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NFL Wild Card Sunday: Live coverage, analysis & more

Join SB Nation's NFL crew for complete coverage of Sunday's Wild Card games, starting with the Chargers at Bengals at 1:00 p.m. ET and continuing through the 49ers at Packers 3:40 p.m. ET.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Van Bibber [8:01 PM]:

thanks for hanging out with us. we’ll back next weekend!

Cheese Pudding [7:55 PM]:

So, we’ll have a Physics Bowl: Newton x Kaepernick

Stephen White [7:46 PM]:

Finally was right about a game lol Gnite folks!

Stephen White [7:46 PM]:

49ers win

Stephen White [7:45 PM]:

Man that was almost blocked

Stephen White [7:45 PM]:

Maybe he likes it on that hash. Hope so for their sake.

Stephen White [7:44 PM]:

Move it to the middle then call the TO

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:

First down. Line up and go

Stephen White [7:42 PM]:

That pump fake made the blitzer jump too. Smart by Kaep

Stephen White [7:42 PM]:

Leaving it to a kicker today in these conditions has to make you uneasy though

Brandon 'B G' Garner [7:41 PM]:

@sgw94 you would be correct.. he was the one at the beginning of the 3rd quarter

Stephen White [7:40 PM]:

Think he hurt his knee earlier. Cant have him trying to catch Kaep

Ryan Van Bibber [7:40 PM]:

Kaep runs are just going to haunt GB forever

Stephen White [7:40 PM]:

55 shouldnt be out there

Stephen White [7:39 PM]:

Got em anyway looked like somebody pulled a hammy

Stephen White [7:38 PM]:

Ugh, dont like that call. Stops the clock

Stephen White [7:38 PM]:

Just pound it then give Kaep a run pass option on third down if necessary

Stephen White [7:35 PM]:

Good patience by Kaep

Stephen White [7:34 PM]:

My goodness Crab is stepping up. Run this down to FG range now

Ryan Nanni [7:33 PM]:


James Dator [7:33 PM]:

Goodness that was close

Stephen White [7:33 PM]:

Yikes, bad decision. Late throw shouldve been a pick

Ryan Van Bibber [7:32 PM]:

don’t quite get the deep shot there

Stephen White [7:31 PM]:

Good yac by Crabtree

Stephen White [7:30 PM]:

They should ride Boldin and Gore this drive. Just keep moving the sticks

Stephen White [7:29 PM]:

Tie game. Lets see if the 49ers can keep the chains moving to win the game here. Damn sure dont want Rodgers to have a shot at winning at the end. Tie at best

icorriher [7:27 PM]:

Interesting to not put Lacy on the field starting with 1st and goal at the 9

Ryan Van Bibber [7:27 PM]:

didn’t know they were allowed to call holding in this game

Stephen White [7:27 PM]:

Finally a holding call

Ryan Van Bibber [7:27 PM]:

ah, holding

Ryan Van Bibber [7:27 PM]:

what’s the flag for?

James Dator [7:26 PM]:

Best wild card weekend ever? It sure feels that way. If only you hadn’t screwed it up, Bengals

Stephen White [7:26 PM]:

Playing with fire losing contain to Rodgers right

Ryan Nanni [7:24 PM]:

Typical Kentucky football talent.

Chris Haines [7:23 PM]:

Man, Aaron Rodgers is pretty good, you guys.

Stephen White [7:23 PM]:

How did Cox miss Rodgers. He was totally unblocked. Shouldve been a fumble but he whiffs

James Dator [7:23 PM]:

Aaron Rodgers is downright unbelievable

Clay Wendler [7:23 PM]:

son of bus

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

Lacy is not playing with em out there.

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

That time Smith was held, no call

Stephen White [7:21 PM]:

Oh man bad drop by Lacy. No idea what Aldon Smith is doing. Should be trying to kill Newhouse

Clay Wendler [7:20 PM]:

Stephen White [7:20 PM]:

Jordy Nelson with the jump cuts

jared.mcnutt.9 [7:19 PM]:

Is it bad that I thought #31 for the Packers was Al Harris?

King in Canada [7:19 PM]:

SF can only score td’s immediately after GB

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

That was tampa 2 and thats about the perfect coverage for that play but….its Vernon Davis

Ryan Van Bibber [7:18 PM]:

4th 10:31
49ers 20
Packers 17

Dimitri Dorlis [7:16 PM]:

@sgw94 nailed it

Stephen White [7:16 PM]:

Just unfair

Ryan Van Bibber [7:15 PM]:

game’s getting chippy now

Stephen White [7:12 PM]:

Grabbed him and PI. Face guarding

Stephen White [7:12 PM]:

Why are the packers still trying to run 2 man?!

Clay Wendler [7:11 PM]:

Stephen White [7:11 PM]:

Big run by Kaep

Stephen White [7:11 PM]:

There it was, bad throw

Stephen White [7:10 PM]:

Id take a shot with Vernon Davis on this drive. Hes been pretty quiet today

Clay Wendler [7:08 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [7:08 PM]:

It’s the Lambeau Finger Roll. IT’S A THING SHUT UP.

Dimitri Dorlis [7:06 PM]:

That Leap attempt

Stephen White [7:06 PM]:

Kuhn with the one inch vertical lol

Clay Wendler [7:06 PM]:

Stephen White [7:06 PM]:

Kuhn in for the TD

Navy_Rebel [7:05 PM]:

Stephen White [7:05 PM]:

Watched it again, thats friggin ridiculous that they didnt throw the flag on that one. I mean blatant as hell and obviously crucial to the play

icorriher [7:04 PM]:

@sgw94 both DBs and OL.

