matthew Kenerly [9:45 PM]:

Can anyone explain why Hines Ward is still employed as an analyst?

Ryan Van Bibber [9:44 PM]:

half 0:00
Guy who threw for 5k yards 6
Guy that rushed for 1600 yards 7

eightyseven [9:44 PM]:

Now I’m hungry thanks guys

Ryan Van Bibber [9:43 PM]:


Eagles lead Saints at halftime

The Philadelphia Eagles lead the New Orleans Saints, 7-6, at halftime of Saturday’s wild card matchup.

concretejimmy52 [9:43 PM]:

I want a Philly cheesesteak.

Navy_Rebel [9:43 PM]:

@James Dator Gumbo. Always.

Josh Laincz [9:42 PM]:

Cheesesteak (I’m from Philly as well)

Matthew Kenerly [9:42 PM]:

@James Dator Can I choose bananas Foster instead?

Chris Haines [9:41 PM]:

@James Dator Gumbo. (I’m from Philly)

James Dator [9:41 PM]:


Pat McAfee nearly tweets out Andrew Luck nudie

We owe Cellphone Guy a world of thanks for saving us from an image of Andrew Luck’s butt.

James Dator [9:40 PM]:

Halftime discussion: Cheese steak or gumbo? You can only have one.

concretejimmy52 [9:39 PM]:

Did anybody guess 7-6?

Stephen White [9:39 PM]:

7-6 at halftime. Hard to believe

icorriher [9:39 PM]:

I went out to get food and missed the Eagles getting 7 seconds to throw a TD pass b/c of a 3 man rush and missed Steve’s reaction. I’m disappointed

Navy_Rebel [9:38 PM]:

Just like to point out that the Eagles get the ball to start the second half

Stephen White [9:38 PM]:

Three man rush gets to Brees again. Well I’ll be…

concretejimmy52 [9:37 PM]:

Eagles defense looks prepared.

concretejimmy52 [9:36 PM]:

That’s terrible that Brees had to ask the refs for a flag.

Stephen White [9:36 PM]:

It used to not be holding if you grabbed them behind the line of scrimmage

James Dator [9:35 PM]:

Eagles are sniffing out the Saints screen game. Panthers did the same in win

Ryan Van Bibber [9:35 PM]:

@Chris Haines looooooolllllll

Brett Stover [9:35 PM]:

@Chris Haines you are evil

Stephen White [9:34 PM]:

Graham abused Armstead on that one

Chris Haines [9:34 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [9:34 PM]:

the voiceover in this National commercial sounds like a wannabe Patrick Stewart

Chris Haines [9:34 PM]:

This is mean, but uh, I can’t help it

Stephen White [9:34 PM]:

Why didnt he throw it i wonder. Gun shy?

Stephen White [9:33 PM]:

If they keep going three man rush Brees is going to break out the blow torch

Navy_Rebel [9:31 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [9:30 PM]:

did Roman Harper just fall down there?

Stephen White [9:30 PM]:

Riley Cooper with that deep crosser for a TD. Very athletic play by him

concretejimmy52 [9:30 PM]:

Caught that one. TD.

Josh Laincz [9:30 PM]:

Is Foles wearing a turtleneck?

Navy_Rebel [9:30 PM]:

Stephen White [9:30 PM]:

Surprised Ertz dropped that one. Good ball from Foles

concretejimmy52 [9:29 PM]:

He should have caught that.

Brett Stover [9:29 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [9:28 PM]:

Chris Haines [9:28 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber As one, I feel comfortable telling you that you probably should feel comfortable doing so.

Oh No Romo [9:27 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber /tosses Philly fan notecards in the trash

Ryan Van Bibber [9:26 PM]:

@Chris Haines hey, this is a Philly fan abuse free zone. We don’t judge here.

Stephen White [9:25 PM]:

I absolutely hate fans booing injured guys. It irritates the hell out of me. ESPECIALLY in situations where nothing would be gained from faking

concretejimmy52 [9:24 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Probably booing because it stops play.

Chris Haines [9:24 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Yeah, about that Philadelphia…

Brett Stover [9:24 PM]:

They must think he’s faking to stall momentum.

Navy_Rebel [9:24 PM]:

stay classy, Philly

Maxman186 [9:24 PM]:

Stay classy Eagles fans

Ryan Van Bibber [9:23 PM]:

booing injured players …

Clay Wendler [9:23 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [9:22 PM]:

2nd 3:14
Points 3
Interceptions 2

Josh Laincz [9:21 PM]:

I’m happy, but why in the world would the saints stop running the ball?

Stephen White [9:21 PM]:

Where in hell was Brees throwing that? Coverage was clear

Maxman186 [9:20 PM]:

Good job, Drew

Clay Wendler [9:20 PM]:

alex smith > drew brees ya’ll

concretejimmy52 [9:20 PM]:

Wow. Another Brees pick.

Stephen White [9:20 PM]:

Uhm, Brees?

gleeker8 [9:19 PM]:

If Jeff Triplette umped a game that Collinsworth and Michaels called the world would explode

Stephen White [9:19 PM]:

Eagles tried a three man rush and Brees took off up the middle

James Dator [9:18 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [9:18 PM]:

Jeff Triplette tomorrow!

Ryan Van Bibber [9:16 PM]:

Stephen White [9:15 PM]:

Eagles still cant get their offense going. Im thinking they should be trying more of those perimeter screens to open the middle up later.

James Dator [9:13 PM]:

Well, Sean Payton has now cornered the market on “lamest motivation ever”

concretejimmy52 [9:13 PM]:

Manning will never hear the end of it if Luck wins a SB.

concretejimmy52 [9:11 PM]:

@James Dator That’s it.

James Dator [9:11 PM]:

@concretejimmy52 24-10

concretejimmy52 [9:10 PM]:

What was the score of the Chiefs – Colts at this point in the game?

Stephen White [9:09 PM]:

Yayyyyyy three points.

Stephen White [9:09 PM]:

For why?

concretejimmy52 [9:09 PM]:

Wow. I don’t think they’re going for it again.

Brett Stover [9:09 PM]:

Wow, false start.

Stephen White [9:09 PM]:

False start. Wow

Stephen White [9:08 PM]:

Overturned and going for it. I would too after that last sneak surge

concretejimmy52 [9:08 PM]:

The knee is down. Not the shin.

Navy_Rebel [9:08 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [9:08 PM]:


Mark Ennis [9:07 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [9:07 PM]:

as a man with childlike hands, it’s still impressive that Jimmy Graham can squeeze a football with one hand

concretejimmy52 [9:06 PM]:

It might not get over-turned.

Stephen White [9:06 PM]:

Changed my mind on that angle. He was definitely down. I didnt realize he still had control when the ball was in his right hand

James Dator [9:06 PM]:

I think he’s down, but it’s a lot like the fumble recovery in the Chiefs game. Is there enough evidence?

Mark Ennis [9:05 PM]:

Didn’t have this game pegged for a scoreless tie in the second quarter.

concretejimmy52 [9:05 PM]:

But he didn’t get the 1st down. I wonder if they go for it on 4th and inches.

Navy_Rebel [9:05 PM]:

Good job Saints. Stop doing what was working earlier in the drive then give the ball away.

James Dator [9:04 PM]:

Gleason FTW

James Dator [9:04 PM]:

Chris Haines [9:04 PM]:

I still think Brandon Graham is gonna be real good.

icorriher [9:04 PM]:

that’s close. I think he’s just short of the 1st down if it’s not a fumble

Stephen White [9:04 PM]:

I think anyway

King in Canada [9:04 PM]:

that groove may become a hole

Stephen White [9:03 PM]:

Man its close. Ball out right before knee down

Brett Stover [9:03 PM]:

Massive break for the Eagles there

concretejimmy52 [9:03 PM]:

He was down.

Ryan Van Bibber [9:03 PM]:

2nd 8:59
Offensive genius 0
Newer offensive genius 0

Stephen White [9:03 PM]:

Hmmmm im not sure

James Dator [9:02 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Expanding my brand, bro

Maxman186 [9:02 PM]:

graphics dept is on their A game today

Stephen White [9:02 PM]:

Eagles doing a good job of sniffing out screens so far

Stephen White [9:01 PM]:

Wrong graphic lol

Rodger Sherman [9:01 PM]:


Chris Haines [9:01 PM]:

@James Dator Well done sir.

James Dator [9:00 PM]:

I’ll let you know if we receive a response

James Dator [9:00 PM]:

Stephen White [8:59 PM]:

Saints look like theyre getting in a groove this drive

Chris Haines [8:58 PM]:

concretejimmy52 [8:58 PM]:

@James Dator That’s a good question. Why are you asking? Why don’t you Tweet him.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:58 PM]:

For Chiefs fans: 1-800-273-TALK (

James Dator [8:57 PM]:

What do you think are in Chris Collinsworth’s zip up vest pockets?

Stephen White [8:56 PM]:

LOL who wouldve thought this would be the low scoring game?

concretejimmy52 [8:56 PM]:

How does he take a sack there?

Navy_Rebel [8:56 PM]:

And the defensive battle continues

Stephen White [8:53 PM]:

Three man rush gets there. Of course when one of the three is Cam Jordan you have a much higher chance of success

Ryan Van Bibber [8:53 PM]:

Chris Haines [8:52 PM]:

Gotta get rid of that one Nicky.

icorriher [8:52 PM]:

@Navy_Rebel I meant as a team. All year he kept using stats “from 2009-now” while they’re averaging basically 1/2 the points this year

Stephen White [8:51 PM]:

Looked like they ran right where Hicks wouldve been

Navy_Rebel [8:51 PM]:

Stephen White [8:49 PM]:

Kelly going for it on 4th and one

Ryan Van Bibber [8:49 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [8:46 PM]:

@icorriher well he did play at Purdue and San Diego, so it’s not like he hasn’t played outdoors before

Stephen White [8:45 PM]:

McCoy getting space now. Saints defense tiiiiiiiiiied boss

Stephen White [8:44 PM]:

Here we go. Nice ball to Celek

eightyseven [8:44 PM]:

I snort whenever I hear “THE University of” anywhere.

Stephen White [8:42 PM]:


icorriher [8:42 PM]:

Is Brees still pretending this whole “playing on the road” thing isn’t an issue?

Navy_Rebel [8:42 PM]:

Drew’s throws just don’t look on point so far this evening, and there’s no breeze in the stadium

Josh Laincz [8:42 PM]:

lol arm punt

eightyseven [8:42 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman but which one is less boringgggggg

Chris Haines [8:41 PM]:

That…was not a good throw.

eightyseven [8:41 PM]:


Stephen White [8:41 PM]:

Arm punt by Brees. WTF was that?

James Dator [8:41 PM]:

What the heck was that Brees?

Stephen White [8:41 PM]:

Graham finds a hole in the zone up the seam

Rodger Sherman [8:41 PM]:

Just like we all thought. Colts-Chiefs shootout, Eagles-Saints defensive battle.

Stephen White [8:40 PM]:

Ingram running well so far

Charlie Gebow [8:40 PM]:

@Chris Haines Something something playing safety?

Chris Haines [8:37 PM]:

Stephen White [8:36 PM]:

Slow start for the Eagles so far. They havent been able to really spread the Saints defense out yet so there havent been many running lanes

eightyseven [8:36 PM]:

Rob Ryan looking extra frazzled today.

Stephen White [8:35 PM]:

Foles keeping em honest

Stephen White [8:34 PM]:

@James Dator well Brown was benched during the game against the Rams when Quinn torched him. But maybe it had been brewing for awhile

Navy_Rebel [8:34 PM]:

Time for Mark Ingram to step up and be the go-to running back the Saints want….or find another team in the offseason

Ryan Van Bibber [8:33 PM]:


NFL playoff bracket: Colts eliminate Chiefs

The Indianapolis Colts will advance to the divisional round of the playoffs after scoring an upset over the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday.

Stephen White [8:32 PM]:

Wonder what the Eagles are doing to Graham that he isnt seeing any passes thrown his way

James Dator [8:31 PM]:

@sgw94 He’s great in the screen game. I assume that’s why they made the shift. Had his lunch eaten by Greg Hardy in Week 16, however

Rodger Sherman [8:31 PM]:

why hasn’t one of these teams scored 30 points yet

Stephen White [8:30 PM]:

Armstead is pretty good as a run blocker though, I will give him that

James Dator [8:28 PM]:

Biggest shift from ‘12 to ’13 for Saints is defensive pressure (other than Payton’s return). Used to be far too soft and passive

Stephen White [8:27 PM]:

Foles and Shady on different pages. No bueno on 3rd down

Stephen White [8:26 PM]:

No pressure. Too many options for Foles

Oh No Romo [8:25 PM]:

concretejimmy52 [8:25 PM]:

Time to see what Foles is made of?

Stephen White [8:24 PM]:

That one sailed on Foles

Navy_Rebel [8:23 PM]:

Expect to see more of the false starts tonight.

Stephen White [8:22 PM]:

All that head bobbing

Navy_Rebel [8:21 PM]:

wait…never mind

Stephen White [8:21 PM]:

You big dummy

Oh No Romo [8:21 PM]:

@Mark Ennis But think of all the debris the band members can keep in their pockets.

Navy_Rebel [8:21 PM]:

@sgw94 or false starts?

concretejimmy52 [8:21 PM]:

How fortunate.

Stephen White [8:21 PM]:

96 got assaulted

Stephen White [8:20 PM]:

Guess no holding calls this postseason

Jake Lear [8:20 PM]:

for free timeouts keep trash in pockets

Mark Ennis [8:20 PM]:

Debris out on the field not as dramatic as the band being out on the field.

Navy_Rebel [8:19 PM]:

One man’s trash…

Oh No Romo [8:19 PM]:

Debris on the field?

Stephen White [8:19 PM]:

Debris on the field?

Stephen White [8:18 PM]:

If Armstead struggles I wonder if they will go back to Brown

Chris Haines [8:18 PM]:

So you’re telling me Conor Barwin can’t really win a foot race with Sproles?

Stephen White [8:18 PM]:

Armstead almost beat by Cole.

Stephen White [8:17 PM]:

Trent Cole showing off his coverage skills lol

eightyseven [8:17 PM]:

I didn’t know “Roll Tide” was a school Doyle

concretejimmy52 [8:16 PM]:

Another barn burner?

Stephen White [8:16 PM]:

24 has to make that tackle. What a weak effort

icorriher [8:15 PM]:

@sgw94 I feel like Vaccarro was a perfect guy to have to stop this offense, the way they spread you out but still run it a lot

Stephen White [8:13 PM]:

Pierre Thomas out too? Welp. Will say that Ingram has been running MUCH better since coming back from injury though

Navy_Rebel [8:10 PM]:

@sgw94 Tend to agree. It will either be close or Seattle all over again

Clay Wendler [8:10 PM]:

eightyseven [8:09 PM]:

@Clay Wendler I thought he was Andy Dwyer for a moment there.