Stephen White [7:03 PM]:

They are definitely “letting em play” today

King in Canada [7:03 PM]:

somebody piss test A-rod

Stephen White [7:03 PM]:

The OLineman tackled 91 off of Rodgers. Gotta call that

Ryan Van Bibber [7:03 PM]:

Aron F’n Football!!

Ryan Nanni [7:03 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [7:02 PM]:

oh man.

Stephen White [7:02 PM]:


Stephen White [7:02 PM]:

You have Rodgers, what in hell is that call?!

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

They just totally let Bowman get hit late. Blindsided eveb

Stephen White [7:00 PM]:

Thought that was a PI. Didnt look like Brock looked back

Ryan Van Bibber [6:59 PM]:

Down goes Hitner!

Clay Wendler [6:59 PM]:

Stephen White [6:57 PM]:

Now Starks rolling too. 49ers defense looks like a dam about to break. Their offense hasnt helped them lately at all

James Dator [6:56 PM]:

Jordy Nelson could be wearing less than any player on the field. I have no clue how he’s doing it

Stephen White [6:55 PM]:

Fell forward at the end for the first down.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:54 PM]:

he cannot be stopped

Stephen White [6:53 PM]:

Kdidisjsmsjsjsnsjsjs Lacy dont hurt em!!!

Stephen White [6:52 PM]:

This three point lead isnt bound to stand. 49ers better get their offense out of neutral

Stephen White [6:51 PM]:

Still dont get all these wide running attempts. Go straight ahead!

icorriher [6:48 PM]:

Old-school rules in effect in the secondary today. Nothing being called.

Stephen White [6:46 PM]:

Then Brooks gets Rodgers. Pass rush coming up huge for the 49ers

Ryan Van Bibber [6:45 PM]:

Rodgers keeps looking for those deep shots

Stephen White [6:45 PM]:

Aldon Smith with the Debo pass rush move. Just shoved the LT out of the way

Ryan Van Bibber [6:44 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Captain D’s does a nice version of that combo platter tho, comes w/ hush puppies

Stephen White [6:44 PM]:

Brooks gave up the edge peeking inside

Ryan Nanni [6:41 PM]:

Timeout → sack is the worst combo platter.

Stephen White [6:40 PM]:

Bad sack by Kaep

Stephen White [6:37 PM]:

Gotta get that call in faster

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

Packers starting to look like the Chiefs yesterday with all these injuries

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

Got cute smh

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

Nice run after the catch by Dixon. Just kept his legs churning

Stephen White [6:33 PM]:

Packers are playing the run better than i thought they would

Stephen White [6:32 PM]:

Crabtree almost got loose there. Wouldve been a footrace

Stephen White [6:31 PM]:

The more Kaep runs the better today imo. Make em respect it then throw it behind them

icorriher [6:28 PM]:

Underthrow + drop. Bad on both ends.

James Dator [6:28 PM]:

Jones should have had that

Stephen White [6:28 PM]:

Risky pass int double coverage but James Jones has to catch that

Stephen White [6:26 PM]:

Lacy got stuck trying to make that cut lol

icorriher [6:25 PM]:

49ers waste so many time outs and take so many delays for a well-coached team. So much motion could be part of it, I guess

Stephen White [6:25 PM]:

Mike Daniels

Ryan Nanni [6:24 PM]:

Stephen White [6:24 PM]:

Or just ignore my advice. Whatevs

Stephen White [6:23 PM]:

49ers need to stay with the run, dont get pass happy

Stephen White [6:22 PM]:

How does that happen?

Ryan Van Bibber [6:13 PM]:

Coastal team 13
Tundra dwellers 10

Ryan Van Bibber [6:11 PM]:

Stephen White [6:06 PM]:

Good and thats the end of the half

Ryan Van Bibber [6:05 PM]:


Frank Gore: NFL Fullback

Wonder if he said “Woop!” at that moment.

Stephen White [6:05 PM]:

Kick the FG

Stephen White [6:04 PM]:

Aldon Smith was grabbing his facemask too

Stephen White [6:03 PM]:

And that penalty will help

Stephen White [6:03 PM]:

Gotta hold em to a FG

James Dator [6:01 PM]:

“quick Jerry” everyone

Ryan Van Bibber [6:01 PM]:

oh my

James Dator [6:00 PM]:

Just five FOX friends hanging out and being silly together

Stephen White [5:59 PM]:

Somebody better cover Jordan Nelson

Stephen White [5:58 PM]:

Coming back

Stephen White [5:56 PM]:

The center had Smith in a front facelock on the ground. That HAS to be illegal

Stephen White [5:55 PM]:

What were rhey doing to Justin Smith on that play?

Stephen White [5:54 PM]:

Gotta gang tackle Lacy lol.

derp ferguson [5:54 PM]:

@James Dator he got a shoutout from lil wayne in his prime at least

jared.mcnutt.9 [5:53 PM]:

@James Dator He’s been consistently solid his whole career, even more so under Harbaugh

jared.mcnutt.9 [5:52 PM]:

Initially picked GB because of the weather factor. But I completely forgot that Kaep had his two best games ever against this Packers D. So…I’m leaning Niners

James Dator [5:51 PM]:

It feels like Frank Gore was born a few years too late. He’s the league’s best running back that never gets mentioned

Clay Wendler [5:50 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:50 PM]:

Dom Capers gonna have some questions to answer if the Packers still can’t figure out the SF option game

Stephen White [5:50 PM]:

Gore with another grown man TD run

James Dator [5:49 PM]:

It will be interesting to see if the Packers scheme heavily toward spying Kaepernick after the big run

Stephen White [5:49 PM]:

Run straight ahead

Ryan Van Bibber [5:48 PM]:

visions of 2013

Ryan Nanni [5:48 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [5:48 PM]:


Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

Kaep getting loose.