Clay Wendler [8:08 PM]:

concretejimmy52 [8:08 PM]:

Can Luck bounce Manning from the playoffs. It’s going to be interesting.

Stephen White [8:07 PM]:

As much as the Saints improved on defense this year they still had some issues stopping the run. What does philly do well? Oh, right. Plus super rookie Vacarro is out for the post season. Im kinda leaning philly blowout, even with the potency of Brees and that Saints offense

concretejimmy52 [8:07 PM]:

I still think the better team lost. Chiefs will win their division next year.

concretejimmy52 [8:05 PM]:

I wonder if the Chiefs kind of gave it to them. Probably found out they’re missing 3 Pro-bowlers for next week’s game in Denver.

Matthew Kenerly [8:05 PM]:

So now how will Nawlins/Philly top this?

eightyseven [8:05 PM]:

Sersly though, My heart goes out to Alex Smith.

concretejimmy52 [8:04 PM]:

@matthew_k A little bit of both.

Jake Lear [8:03 PM]:

Indy won it with the help of their turf

eightyseven [8:03 PM]:

Kiss Andrew’s lucky egg.

concretejimmy52 [8:03 PM]:

All of the Chiefs players down. Colts got lucky. I knew when Bowe didn’t score that TD earlier, it might cost them the game.

Matthew Kenerly [8:03 PM]:

Did Indy win it or did KC lose it?

Clay Wendler [8:03 PM]:

Jake Lear [8:03 PM]:

what a game

Ryan Nanni [8:02 PM]:

Certainly don’t need that timeout now. Certainly.

Gabri_elManga [8:02 PM]:

sports, man.

Jake Lear [8:02 PM]:

Gotta get that other foot in

King in Canada [8:02 PM]:


Stephen White [8:02 PM]:

Throw that one deeper and its prolly a TD. Amazing comeback and the legend of Luck continues to grow

concretejimmy52 [8:02 PM]:

WOW. Chiefs need a stop big. No timeouts. It’s over. Justin Tucker would have kicked the FG.

Navy_Rebel [8:01 PM]:

Game of inches

Matthew Kenerly [8:01 PM]:

Oh, Kansas City… I’m so sorry

Stephen White [8:01 PM]:

Good night Chiefs.

Oh No Romo [8:01 PM]:


Brandon 'B G' Garner [8:01 PM]:

@sgw94 same thing i thought

Oh No Romo [8:01 PM]:

Wait, Bowe was out?

Ryan Van Bibber [8:00 PM]:


concretejimmy52 [8:00 PM]:

Over 1000 yards of offense. Is this an NFL playoff game?

Stephen White [8:00 PM]:

Mayock has no idea what the play call was but is SURE the Chiefs had a favorable look

Jake Lear [8:00 PM]:


Oh No Romo [8:00 PM]:

TORNADO SIRENS! To the basement!

concretejimmy52 [7:59 PM]:

Last time out? Wow.

Chris Haines [7:59 PM]:

Timeout coming out of the 2 minute warning.

Stephen White [7:59 PM]:

Really? Andy Reid and clock management just will never be friends

Chris Haines [7:59 PM]:

Oh Andy.

concretejimmy52 [7:59 PM]:

Big 4th down.

Oh No Romo [7:58 PM]:

Stephen White [7:58 PM]:

Truth be told the Chiefs are reduced to a gimmick passing offense with Avery out. If you cant take the top off of a good defense you’re screwed

Ryan Nanni [7:57 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [7:57 PM]:

More refs need to throw flags dismissively. Drop that

Ryan Van Bibber [7:56 PM]:

Jake Lear [7:56 PM]:

closing in on double the scoring line

Ryan Van Bibber [7:56 PM]:

4th 2:25
The team that led by 28 in the third quarter 44
Amish beards 45

Stephen White [7:55 PM]:


Stephen White [7:55 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [7:55 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [7:54 PM]:

Andy Reid vs. The Clock

Stephen White [7:54 PM]:

Dwayne Bowe is earning his money today

Navy_Rebel [7:52 PM]:

That was purrty

Jake Lear [7:52 PM]:

this went from boring blowout to much excite

Stephen White [7:52 PM]:

Why did Derrick Johnson settle? Looked to be doing a Tampa 2 drop at first and should have been in that passing lane

Chris Haines [7:52 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Hahaha

King in Canada [7:52 PM]:

oh boy, lots of time too

Stephen White [7:51 PM]:

This game is bananas

Ryan Van Bibber [7:51 PM]:

ohhhhhh man

Clay Wendler [7:51 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [7:51 PM]:

@Chris Haines That’s more of a heart disease thing.

Chris Haines [7:50 PM]:

Hooooooooooly shit.

Stephen White [7:50 PM]:

TY Harrison oops I meant Hilton

Chris Haines [7:50 PM]:

I could not handle being a fan of either of these teams.

Duncan Morrow [7:50 PM]:

body bag game II right before the ice bowl II, wow

Ryan Van Bibber [7:48 PM]:

crap, another Chiefs injury … Houston this time

Stephen White [7:48 PM]:

Houston down smh

Stephen White [7:47 PM]:

Refs eating their whistles

Stephen White [7:47 PM]:

Poe just got held, bad

Clay Wendler [7:47 PM]:

FB Andrew Luck

Stephen White [7:46 PM]:

Pressure. Think that was Houston that almost had Luck that time

Clay Wendler [7:45 PM]:

As a Chiefs fan, we have yet to blow a game on the last drive in the playoffs, so this is a new experience!

Ryan Van Bibber [7:43 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Andy Reid bringing his A game

Jake Lear [7:43 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Right, Succop hasn’t had any problems this year so should be fine

Clay Wendler [7:42 PM]:

Brilliant strategy by the Chiefs. After the Colts take the lead in 2 minutes, lots of time left to win it with a FG.

Luke Zimmermann [7:42 PM]:

@Gabri_elManga Literally? You sure about that?

concretejimmy52 [7:41 PM]:

@sgw94 WTF?

Stephen White [7:41 PM]:

6 point game

Ryan Van Bibber [7:41 PM]:

Gabri_elManga [7:41 PM]:

this is quite literally becoming blood sport

Stephen White [7:41 PM]:

Three man rush. So why was Alex Smith in a hurry to dump it off?!

concretejimmy52 [7:41 PM]:

That’s weird. With all of the knee injuries, when a guy tries to make a tackle, the knee beats the helmet every time.

Duncan Morrow [7:40 PM]:

this game will have no survivors, oh my god

Chris Haines [7:40 PM]:

@Jake Lear With Andy Reid

Chris Haines [7:40 PM]:

@Jake Lear No, I just meant as an Eagles fan.

Stephen White [7:40 PM]:

52 don’t ever do that again please

Jake Lear [7:39 PM]:

@Chris Haines right, forgot i am literally minutes behind over here

Stephen White [7:39 PM]:

Landry might be concussed and his teammate is slapping his helmet smh

Chris Haines [7:39 PM]:

@Jake Lear Been there. Done that.

concretejimmy52 [7:39 PM]:

No Charles.

Jake Lear [7:38 PM]:

Man this clock management gonna murder them

concretejimmy52 [7:38 PM]:

Nice screen. I told you that’s what Andy Reid was bringing to K.C.

Stephen White [7:38 PM]:

Colts had a Dlineman spy but he had zero awareness of that shallow crosser coming. Couldve picked it off

Stephen White [7:37 PM]:

What was that?

Ryan Van Bibber [7:37 PM]:

@sgw94 good point

concretejimmy52 [7:37 PM]:

@derp ferguson And a bottle of Jack.

icorriher [7:37 PM]:

More illegal picks

Stephen White [7:36 PM]:

Huuuuuuge play by Jenkins. Colts brought pressure again

Clay Wendler [7:36 PM]:

leeeeeeeeeeroy jenkins!

Dimitri Dorlis [7:36 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Be less injured than the Chiefs?

derp ferguson [7:35 PM]:

I bet Jim Irsay still has a cache of quaaludes

Stephen White [7:35 PM]:

Gotta take a shot down field. This short stuff is getting gobbled up now

Ryan Van Bibber [7:34 PM]:

so here’s my question, what is the Colts defense doing differently this half?

Chris Haines [7:33 PM]:

That feels like a really important first down for the Chiefs.

Jake Lear [7:32 PM]:

If the chiefs can survive this comeback you have to wonder what their team will look like in the next round, so many injuries

Duncan Morrow [7:31 PM]:

they’re going to run out of players at this point, it’ll just be alex smith vs. the colts defense

Ryan Van Bibber [7:31 PM]:

this turf is brutal

Stephen White [7:31 PM]:

Kinda looked like his foot got caught in the turf. Real weird

Rodger Sherman [7:30 PM]:

not knile davis

Stephen White [7:30 PM]:

Now Davis is hurt. Sheesh

King in Canada [7:29 PM]:

The Colts don’t just have horseshoes on their helmets, they also have them up their ass. Wow.

King in Canada [7:29 PM]:

The Colts don’t just have horseshoes on their helmets, they also have them up their ass. Wow.

Clay Wendler [7:27 PM]:

Jake Lear [7:27 PM]:

what do those odds look like now

concretejimmy52 [7:26 PM]:

Lucky, no pun intended, bounce for the Colts.

Jake Lear [7:26 PM]:

lol what a game

Ryan Van Bibber [7:26 PM]:

stay tuned

Ryan Van Bibber [7:26 PM]:

GIF coming

Chris Haines [7:26 PM]:

Pray for @ArrowheadPride

Ryan Van Bibber [7:25 PM]:


Jake Lear [7:25 PM]:

Man I can’t wait to see what you guys are on about

concretejimmy52 [7:25 PM]:


Oh No Romo [7:25 PM]:

This game…I tell ya, Mike…

Ryan Van Bibber [7:25 PM]:

WHAT THE ;lakjhdljhahjkjhsd;fkhjsdf a

Stephen White [7:25 PM]:

Kdmdjdjdndjdndj WHAT?!?!

James Dator [7:25 PM]:


Stephen White [7:25 PM]:

Berry knew it was coming and still couldnt tackle Donald Brown

Ryan Van Bibber [7:24 PM]:

@Jake Lear yep, 28 points

Ryan Van Bibber [7:24 PM]:

Stephen White [7:24 PM]:

Not having an A gap rusher is just asking for Luck to take off running

Jake Lear [7:23 PM]:

Largest deficit here was 28 right? during 38-10

Clay Wendler [7:22 PM]:

only the chiefs defense could make ty hilton look like calvin johnson

Ryan Van Bibber [7:22 PM]:

what the hell is Dunta Robinson doing?

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

Luck and Hilton in a zone right now

Clay Wendler [7:21 PM]:

dunta robinson needs to retire

James Dator [7:21 PM]:

72 total points in this game. Exceeding the Vegas line by 24 points

Bopspops.2.0 [7:21 PM]:

Dear MD: Do you really believe DA can coach up a great 50 point playoff caliber team like Andy Reid is doing? “You better double check that, my friend.” My sweet lord…

Ryan Van Bibber [7:21 PM]:

Stephen White [7:21 PM]:

How does Robinson keep ending up on Hilton? Bad matchup for him

Maxman186 [7:21 PM]:

Colts still have life

Stephen White [7:20 PM]:

Man that is a bad drop by Brazill

Jake Lear [7:20 PM]:

@derp ferguson For a while it was passable, considering turning on actual television

Ryan Van Bibber [7:19 PM]:

@Jake Lear Watch ESPN is notorious for its delay

derp ferguson [7:19 PM]:

@Jake Lear like several minutes…the stream is super delayed

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

Colts seem to be blitzing more with Avery out

Jake Lear [7:18 PM]:

Man SB Nation live now significantly ahead of NBCs stream online :(

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

Cant miss that one Smith. Just a bad throw

Clay Wendler [7:17 PM]:

there’s the real alex smith!

Matthew Kenerly [7:17 PM]:

Oooh, Smith missed a touchdown there

Stephen White [7:17 PM]:

Colts score 21 points in the 3rd quarter even with Luck throwing two ints

Oh No Romo [7:16 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber How much will that number drop if Indy scores another TD?

Ryan Van Bibber [7:13 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [7:13 PM]:

Think that zone read fooled the camera guy

Stephen White [7:13 PM]:

Big first down pickup by Smith off read option

Stephen White [7:13 PM]:

Mayock loves throwing out 40 times lol

Stephen White [7:12 PM]:

Helluva catch by Bowe

derp ferguson [7:11 PM]:

Andrew Luck is the Memento quarterback

Stephen White [7:10 PM]:

Its still the third quarter. Sheesh

Matthew Kenerly [7:10 PM]:

Andrew Luck is having a game like how I usually play Madden. Lots of TDs, lots of INTs.

Stephen White [7:10 PM]:

Nice pass to Fleener up the seam. DJ didnt sink with him and Berry couldnt get over to affect the throw

Ryan Van Bibber [7:10 PM]:

Chris Haines [7:09 PM]:

@Jake Lear Looks like it was 48

gleeker8 [7:09 PM]:

its getting to a point where i may want to retract some of the texts ive sent out

Clay Wendler [7:09 PM]:

this is 2003 chiefs defense level bad

concretejimmy52 [7:09 PM]:

This game looked like a blowout. And yet it’s far from over. Luck has managed to get it done a few times in his young career.

Stephen White [7:08 PM]:

Donald Brown is suddenly on fire

Stephen White [7:07 PM]:

That was filthy

concretejimmy52 [7:05 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber No kidding.

Jake Lear [7:05 PM]:

Man 65 points already, what was over under?

Ryan Van Bibber [7:04 PM]:

it’s kind of hard to believe this game is only in the third quarter

Stephen White [7:04 PM]:

FG is good. A little cushion

Clay Wendler [7:04 PM]:

lil breathing room

Clay Wendler [7:03 PM]:


Jake Lear [7:03 PM]:

@Clay Wendler That gif caption also true for half the chiefs players

Stephen White [7:02 PM]:

Nah Albert moved with the snap perfectly. If the Colts dont have to respect the deep ball the Chiefs are in trouble on offense

Clay Wendler [7:02 PM]:

concretejimmy52 [7:01 PM]:

Alex Smith is under-rated. Broncos are going to have their hands full next week. If any Chiefs players aren’t out.

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

Looked like somebody moved early

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

Davis running tight, scared of fumbling

icorriher [7:00 PM]:

Sure some people will say that’s not Luck’s fault. Clearly threw it behind the WR though.

Stephen White [7:00 PM]:

With Avery out do the Chiefs have another deep threat?