Oh No Romo [5:48 PM]:

Big run by Kaep

Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

49ers probably shouldnt have Brooks go inside from their left anymore. Gave up,contain on that TD because of a pass rush game

Clay Wendler [5:47 PM]:

James Dator [5:47 PM]:

A total of five coaches in this game came from the Carolina Panthers at one time, and neither fanbase seems happy with its coaching staff. This seems appropriate

Clay Wendler [5:44 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [5:43 PM]:

2nd 5:50

Ryan Van Bibber [5:43 PM]:

helluva throw there

Stephen White [5:42 PM]:

After all that Green Bay takes a one point lead. Touchdowns not field goals

Stephen White [5:42 PM]:

Nelson with the TD grab

King in Canada [5:42 PM]:

just missed on breaking that up

Ryan Van Bibber [5:40 PM]:

that’s PI half the time

Stephen White [5:40 PM]:

Jerry seems like a pass protection call

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

Lacy is making a huge difference this drive

James Dator [5:38 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber I think he’s the best pocket-adjuster in the NFL (I can’t think of a better phrase)

Ryan Van Bibber [5:37 PM]:

it’s always amazing to see a QB like Rodgers make that extra step to avoid a pass rusher, like a sixth sense

Stephen White [5:37 PM]:

49ers need more push inside

James Dator [5:37 PM]:

I’m not sure if he was the “best” offensive rookie this year, but Eddie Lacy is probably the most important to his team

Ryan Van Bibber [5:36 PM]:

Stephen White [5:35 PM]:

Packers finally getting rolling on offense

Ryan Van Bibber [5:35 PM]:

added benefit of the hurry up offense: warmth

Stephen White [5:34 PM]:

Pass to Kuhn for the first

Stephen White [5:34 PM]:

Lacy with another spin turns a loss into a gain of 2

Clay Wendler [5:33 PM]:

Stephen White [5:31 PM]:

@James Dator yes. And not well lol

Stephen White [5:30 PM]:

Then that happens. Go low next time Kaep

James Dator [5:30 PM]:

@sgw94 Did you ever play in anything like this? If so, how did you handle the cold?

Stephen White [5:30 PM]:


Stephen White [5:29 PM]:

Packers arent foing much in the way of stopping the 49ers except when they get in the redzone

Ryan Nanni [5:29 PM]:

Lambeau Field is the color of sadness.

Rodger Sherman [5:26 PM]:

If you wanted to, you could rob Green Bay of every last cent right now.

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

More of that Kaep

derp ferguson [5:25 PM]:

i think that’s what green bay looks like at noon on a weekday as well

James Dator [5:25 PM]:

I see one car on the road. Where’s the dedication, single person?

Stephen White [5:22 PM]:

Not now!

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:

Run the ball, mannnnnnn

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:

Aldon Smith didnt even know the ball was out

Ryan Nanni [5:17 PM]:

NFL Refs: Nature’s Random Number Generator

Stephen White [5:17 PM]:

Thought that was a delay but if not how is that hot a PI?!

Stephen White [5:14 PM]:

Theyre gonna have a matchup problem with Boldin all day

stell [5:14 PM]:

Anyone, a link for free live stream of game… without a TV account?

Stephen White [5:12 PM]:

With Crab back Boldin is looking even better

Ryan Van Bibber [5:09 PM]:

not easy to run on the 49ers, but they can’t give that up too quickly

Stephen White [5:08 PM]:

Hasnt worked so far though

Stephen White [5:08 PM]:

I thought they would feed Lacy early.

stell [5:08 PM]:

someone, please, tell me how to watch the game online free live stream. i’ve been trying to for 1/2 hour. :-(

jkrdevil [5:07 PM]:

Ed hoculi is going to rob a 7-11 after the game

Oh No Romo [5:07 PM]:

Ooooh, bad punt

Ryan Van Bibber [5:07 PM]:

@DMackey Fox is showing it on their website, i believe

Stephen White [5:06 PM]:

Another 3 and out for the Pack

Stephen White [5:06 PM]:

Packers look tight so far on offense

Stephen White [5:05 PM]:

Credit the whole DLine on that sacked. They all worked well together. Coverage helped too of course

DMackey [5:02 PM]:

Where can I watch the game on-line?

Ryan Nanni [5:00 PM]:

1st 9:00

James Dator [4:59 PM]:

This Packers defense might not be the most talented from top to bottom, but they’re deep

Stephen White [4:59 PM]:

Big breakup by house

Stephen White [4:58 PM]:

Gotta make those plays when you get a chance. They usually dont come often in these kinda games

Oh No Romo [4:56 PM]:

[Mike Martz timeout joke here]

Stephen White [4:55 PM]:

What a play call and what execution on 4th and 6 this early in the game

Navy_Rebel [4:55 PM]:

Wow. Just Wow.

Stephen White [4:55 PM]:

Big brass ones…

Stephen White [4:54 PM]:

Kaep can’t do that. Gore mightve been wrong but still

Oh No Romo [4:54 PM]:

Frozen beer!

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

Crab and Kaep working well together early

Oh No Romo [4:52 PM]:

@sgw94 Good call on Crabtree. Third catch today.

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

Close play by Crab. That would have been a huge momentum shift

Ryan Nanni [4:47 PM]:

this looks MISERABLE to run on.

Stephen White [4:47 PM]:

That will be a huge loss for the Packers

Stephen White [4:46 PM]:

And there is Crab with his first catch for 14 yards

Stephen White [4:45 PM]:

Nice run by Gore to start if off for the 49ers

Stephen White [4:45 PM]:

I think Crabtree gets loose today

Oh No Romo [4:44 PM]:

Harbaugh thought twice about challenging.

Stephen White [4:44 PM]:


Stephen White [4:44 PM]:

Didnt get it

James Dator [4:38 PM]:

@Clay Wendler The cheek puff was a beautiful touch, Clay

Clay Wendler [4:38 PM]:

Oh No Romo [4:27 PM]:

@Clay Wendler I’m not sure what to think.

lougagliardi [4:26 PM]:

Doesn’t matter, Rivers won’t be able to beat the Denver Mannings anyway

Clay Wendler [4:26 PM]:

derp ferguson [4:23 PM]:

@jared.mcnutt.9 gotcha, that makes sense. i’m not a bengals fan but i wouldnt want them to reach for someone in the late 1st round, when all the stellar QBs are long gone

jared.mcnutt.9 [4:18 PM]:

@derp ferguson I think they can get someone like Mettenburger or Murray. Those guys won’t play at all next season because of their injuries. But either of them could develop and become a starter

Stephen White [4:17 PM]:

I don’t think ive picked a game correctly so far smh

derp ferguson [4:16 PM]:

does marvin lewis even want to keep coaching in Cincy? it has to just be about the financial security at this point

Stephen White [4:14 PM]:

LOL at the hot mic

Stephen White [4:13 PM]:

@matthew_k maybe even someone higher if im them

lougagliardi [4:13 PM]:

You know, at this rate, the cincinnati bengals might as well be disqualified from the NFL Playoffs automatically. Maybe we should replace them with the Charlie Strong led Louis…oh…too soon?

Clay Wendler [4:12 PM]:

lougagliardi [4:12 PM]:

What a shocker. Cincy chokes in the first round again. #gosteelers

Stephen White [4:11 PM]:

In bounds please. Id take my chances with Green on those

Matthew Kenerly [4:11 PM]:

Would the Bengals take a flier on Mettenberger or Murray if they slip?

Clay Wendler [4:10 PM]:

Clay Wendler [4:10 PM]:

Stephen White [4:10 PM]:


James Dator [4:09 PM]:

@sgw94 No, I don’t. Reminded me of Dalton with more of an arm at NC State. Too slow to pull the trigger on deep passe

tmoseley20 [4:08 PM]:

@jared.mcnutt.9 They should, they’ll never get past the first round with Dalton. He gets exposed in the playoffs every year

derp ferguson [4:08 PM]:

@jared.mcnutt.9 are there any decent QBs projected to fall to the 2nd round? They’re 25th in the 1st round so I doubt they’d go QB there

Stephen White [4:08 PM]:

Anybody think Mike Glennon will ever be as good let alone better than Dalton?

Matthew Kenerly [4:07 PM]:

Not a Chargers fan, but I do enjoy Philip Rivers histrionics

jared.mcnutt.9 [4:06 PM]:

Does Cincy take a QB somewhere in the draft?

James Dator [4:05 PM]:

Fun, rather

James Dator [4:05 PM]:

This weekend is run, especially seeing Ronnie Brown score a touchdown

Stephen White [4:05 PM]:

Fitting end to this one

Oh No Romo [4:05 PM]:

@Run Home Jack It’s 2005 and Tommy Tuberville is sitting next to you.

Stephen White [4:05 PM]:

How does AJ Green not see a pass that last set of downs?!

Oh No Romo [4:04 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [4:04 PM]:

Ronnie Brown long touchdown run OH GOD WHAT YEAR IS IT

Matthew Kenerly [4:04 PM]:

insult to injury now

Stephen White [4:02 PM]:


Stephen White [4:02 PM]:

Throw. It. Up. To. Green.

Chris Haines [4:02 PM]:

Sweet hands there

Stephen White [4:01 PM]:

Throw it away mannnnn

Brett Stover [4:01 PM]:

You can’t get sacked there.

Stephen White [4:00 PM]:

Great awareness and run by Jones there

Stephen White [4:00 PM]:

Good chunk play to start off the drive

Stephen White [3:59 PM]:

Ans by here of course i meant on the last drive in general, not on 4th down

Stephen White [3:58 PM]:

Wait, mathews is healthy and they arent using him here? WTF?!

Stephen White [3:57 PM]:

When they get back on offense

Stephen White [3:57 PM]:

Gotta score fast. Throw it up to Green

Stephen White [3:56 PM]:

McClain can run the ball too. Id use him some at the end to close it out if im the Chargers

Ryan Van Bibber [3:55 PM]:

or the Broncos will just have 50 points by the 3rd

Ryan Van Bibber [3:55 PM]:

A San Diego/Denver rematch could be pretty interesting next week

Stephen White [3:54 PM]:

These dummies still almost gave up a deep ball with double coverage. Sheesh

Clay Wendler [3:54 PM]:

Brett Stover [3:53 PM]:

Andy Dalton doesn’t want to win anymore.