Oh No Romo [6:59 PM]:

Hey, wait a minute!

concretejimmy52 [6:59 PM]:

Luck with 3 picks.

Stephen White [6:59 PM]:

Abdullah is having himself a game. Wow

Ryan Van Bibber [6:58 PM]:

James Dator [6:57 PM]:

Stephen White [6:56 PM]:

Man guys are dropping like flies smh

Maxman186 [6:56 PM]:

Another one bites the dust

Stephen White [6:56 PM]:

Rare drop by Bowe. Three and out. Uh oh

concretejimmy52 [6:56 PM]:

Chiefs players are starting to drop like flies. Not good.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:56 PM]:

KC’s first punt of the day

Oh No Romo [6:55 PM]:

That would have been disastrous.

Clay Wendler [6:55 PM]:

stupid playcalling

Stephen White [6:55 PM]:

Reverse out speed option?

Chris Haines [6:54 PM]:

Chris Haines [6:54 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [6:54 PM]:

Stephen White [6:53 PM]:

Ankle got Hemmingway. Ouch

Jake Lear [6:53 PM]:

oh geeze another one

Ryan Van Bibber [6:53 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman er, jorts, my bad

Ryan Van Bibber [6:53 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman up there it’s probably like a “no shorts day”

Rodger Sherman [6:53 PM]:

Hard to watch these Chiefs injuries piling up..

Stephen White [6:53 PM]:

Chiefs have quality depth but its damn sure getting tested right now

Oh No Romo [6:53 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber ick, gusty winds then.

Rodger Sherman [6:52 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber is that bad

Ryan Van Bibber [6:51 PM]:

@gleeker8 push by Brian Schottenheimer

Ryan Van Bibber [6:51 PM]:

My sister in Norther Wisconsin just texted … going to be -70 wind chills up there tonight

gleeker8 [6:51 PM]:

players falling like the 2012 rams @Ryan Van Bibber

Ryan Van Bibber [6:51 PM]:

@Jake Lear lol

concretejimmy52 [6:50 PM]:

I wonder if Bowe getting tackled at the 2 yard line will come back to haunt him?

Jake Lear [6:50 PM]:

Nah, Lucas Oil turf can’t boo its own players

Ryan Van Bibber [6:50 PM]:

Lucas Oil turf is the new FedEx Field

Clay Wendler [6:47 PM]:

concretejimmy52 [6:47 PM]:

Alex Smith > Andrew Luck

Ryan Van Bibber [6:47 PM]:

Chiefs already without Charles and Avery

Ryan Van Bibber [6:46 PM]:

uh oh, Brandon Flowers is down

Stephen White [6:46 PM]:

Flowers fell awkwardly after missing that tackle.

derp ferguson [6:46 PM]:

C’mon, we can’t have a Colts comeback. Tom Brady will feast on Vontae Davis’ groin.

Stephen White [6:46 PM]:

Two touchdown game now after the oopty oop screen. Coach Kilmer is losing his mind watching that

Ryan Van Bibber [6:45 PM]:

it’s a game!

icorriher [6:45 PM]:

We got action

Stephen White [6:44 PM]:

Business has picked up. Chiefs better wake up soon

Clay Wendler [6:44 PM]:

deer god that throw

Stephen White [6:42 PM]:

This is what you have to do with the Chiefs. Take shots to make them respect the deep ball. That will open up the short stuff imo

Clay Wendler [6:42 PM]:

@concretejimmy52 scared of 20 years of history

Clay Wendler [6:41 PM]:

gee i totally thought they would overturn that

Stephen White [6:41 PM]:

This will stand

concretejimmy52 [6:41 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Scared of what? Chiefs are the better team.

James Dator [6:39 PM]:

I don’t know if they have a good enough angle to overturn that, even if it looks like it’s bouncing around

Matthew Kenerly [6:38 PM]:

I forgot Robert Mathis was that fast.

Clay Wendler [6:38 PM]:

there is so much time left in this game. I am scared.

Stephen White [6:38 PM]:

Mathis is getting better with age. Crazy

Stephen White [6:37 PM]:

Had to throw that away. Too much time

Clay Wendler [6:37 PM]:

“take a look at that body”

Stephen White [6:36 PM]:

Davis tripped over the yardline. Still picked up a 1st down on that swing pass

Clay Wendler [6:36 PM]:

nice defense

Ryan Van Bibber [6:36 PM]:

anyone notice that? they going w/ 5 DBs instead? (which would make sense)

Ryan Van Bibber [6:36 PM]:

Stephen White [6:35 PM]:

Nice play action pass there.

Matthew Kenerly [6:35 PM]:

@sgw94 Bray’s a local kid from about 20 minutes south of here. Never understood the grief he caught at UT.

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

@icorriher yep 3rd string and reports are Reid likes him a lot

icorriher [6:33 PM]:

@sgw94 speaking of Bray, did he stick in KC?

Rodger Sherman [6:33 PM]:

sorry for the delayed reaction. I’m awarding the halftime food trophy to Louis and his fancy cheeses.

Stephen White [6:32 PM]:

@icorriher same with the QB Bray. I have a feeling Dooley must have really dogged both guys to scouts. Cant come up with any other reason

Ryan Van Bibber [6:32 PM]:

3rd 11:47
The team that lost to the Colts two weeks ago 38
The team that beat the Chiefs two weeks ago 17

icorriher [6:31 PM]:

I know about the issues but still shocking he went undrafted. Usually somebody bets on a talent like that.

Clay Wendler [6:31 PM]:

lotta time left

Stephen White [6:31 PM]:

Brown scores and now we at least have to see if the Colts can make a game of it

Ryan Van Bibber [6:31 PM]:


Stephen White [6:30 PM]:

Great great hands

Stephen White [6:30 PM]:

DaRick!!!! That kid will make a lot of plays in indy if he stays out of trouble

Brendan Donnelly's Pine Tar [6:30 PM]:

here comes the pick

Oh No Romo [6:30 PM]:

A sign of life!

Clay Wendler [6:28 PM]:

James Dator [6:28 PM]:

This game just matched the Vegas over/under at 48 points.

Clay Wendler [6:27 PM]:

Stephen White [6:26 PM]:

Can we get a running clock if this gets any worse?

icorriher [6:25 PM]:


Stephen White [6:25 PM]:


Matthew Kenerly [6:25 PM]:

Too easy for KC.

Stephen White [6:25 PM]:

There goes that man agaim

Ryan Van Bibber [6:24 PM]:

Chiefs turned the ball over three times in that Week 16 loss to IND

Matthew Kenerly [6:24 PM]:

@James Dator If it had to be former players, though, who would you want to see?

Stephen White [6:24 PM]:

At least they called that awful pass an awful pass. Progress

Ryan Van Bibber [6:24 PM]:

three turnovers for the Colts now

Chris Haines [6:23 PM]:

He telegraphed that throw a lot.

Stephen White [6:23 PM]:

That aint what they were hoping for to start the second half

Chris Haines [6:23 PM]:

Hoo boy, not a good start there Colts.

Matthew Kenerly [6:23 PM]:

Not a great start there for Indy

Oh No Romo [6:23 PM]:

Banner start for the Colts this half

James Dator [6:23 PM]:

Oh my

James Dator [6:22 PM]:

@matthew_k It would if current NFL coaches selected the teams, not Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders

Clay Wendler [6:21 PM]:

Key to the second half: score 20 less points than the Colts

Ryan Van Bibber [6:21 PM]:

@Chris Haines he kind of has the point guard feel to him as a QB even

Matthew Kenerly [6:20 PM]:

Does the fantasy draft angle make anyone want to watch the Pro Bowl for once?