Stephen White [3:52 PM]:

Three man rush and theyre off the field

Clay Wendler [3:52 PM]:

Stephen White [3:52 PM]:

Always come away after watching Bengals feeling like Gresham is criminally under used

Stephen White [3:51 PM]:

Got a LB playing man on a slot WR. STOP BLITZING

Stephen White [3:50 PM]:

Man what is San Diego doing?!

Stephen White [3:49 PM]:

Good play on the ball in AJ’s hands by Stuckey though

Oh No Romo [3:49 PM]:

Brett Stover [3:49 PM]:


Matthew Kenerly [3:49 PM]:

AJ, no!

Stephen White [3:49 PM]:

Soooooo close. Man AJ usually doesnt drop those

Ryan Van Bibber [3:48 PM]:

Turning point so far: Dalton’s 3Q fumble, his first TO?

Stephen White [3:47 PM]:

Keep feeding Gio if youre smart

Stephen White [3:46 PM]:

What was that?

Stephen White [3:46 PM]: ingram listed as 6’1" on and im pretty sure he stopped growing after the combine lol

Stephen White [3:43 PM]:

Punt man

Matt Conner [3:43 PM]:

Ingram is listed at 6’2

Brett Stover [3:42 PM]:


Clay Wendler [3:41 PM]:

derp ferguson [3:40 PM]:

@sgw94 banks aren’t doing subprime anymore

Stephen White [3:39 PM]:

If ingram were five inches taller the Chargers would have to take out a lien against their franchise to afford him a couple years from now. Dude is crazy athletic but…short

Oh No Romo [3:38 PM]:

Two steps forward…interception?

Ryan Van Bibber [3:38 PM]:

gonna be a long offseason in Cincy

Stephen White [3:38 PM]:

Nice drop by Ingram

Mark Ennis [3:38 PM]:

Holy moly what a stupid throw

Brett Stover [3:38 PM]:


Stephen White [3:38 PM]:

See, toldja

tmoseley20 [3:38 PM]:

Oh my god

Ryan Van Bibber [3:38 PM]:


Stephen White [3:35 PM]:

These are gimmies. Stay in zone!

Stephen White [3:35 PM]:

Not sure id man blitz again if i were the Chargers till Dalton shows he can make a bunch of throws in a row

James Dator [3:32 PM]:

Four quarterbacks with three years or less experience play(ed) this weekend. There’s a chance Andrew Luck is the only one to finish with a win

Ryan Van Bibber [3:31 PM]:

just think of all the money Mike Brown saved on Andy Dalton though

Mark Ennis [3:31 PM]:

Bengals have time for two, at the most three, more turnovers.

Stephen White [3:31 PM]:

Seems as if the Bengals have fooled us again

Brett Stover [3:29 PM]:

That was an important stop there. #hotsportstakes

Navy_Rebel [3:28 PM]:

Stephen White [3:27 PM]:

Way too much room inside on that draw. Someone has to protect an A gap.

tmoseley20 [3:27 PM]:

Andy Dalton is doing a solid Blaine Gabbert impression today

Clay Wendler [3:27 PM]:

holy crap dj fluker landed on woodhead

Clay Wendler [3:26 PM]:

the chargers don’t even have a good defense, andy is so bad

Clay Wendler [3:25 PM]:

Stephen White [3:24 PM]:

Man the Bengals were sending the house. Best delay ever

seattle_since_81 [3:24 PM]:

Rivers shrugged to the sideline after that play. His reactions are the best.

Stephen White [3:24 PM]:

Not smart Harrison

Cyd Zeigler [3:23 PM]:

Sadly I have to head out to a pool party now. Watching the rest on tape delay. 80 degrees > football

Stephen White [3:23 PM]:


Stephen White [3:22 PM]:

Nobody blocked the DT. Wow

Ryan Van Bibber [3:22 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [3:22 PM]:

Now THAT was Bad Dalton.

Stephen White [3:22 PM]:

Still cant throw that pick

Ryan Nanni [3:22 PM]:


Stephen White [3:22 PM]:

Couldnt there obviously. Everybody was free

tmoseley20 [3:21 PM]:

Andy Dalton….

Stephen White [3:21 PM]:

Seems to me Dalton should be climbing the pocket. Os drifting and helping the Chargers pass rush

Mark Ennis [3:20 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Yeah. Gonna get ugly.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:19 PM]:

@Mark Ennis supposed to snow too, isn’t it?

Mark Ennis [3:18 PM]:

It’s beginning to rain in Cincinnati now. Weather is about to be ridiculous. It’s 52 in Louisville right now (90 miles away) and going to be 0 degrees by midnight.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:17 PM]:

Stephen White [3:17 PM]:

Twas almost a lateral

Stephen White [3:16 PM]:

What was that Phillip?!

Stephen White [3:15 PM]:

Not a great series for Carlos Dunlap. He has to get down the line

Ryan Van Bibber [3:15 PM]:

Rookie of the Year

Stephen White [3:14 PM]:

Keenan Allen is so good

King in Canada [3:14 PM]:

nice PA, route confusion

King in Canada [3:13 PM]:


Stephen White [3:13 PM]:

Dunlap has to make that play. That was his gap

Stephen White [3:12 PM]:

Think Johnson got the wind knocked out of him hitting the turf

Ryan Van Bibber [3:11 PM]:

3rd 5:51
Future L.A. franchise 14
Bad Andy Dalton 10

Mark Ennis [3:10 PM]:

I’m blaming this on his rubber wedding ring.

Clay Wendler [3:09 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [3:08 PM]:

Andy Dalton is not Alex Smith

Stephen White [3:07 PM]:

You big dummy

tmoseley20 [3:07 PM]:

Oh no

James Dator [3:07 PM]:

Oh Andy…

Stephen White [3:07 PM]:

What in the

Stephen White [3:07 PM]:

lougagliardi [3:07 PM]:

Personally, as a Steelers fan, I hope the Bungles choke. It will bring me great joy.

Stephen White [3:06 PM]:

Bad Andy is back

Stephen White [3:05 PM]:

What in hell was that Dalton?!?!

Clay Wendler [3:05 PM]:

andy no

Clay Wendler [3:03 PM]:

Stephen White [3:02 PM]:

Got em coach

Stephen White [3:01 PM]:

That puts so much oressure on the safeties. Gotta protect Gates over the top

Stephen White [3:01 PM]:

Four verticals

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

Too much time

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

Bengals dont really need to blitz with the way their ends are pass rushing.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:56 PM]:

Stephen White [2:56 PM]:

I think he was touched

Ryan Van Bibber [2:55 PM]:

Chargers going no-huddle now

Stephen White [2:55 PM]:

My god King Dunlap got run over by Johnson. Right into Rivers

Stephen White [2:54 PM]:

Mathews has looked good all game. Maybe should feed him more. As he runs off the field

lougagliardi [2:54 PM]:

I’m surprised the Bungles haven’t choked and lost this game in the second quarter myself.

lougagliardi [2:53 PM]:

wow..cowher looks bad. almost like the guys to the right to him are sucking all the life out of him, especially former bungles QB Eiasion.

Stephen White [2:53 PM]:

Bengals dont get much of anything going to start the half and have to punt

Ryan Van Bibber [2:52 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [2:48 PM]:

Bengals have outscored their opponents in the fourth quarter at home this season, 71-17. Only two teams — the Colts and Patriots — have scored on them in Cincy in the 4th quarter.

Tubiathan [2:47 PM]:

Any explanation why spikes aren’t snaps?

Oh No Romo [2:46 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:44 PM]:

@Run Home Jack that’s not even one pass per Rivers child

Ryan Van Bibber [2:44 PM]:

Win probability still favors Bengals, 76%

Ryan Nanni [2:44 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber San Diego throws more than 6 passes. Bold, I know.

Cyd Zeigler [2:41 PM]:

Because in baseball, the manager doesn’t have to think about much. ;-)

Ryan Van Bibber [2:41 PM]:

predictions for the second half?

Brandon 'B G' Garner [2:35 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler yeah they only seem to work well with Baseball.. which makes sense i guess…

Cyd Zeigler [2:34 PM]:

These quick chats with the coach are such a waste. They never ask a good question, and they never get a good answer.

Brandon 'B G' Garner [2:33 PM]:

@sgw94 ahh I see now, certainly weird but goodness…

Ryan Nanni [2:33 PM]:

2nd 0:00

Stephen White [2:33 PM]:

FG is good nonetheless

Jake Lear [2:33 PM]:

Weird, so they just didnt count the spike play, 1st and 10 on that FG

Stephen White [2:33 PM]:

The spike technically never happened

Brandon 'B G' Garner [2:32 PM]:

this was so unnecessary…. lol

Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

12 seconds when he went out

Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

Gotta change the clock tho

Jake Lear [2:32 PM]:

yeah, unless there is some special provision for spike formation, i don’t see how that could have even been reviewed

Stephen White [2:31 PM]:

Five really counting the one out of bounds

Brandon 'B G' Garner [2:31 PM]:

but like Jake said, why are we even here if he clocked it? will they replace the time on the clock then?

Stephen White [2:31 PM]:

Dude if its incomplete after four steps with the ball something is wrong

Brandon 'B G' Garner [2:30 PM]:

but if you have to control to the ground then its incomplete

Brandon 'B G' Garner [2:30 PM]:

@Jake Lear i wondered that myself

Jake Lear [2:30 PM]:

isnt clocking it technically another play

Jake Lear [2:30 PM]:

How are they able to review this after he clocked it?

Ryan Nanni [2:29 PM]:

Nothing is real.

Stephen White [2:29 PM]:

Four or five steps with the ball in his hands

Cyd Zeigler [2:29 PM]:

New Jeff Triplette drinking game: A shot for every time the NFL wants to review a play.

ian.barrett.9 [2:29 PM]:

I think gresham got it

Stephen White [2:29 PM]:

Yeah thats a catch

Stephen White [2:28 PM]:

Did Gresham complete that catch?

Ryan Van Bibber [2:27 PM]:

lotta ball game left

Stephen White [2:27 PM]:

That screen had a chance too

Stephen White [2:27 PM]:

Dalton with the courageous throw. Got blasted but completed it to Green

Stephen White [2:26 PM]:

Ingram didnt force that. Dalton just drifted to his right

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Bengals have enough time to score at least a FG

Cyd Zeigler [2:24 PM]:

What is Simms talking about with these timeouts? Last night the team that used TOs early – the Saints – won the game. Sometimes I think there’s a 5th grader feeding him talking points.