Clay Wendler [6:18 PM]:

Chris Haines [6:18 PM]:

I know we’re gonna hear a lot about Nick Foles and Westlake today, but I also read today that he was awesome at basketball in high school and was recruited by Texas, Baylor, and Georgetown to play hoops.

James Dator [6:18 PM]:

Westlake High School is in Austin, TX and the last chance to register for AP Classes is Jan .10

James Dator [6:16 PM]:

While we have some time, let me tell you a story about Westlake High School. You haven’t heard it before, and will hear it 1000 times tonight

Ryan Van Bibber [6:16 PM]:

HALF 0:00
Red & White 31
Blue & White 10

Antimanner [6:15 PM]:

@Chris Haines lmao I’m dying

Louis Bien [6:13 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman an assortment of fancy cheeses

Chris Haines [6:13 PM]:

Andy Reid liked that first half.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:13 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman the sad little crumbs left at the bottom of the tortilla chip bag

Chris Haines [6:13 PM]:

James Dator [6:12 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Chili flavored Ramen and a Pepsi Max, because I live life on the edge

tmoseley20 [6:11 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman French Onion Soup

Matthew Kenerly [6:11 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Tostitos Garlic something or other chips

Ryan Van Bibber [6:10 PM]:


Alex Smith and Chiefs dominating, up 31-10 at half

No Jamaal Charles? No problem. Alex Smith is lighting up the Colts despite the absence of his All-Pro running back due to an early concussion. The Chiefs lead the Colts, 31-10, at halftime.

JohnnyGentle [6:10 PM]:

The best burger in america, 5 guys! (waits for flamewar to begin)

Chris Haines [6:09 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla chips.

Oh No Romo [6:09 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Nothing….yet…

Rodger Sherman [6:09 PM]:

HALFTIME: whatcha eatin and drinking, guys

Stephen White [6:08 PM]:


James Dator [6:08 PM]:

A Hail Mary touchdown from Alex Smith is the appropriate end to this half

Clay Wendler [6:06 PM]:

Brett Stover [6:06 PM]:

Go for the touchdown, Alex.

Stephen White [6:06 PM]:

That was just a bad throw into double coverage. Not sure what Luck was thinking

Rodger Sherman [6:05 PM]:

21 seconds is more than enough time foran Alex Smith TD drive. two, maybe.

JohnnyGentle [6:05 PM]:


Chris Haines [6:05 PM]:

This could be a loooooooong 2nd half.

tmoseley20 [6:05 PM]:

The Colts giving up a first round pick for Richardson is still very very funny

Rodger Sherman [6:05 PM]:


Stephen White [6:05 PM]:

And then they get Luck on the ground for a sack. Man this has been a dominant performance by KC. Oh and a pick by Flowers as i was typing

James Dator [6:02 PM]:

We’ve hit the part of the game where color commentary can only praise Luck’s memory

Clay Wendler [6:02 PM]:

Stephen White [6:02 PM]:

Colts need to take a shot down the field

Stephen White [6:01 PM]:

Obvious hold by Costanzo not called. Ridiculous

Matthew Kenerly [5:59 PM]:

So who won the Alex Smith trade so far, SF or KC?

Brett Stover [5:58 PM]:

Alex Smith: Passing – 13/21, 214 yards, 10.2 ypa, 3 TD, 0 INT. Rushing – 40 yards, 8 ypa

Ryan Van Bibber [5:58 PM]:

2nd 1:51
Alex Smith & “game managers” everywhere 31
Trent Richardson’s team 10

Rodger Sherman [5:58 PM]:

Just like we all thought, that unstoppable KC offense rolling

Clay Wendler [5:57 PM]:

guys the chiefs are going to win a playoff game

Stephen White [5:57 PM]:

Davis in for the score, who saw THIS coming? Not I

James Dator [5:57 PM]:

The halftime show is Jim Irsay riding a bomb down from the rafters cackling, isn’t it?

Ryan Van Bibber [5:57 PM]:

uh oh, starting to get away from the Colts here

Stephen White [5:56 PM]:

Vontae Davis needs a snicker

Stephen White [5:56 PM]:

Missed that throw, Bowe was open on that quick out for a TD

Clay Wendler [5:56 PM]:

Alex Smith has 254 total yards of offense

LeftNutForAStarCenter [5:55 PM]:

lol this is a pathetic display by the colts defense

Chris Haines [5:55 PM]:

Here lies Alex Smith: Game Manager. 2007-2014. He died making ALL THE DAMN PLAYS. RIP.

Stephen White [5:55 PM]:

@icorriher thanks!

Stephen White [5:54 PM]:

@icorriher absolutely. And thats the intended effect of most of the rules changes over the last decade. Can’t complain about poor defensive performances when the league has been on a mission to increase scoring

icorriher [5:54 PM]:

@sgw94 damn I forgot about that article you wrote. I didn’t get it at first but it made sense after reading.

JohnnyGentle [5:54 PM]:

Alex Smith ate his Wheaties this morning, apparently.

Cheese Pudding [5:53 PM]:

Smith diving with his head is not intelligent.

Brett Stover [5:53 PM]:

@Clay Wendler you just took the words right out of my mouth

Stephen White [5:53 PM]:

Alex Smith, Steve McNair. IJS

James Dator [5:53 PM]:

I can only hope the rest of the playoffs it like this. What a fun game… unless you’re in Indy

Clay Wendler [5:53 PM]:

alex smith is playing out of his mind

Chris Haines [5:52 PM]:

icorriher [5:52 PM]:

As that pick shows, offense can do whatever they want; defense can do nothing. I know Steve agrees

Clay Wendler [5:52 PM]:

alex is shoveling dirt on the colts

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

Thats going to get him in trouble soon. Most other QBs would be getting killed for these shovel passes. Because theyre very risky

Ryan Van Bibber [5:51 PM]:


Brett Stover [5:51 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [5:51 PM]:


Stephen White [5:51 PM]:

That was a pretty obvious pick by Bowe on two different guys

Clay Wendler [5:50 PM]:

can’t believe there wasn’t an offensive PI call there

Stephen White [5:50 PM]:

Guess he thought the blitzer would be bearing down on him after McCluster chipped and then continued into the route

Stephen White [5:49 PM]:

Why did he rush that throw?

Chris Haines [5:48 PM]:

The Colts have pretty much no answers on defense right now.

Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

Werner was lost on that play

Clay Wendler [5:48 PM]:

reid’s playcalling is great today

Ryan Van Bibber [5:47 PM]:


Jamaal Charles out for remainder of game vs. Colts

The Chiefs sustained a serious blow in the first quarter.

Stephen White [5:47 PM]:

Smith needed a better pass to mcCluster. That should’ve gone for a first down

Stephen White [5:45 PM]:

I like this. Pound them now and milk the clock

Mark Sandritter [5:45 PM]:

So basically Jamaal Charles was just holding down Alex Smith all season. Got it.

Stephen White [5:45 PM]:

Still no push up the middle from the Colts

Rodger Sherman [5:45 PM]:

i get the ball security thing, but, man, knile davis ran a 4.37 and is 230 pounds.

Stephen White [5:44 PM]:

Weren’t fooled by read option fake that time

Clay Wendler [5:43 PM]:

Stephen White [5:43 PM]:

Nice run by Davis

Ryan Van Bibber [5:42 PM]:

Chiefs’ lead even more important now that Charles’ is out

Ryan Van Bibber [5:41 PM]:

Stephen White [5:41 PM]:

Colts desperately need to force a 3 and out this drive.