Stephen White [2:24 PM]:

James Harrison sniffs out the draw right away

Oh No Romo [2:23 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber A lot of daylight left

Stephen White [2:22 PM]:

Nice play by Gilberry beating the combo block

Ryan Van Bibber [2:22 PM]:

most frightening of all, Triplette’s batting 1.000 so far today

Ryan Van Bibber [2:21 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler good point.

Cyd Zeigler [2:21 PM]:

“he was running when he fumbled it … why is there even a question” Because they don’t want Triplett screwing up another big call.

Clay Wendler [2:18 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:17 PM]:

he was running when he fumbled it … why is there even a question

Clay Wendler [2:17 PM]:

Stephen White [2:17 PM]:

Thats a fumble. Made a football move turning around imo. But i was wrong on the first review soooo

Stephen White [2:17 PM]:

Better throw and maybe he scores. Dalton should have led him

Cyd Zeigler [2:16 PM]:

Saw that coming. Didn’t tuck the ball. #Rookie

Stephen White [2:16 PM]:

Gio with the fumble smh. Nice route too

Ryan Van Bibber [2:14 PM]:

marvin jones can make some sweet catches

Stephen White [2:14 PM]:

If 31 is gonna line up that far off the WR he CAN’T get beat deep!

Cyd Zeigler [2:13 PM]:

Now gotta pray the zebras don’t overturn it.

Cyd Zeigler [2:13 PM]:

That play said a lot.

Stephen White [2:12 PM]:

Woooooo that throw and catch

Cyd Zeigler [2:12 PM]:

You get a pick, 3 minutes left, now face 1st & 20. This is where we see what this team is made of…

Stephen White [2:12 PM]:

Ingram showing up today

Stephen White [2:10 PM]:

Ruled a catch

Clay Wendler [2:10 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:10 PM]:

this is Jeff Triplette’s time to shine

Stephen White [2:08 PM]:

Not sire thats a catch. Ball moved when he hit the ground and he was out right after that

Stephen White [2:08 PM]:

They might want to start helping Fluker or its gonna be a long day in the passing game for the Chargers

Ryan Nanni [2:07 PM]:

Just leaving a little room for the Holy Spirit on that dive.

Stephen White [2:06 PM]:

Dunlap got around him again. Rivers mobility is so underrated

Stephen White [2:06 PM]:

Dunlap ismgetting the best of Fluker so far. Got held

Stephen White [2:05 PM]:

Thats not a sprint

Stephen White [2:04 PM]:

Might be James Harrison time. More likely they plug in Rey though i guess

Ryan Nanni [2:02 PM]:

(courtesy of Mike Tunison)

Ryan Nanni [2:02 PM]:

Stephen White [2:01 PM]:

Kinda wonder of ingram’s hit didnt help Dalton complete that pass. Ball came out soft so Gresham could adjust to it while it was in the air.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:00 PM]:

2nd 5:59
Bolo ties 7
Mike Brown’s ATM 7

Clay Wendler [1:59 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [1:58 PM]:

Crazy that was his first playoff TD pass. Only took 9.5 quarters…

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

No idea what left tackle was doing. Ingram beat him clean.

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

Great Dalton shows up. Nice pass rush by Ingram but Dalton still gets it to Gresham for the TD

Oh No Romo [1:56 PM]:

How did that…

Cyd Zeigler [1:56 PM]:

You know what? That’s good enough for me.

Ryan Nanni [1:56 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Because then Notre Dame fans would be right.

Cyd Zeigler [1:55 PM]:

Why don’t NFL refs ever call “helping the runner”? It should be a penalty.

Stephen White [1:55 PM]:

Big boy run

Stephen White [1:54 PM]:

Here comes Gio

Cyd Zeigler [1:54 PM]:

That was a great-designed, well-executed screen.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:54 PM]:

that was a nice screen pass

Stephen White [1:54 PM]:

Nice play call on that screen

Ryan Van Bibber [1:53 PM]:

@Oh No Romo sans pantalones!

Stephen White [1:53 PM]:

Law firm with the first down pick up

Oh No Romo [1:52 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Pants Party at Paul Brown Stadium?

Ryan Van Bibber [1:51 PM]:

Clay Wendler [1:51 PM]:

Clay Wendler [1:51 PM]:

gut bombs!

Stephen White [1:47 PM]:

Pass sailed high and behind Keenan Allen. Maybe the wind is a factor?

Ryan Nanni [1:47 PM]:

Ok, that Philip Rivers pass was DEFINITELY Bad Dalton.

Clay Wendler [1:47 PM]:

Clay Wendler [1:45 PM]:

i like to think andy was sired by timothy dalton, the worst bond

Ryan Van Bibber [1:43 PM]:

Chris Simms praising the zone read by Dalton … same guy who says it won’t work in the NFL

Cyd Zeigler [1:43 PM]:

Mmmmmm – not sure that was Bad Dalton. That’s a very tough throw without a guy in your face. Trying to throw it around a guy chasing you, to a moving RB – just tough.

Ryan Nanni [1:43 PM]:

Marvin Lewis is so B1G he should be made of bratwurst.