Stephen White [5:41 PM]:

Great job not letting us see the play NBC smh

Stephen White [5:40 PM]:

Maybe chip Hali? I mean…

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

Jam was fine.

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

Or just inside

Stephen White [5:38 PM]:

Berry with the rare missed tackle on Hilton. Colts just outside the redzone now

Ryan Nanni [5:38 PM]:

You ever see your dad do something super athletic? That’s Andrew Luck running.

Rodger Sherman [5:38 PM]:

I hope my team doesn’t draft a running quarterback like Andrew Luck.

James Dator [5:37 PM]:

Not sure if that was designed or an audible, but that was a fantastic play

Ryan Van Bibber [5:37 PM]:

zone read by Andrew Luck

Clay Wendler [5:37 PM]:

nice fake

gleeker8 [5:37 PM]:

should have known the ball wasnt going to richardson

Stephen White [5:37 PM]:

Great play call

Ryan Van Bibber [5:37 PM]:

nice play

Ryan Van Bibber [5:37 PM]:


Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

Gotta go for it

Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

Berry with the big time tackle to deny Fleener the first down

James Dator [5:35 PM]:

Chiefs defenders are doing a great job of continually making contact with Luck’s arm/shoulder. Even though they’re not finishing sacks, they’re being very disruptive

Stephen White [5:35 PM]:

More pressure

Stephen White [5:35 PM]:

Hilton already back in

Ryan Nanni [5:34 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter There’s probably some KC fan here in a Grbac jersey.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:34 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Curtis Painter shirtsies are acceptable though

wordlife244 [5:33 PM]:

I still see Hasselbeck jerseys all over the place in Seattle

Ryan Van Bibber [5:33 PM]:

That was TY Hilton … Colts need him

Mark Sandritter [5:33 PM]:

Is it acceptable for Indy fans to still be wearing Manning jerseys to games? I vote no.

Stephen White [5:32 PM]:

Didn’t look like the hit was that forceful to me. Hopefully that Colts WR is ok

Stephen White [5:32 PM]:

Nice by Luck climbing the pocket and delivering with pressure bearing down on him

wordlife244 [5:31 PM]:

to Mike Mayock; what exactly is uncharacteristic of a Colts D that has given up big plays all year giving up big plays today? Watch a game maybe.

LukeFrom2011 [5:31 PM]:

Aaaand he’s back

Stephen White [5:31 PM]:

3rd and long is not where you want to be against this Chiefs defense

Clay Wendler [5:30 PM]:

Walker Clement [5:29 PM]:

@James Dator it’s more using a spoonful of peanut butter as a suppository. Even if it does stick, it won’t solve your malnutrition issues.

James Dator [5:29 PM]:

Reminder: Chiefs traded a second round pick for Alex Smith, Colts traded a first rounder for Trent Richardson

Ryan Nanni [5:28 PM]:

2nd 13:05

James Dator [5:27 PM]:

Alex Smith spent nine years playing possum

Brett Stover [5:27 PM]:

If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up.

Cheese Pudding [5:27 PM]:

they should start eagles x saints already

Stephen White [5:27 PM]:

Colts cant get any push up the middle. If that doesn’t change Smith will eat them alive all game

LukeFrom2011 [5:27 PM]:


Mark Ennis [5:26 PM]:

Ho ho ho that freaking shovel pass are you serious?

Clay Wendler [5:26 PM]:

this is a dream

Stephen White [5:26 PM]:

Shovel pass TD. Oh

Ryan Nanni [5:26 PM]:

Mike Mayock looks like he’s going to serve drinks at a Jazz Age party.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:26 PM]:

the Shovel Pass is the best pas

LukeFrom2011 [5:26 PM]:


Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Chiefs should go with more downhill runs. Too many stretch plays and counters.

James Dator [5:24 PM]:

Giving the ball to Richardson is like welcoming Bettlejuice into your house… it’s novel, but nobody will be happy after a few minutes

Stephen White [5:24 PM]:

Davis running with more authority there

LukeFrom2011 [5:24 PM]:

Cleveland kills RB’s, just ask Peyton Hillis

Mark Ennis [5:23 PM]:

I’m sure nobody will complain about that Richardson fumble.

LukeFrom2011 [5:23 PM]:

So much for pretending Trent Richardson doesn’t exist

gleeker8 [5:23 PM]:

at this point i am beginning to feel bad for richardson

Stephen White [5:23 PM]:

Tried to switch hands in traffic

Brendan Donnelly's Pine Tar [5:23 PM]:

Trent POORardson

Brett Stover [5:23 PM]:

This is going the Chiefs’ way really fast.

Stephen White [5:23 PM]:

Well that was unfortunate

Clay Wendler [5:22 PM]:

omg is this real life

Ryan Van Bibber [5:22 PM]:

James Dator [5:22 PM]:

That is probably the best throw I’ve seen Smith make in his entire career

Clay Wendler [5:21 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [5:20 PM]:

2nd 14:39

Brett Stover [5:20 PM]:

OK, who is this guy wearing the Alex Smith jersey

James Dator [5:19 PM]:

How’s this for a stat line? Alex Smith: 7/13, 176 yards, 2 TD — 15:21 played

Stephen White [5:19 PM]:

Toler gotta go sit down and think about the meaning of life. He had no shot on that one and the safety jumped the short route. Looked like quarters coverage

Stephen White [5:18 PM]:

Or maybe they can. Avery with the GotEmCoach TD catch

Clay Wendler [5:18 PM]:


Clay Wendler [5:18 PM]:

alex is holding the ball a bit much…colts pass rush is getting close

Stephen White [5:17 PM]:


Stephen White [5:17 PM]:

Chiefs will have to run the ball, keeo the same gameplan they had coming in. They cant morph into a passing team

Clay Wendler [5:14 PM]:

can we just stop the game now, chiefs win

James Dator [5:13 PM]:

Big stop there. That’s a confidence builder for a defense that struggled on the opening drive

Stephen White [5:13 PM]:

Three and out after the tipped pass by the DLine

Brett Stover [5:13 PM]:

There’s the Chiefs’ D I remember

Stephen White [5:12 PM]:

Theres the pressure

Stephen White [5:11 PM]:

Put simply, if they can’t stop the Colts the Chiefs aren’t likely to win a shoot out anyway, especially with Charles out

gleeker8 [5:11 PM]:

would have liked to see them throw it once and look at bowe and mcgrath…big targets

Stephen White [5:10 PM]:

I think you take the points. Gotta trust your defense if you’re the Chiefs that they will settle down after that first drive

Louis Bien [5:10 PM]:

@Clay Wendler legs going where his shoulders aren’t

Jake Lear [5:09 PM]:

would’ve liked to see em go for it

Stephen White [5:09 PM]:

Center tackled 97 on that third down run. 74 whiffed on the stunting Redding

Clay Wendler [5:09 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:09 PM]:

should they have gone for it there?

James Dator [5:08 PM]:

How many chances will the Chiefs get like this without Charles? As a Panthers fan I’ve come to appreciate going for in on 4th

Stephen White [5:08 PM]:

Stopped on 3rd and less than a yard to pay dirt. Helluva play by the Colts D

Brett Stover [5:08 PM]:


Brett Stover [5:07 PM]:


Stephen White [5:07 PM]:

Davis looks a little tenative running so far. Protecting the ball

Brett Stover [5:07 PM]:

I feel like Smith’s leash is a little looser here

Ryan Nanni [5:06 PM]:

@Pablo Mercado Ghost of Reggie Bush told him not to.