Stephen White [1:42 PM]:

And there is Bad Dalton

Stephen White [1:42 PM]:

For the zone read to be “dead” we sure have seen it quite a bit so far in the playoffs. Prisco’s head must be about to explode

Ryan Van Bibber [1:41 PM]:

Ginger Avenger in the read option! <3

Stephen White [1:38 PM]:

Nice effort by Gio for the first down. Teo has to hate spin moves from running backs at this point lol

Ryan Van Bibber [1:36 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [1:32 PM]:

1st 0:48

Ryan Van Bibber [1:32 PM]:

The Newsboy always delivers on Sunday

Stephen White [1:31 PM]:

Boley over ran the play. Has to be patient and wait backside for the cutback

Stephen White [1:30 PM]:

Nice cutback by Woodhead for the TD

Cyd Zeigler [1:30 PM]:

Missed tackles & dropped interceptions: I wish there was a stat for these. They tell the story of the outcome of games better than anything else.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:30 PM]:

oh no Rivers

Stephen White [1:29 PM]:

Busted play

Stephen White [1:29 PM]:

Oh man what a play by Rivers avoiding Dunlap and dropping it in a bucket to Woodhead

Ryan Van Bibber [1:29 PM]:


Chargers C Nick Hardwick being looked at by trainers

Hardwick walked off the field on his own power and was seen talking to medical officials on the sideline, likely for concussion tests.

Stephen White [1:28 PM]:

First down

Oh No Romo [1:28 PM]:

@Run Home Jack It is a good field goal drive.

Ryan Nanni [1:27 PM]:

Pretty pumped for this drive to inevitably end with a field goal, though.

Ryan Nanni [1:24 PM]:

San Diego’s so good at these long, time-eating drives – they lead the NFL in drives of 10+ plays with 39 this year.

Stephen White [1:23 PM]:

I like the mix of run and pass so far for the Chargers. Losing Hardwick will hurt though. Hopefully he wont be out long

campfirebot [1:22 PM]:

I too would like to know if this sb nation show game

Chrisbuck [1:21 PM]:

New to sb ,is this showing game?

Ryan Nanni [1:21 PM]:

I have a feeling that CBS graphic showing the Chargers beating Oakland in Week 16 and Week 17 is inaccurate.

Stephen White [1:21 PM]:

Ronnie Brown just keeps chugging along. Good for him

Chrisbuck [1:21 PM]:

Does this sb nation show game.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:19 PM]:

@sgw94 how have they covered up w/out Atkins so well?

Cyd Zeigler [1:19 PM]:

A rookie returning punts for the Chargers in the playoffs. Hmmmmm. That could be interesting to watch…

Stephen White [1:18 PM]:

Both teams forced to punt on their first drive. Gotta wonder when the loss of Geno Atkins will show up. Bengals have done well covering up for it but it has to catch up to them at some point, right?

Ryan Nanni [1:18 PM]:

I’ve said it before, but Andy Dalton-Philip Rivers is the youth groupiest QB showdown.

Cyd Zeigler [1:16 PM]:

First three pass attempts by Dalton: Overthrown, complete, batted down.

Stephen White [1:16 PM]:

Melvin Ingram has gotten better the last few weeks. Keeps having injury scares though. I want to see him pass rush today

Cyd Zeigler [1:14 PM]:

BJGE has playoff experience. I like this. Put the ball in his hands, settle down Dalton and the offense.

Stephen White [1:13 PM]:

Not that he sucks, but Gio is special

Stephen White [1:13 PM]:

I am still amazed that the Bengals start BJGE over Gio

CJane87 [1:12 PM]:

@Celebrity Hot Tub he’s got orbitz it’ll be fine

Cyd Zeigler [1:12 PM]:

Bengals point differential is +141 at home … and -16 on the road. That’s crazy.

Stephen White [1:10 PM]:

Not sure who Dunlap thought had the blitzer with Woodhead lined up on the opposite side

ajkst1 [1:10 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Mike Brown wants to know about bus fares instead of charter flights.

Stephen White [1:10 PM]:

Bengals blitz and get to rivers. Nice disguise

Ryan Van Bibber [1:09 PM]:

Danny Woodhead,, packs his lunch, delivers on Sunday

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

Mathews could be the key today. Has been a beast the second half of the season

gleeker8 [1:06 PM]:

at least jeff triplette knows what a touchback is

Oh No Romo [1:03 PM]:

Whoa hey, more playoff football!

PikesPeakUC [1:02 PM]:

@CelebrityHotTub To be fair, we’re not even sure Mike Brown is among the living anymore, so it’s hard for him to be excited about anything.

Ryan Nanni [1:02 PM]:

@CJane87 Mike Brown is not excited about all the potential travel costs associated with the playoffs.

Cyd Zeigler [1:01 PM]:

Dalton is Jekyll & Hyde – Jekyll at home, Hyde on the road.

CJane87 [12:59 PM]:

the bengals last won a playoff game when i was 3. i am now 26. i would like this to happen.

Ryan Nanni [12:58 PM]:

@sgw94 I bet we get both.

Stephen White [12:57 PM]:

Oh and goooood playoff football afternoon!

Stephen White [12:57 PM]:

Good Dalton or Bad Dalton today?

Ryan Nanni [12:56 PM]:

Ok, I’ve showered. Screw your blogger stereotypes.

Ryan Van Bibber [12:56 PM]:

Jeff Triplette time!

Ryan Nanni [12:56 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [12:55 PM]:

Ha. Sports on the West Coast is the best. You get up and the games start right away — and no turning off SNF or MNF because of work the next day.

Ryan Nanni [12:54 PM]:

This is my first time watching a 1:00 game on west coast time. It’s extremely disorienting.

Cyd Zeigler [12:53 PM]:

I hope today’s games measure up to yesterday! But I have the feeling the Bengals will win by double digits.

Ryan Van Bibber [12:52 PM]:

hi everyone!