Stephen White [5:06 PM]:

Pass happy again

James Dator [5:06 PM]:

HUGE pass to Bowe. Beautiful subtle move inside on Landry

Clay Wendler [5:06 PM]:

i am so shocked

Pablo Mercado [5:06 PM]:

shoulda done the lateral

Stephen White [5:06 PM]:

Dwayne Bowe ate his Wheaties today. Great yac

LukeFrom2011 [5:05 PM]:


James Dator [5:05 PM]:

@luketheduke03 The torch has been passed

LukeFrom2011 [5:04 PM]:

@James Dator Leslie Frazier would have him beat allday but he’s a DC now

Brett Stover [5:04 PM]:

Lucky break there by the Chiefs

Stephen White [5:04 PM]:

Bailed out by the illegal contact call. I mean that sack happened pretty quickly

James Dator [5:04 PM]:

Chuck Pagano could be the most routinely confused looking head coach in the NFL

James Dator [5:03 PM]:

@sgw94 Davis had three fumbles in 87 touches this year. Agree about the impact of the dome

Stephen White [5:02 PM]:

They will be nervous every time he touches it that he might fumble though. Playing in the dome should help, however.

Clay Wendler [5:01 PM]:

dunta robinson ladies and gentlemen

Stephen White [5:01 PM]:

Concussion eval probably means Jamaal Charles is done for the day. Im just telling you, I think the Chiefs will be ok with Davis though. Homerun hitter too

Rodger Sherman [5:00 PM]:

@Clay Wendler that last push by the DB at the end of the play is making me sad.

Clay Wendler [4:59 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [4:58 PM]:

1st 4:34

James Dator [4:58 PM]:

Daft Punk approves of that touchdown drive

Ryan Van Bibber [4:58 PM]:

that made that TD pass

Ryan Van Bibber [4:58 PM]:

Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning?

Matthew Kenerly [4:57 PM]:

Andrew Luck is pretty good at football, I think

LukeFrom2011 [4:57 PM]:

@sgw94 look back at it

Clay Wendler [4:57 PM]:

Mark Ennis [4:57 PM]:

That was the throw Alex Smith needed to make in the end zone.

Stephen White [4:57 PM]:

Colts hit the easy button that drive. Also, too, no runs lol

James Dator [4:57 PM]:

Denying the existence of Trent Richardson was a godsend for the Colts offense

Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

DBs have almost no shot on back shoulder fades with the rules being the way they are. Gotta look back

Ryan Van Bibber [4:56 PM]:

Eric berry knows that these Colts aren’t actually horses, right?

Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

Didnt grab the facemask

LukeFrom2011 [4:55 PM]:

His ankles are all over the field

Stephen White [4:55 PM]:

Its the TY Hilton show so far. Dunta Robinson you gotta do better than that

Mark Ennis [4:55 PM]:

I still see TY Hilton in my Louisville nightmares.

Stephen White [4:54 PM]:

Said last year he reminded me a lot of Harrison and even more so now

Ryan Nanni [4:54 PM]:

PREDICTION: If the Chiefs lead at the half, the team doctor will determine Charles has a concussion. If they don’t, he doesn’t.

Clay Wendler [4:53 PM]:

Stephen White [4:53 PM]:

Hope you have TY on your fantasy team today

James Dator [4:53 PM]:

LukeFrom2011 [4:52 PM]:

@Mark Ennis inb4 50 NFL humor/sports humor/celebrity parody twitter accounts steal that

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:


Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

People mistake not having sack number with not getting pressure. I have a feeling they, and the Colts, are gonna learn today!

Mark Ennis [4:51 PM]:

Tony Romo is the spokesperson for NFL Play 58.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:50 PM]:


Jamaal Charles leaves vs. Colts

The Chiefs could have sustained a serious blow in the first quarter/

Ryan Nanni [4:49 PM]:

1st 8:11

Clay Wendler [4:49 PM]:

i am literally in shock

Matthew Kenerly [4:48 PM]:

@sgw94 At least it worked

Stephen White [4:48 PM]:

Dwayne Bowe with the grown man TD catch. Landry usually brings the wood too

Stephen White [4:47 PM]:

They shouldnt have gone pass happy down in the redzone. Amazing how many teams do that dumb ish

Mark Ennis [4:47 PM]:

I’d let that go

Stephen White [4:47 PM]:

Was basically a double move

Mark Ennis [4:46 PM]:

That wasn’t PI

Stephen White [4:46 PM]:

Looked like a hold but no call

LukeFrom2011 [4:46 PM]:

No PI bud

Stephen White [4:44 PM]:

Kniles Davis is a beast if he doesn’t fumble.

Jeff Gutting [4:43 PM]:

I thought that I was going to get live coverage on this site, but instead all I get is this bull!

Clay Wendler [4:43 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [4:40 PM]:

A million playoff fantasy teams go up in flames in less than two minutes…

Ryan Van Bibber [4:40 PM]:

that’s pretty much the worst thing that could possibly happen for the Chiefs

Stephen White [4:40 PM]:

Uh oh Charles is down hurt

James Dator [4:39 PM]:

Alex Smith just avoided the pass rush, and ran for a big gain. This is not a drill

Stephen White [4:39 PM]:

Alex Smith shook Bethea out his jock smh

Ryan Nanni [4:38 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [4:38 PM]:

that post is for you, @celebrity hot tub

Clay Wendler [4:37 PM]:

a first down omg

Stephen White [4:37 PM]:

Charles off to a good start. Will need to have a HUGE game today for the Chiefs to win

Rodger Sherman [4:37 PM]:


Eagles fans have a frigid, confusing hot tub

This required a lot of coordination. Coordination and bad alcohol.

CedFunches [4:36 PM]:

It’s time for some football. I got the chiefs in this one

limachad [4:33 PM]:


James Dator [4:33 PM]:

In case you have a legit question.

Ryan Nanni [4:33 PM]:

@James Dator That pink goop that you can turn into McNuggets.

James Dator [4:33 PM]:

LukeFrom2011 [4:33 PM]:

Corn, stalk and all

derp ferguson [4:33 PM]:

mayock looking steampunk with that waistcoat

James Dator [4:32 PM]:

(what do they eat in Indiana)?

James Dator [4:31 PM]:

It’s a battle of barbecue, and whatever they eat in Indy!

LukeFrom2011 [4:31 PM]:

it is a completely static city

LukeFrom2011 [4:31 PM]:

Indianapolis never changes

Stephen White [4:30 PM]:

Mike Mayock, eh?

Clay Wendler [4:30 PM]:

i don’t even know who dan hicks is

Ryan Nanni [4:30 PM]:

I still don’t believe the Colts are 11-5. It feels like a typo.

James Dator [4:29 PM]:

Happy playoffs everyone! It feels like it’s been 10 years since we saw the Chiefs win

Ryan Van Bibber [4:29 PM]:

Indianapolis in January looks exactly like Indianapolis in February … who’s ready for the Combine!

limachad [4:29 PM]:

whT is the score

limachad [4:29 PM]:

what is the score?

Clay Wendler [4:28 PM]:

Stephen White [4:28 PM]:

Slobber knockers and snot bubbles, ITS PLAYOFF TIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!

Ryan Van Bibber [4:20 PM]:

hello friends!