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The Unrewarded

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Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Here's an All-Star team made up of the best players who never:

a) Played for a World Series champion.
b) Won an MVP or Cy Young award.
c) Won election to the Hall of Fame.

Oh, they played on All-Star teams and won Gold Gloves and such. But let's face it: In baseball's hierarchy of awards, MVPs are the Oscars, and Gold Gloves are the Grammys.

Adrian Beltre is still active, of course, and may yet fulfill one or all three criteria to get kicked off this team. And Tim Raines will surely be inducted into the Hall someday, right? (RIGHT?!?!) [Edit: Raines won a ring with the '96 and '98 Yankees.] Otherwise, I think these gents have received all the rewards they'll ever get, save for being on this list.

Pos Player WAR Notes
C Ted Simmons 50.3 Hit .303/.383/.483 with 138 OPS+ from 1975-80.
1B Rafael Palmeiro 71.8 Grace in '90s: 121 OPS+. Palmeiro: 139. Cubs made the wrong trade.
2B Bobby Grich 70.1 Was a rookie on '70 WS champs, but didn't play in postseason. Not counting it!
3B Adrian Beltre 70.7 Maybe he'll get his ring this year. He's five years younger than you think.
SS Jim Fregosi 48.6 Managed these guys. What's Kruk wearing around his ankles?
LF Bob Johnson
57.2 Bad luck: He never played for a team that came within 11 games of winning a pennant.
CF Kenny Lofton 67.9 Failed to reach 5 percent in his first year of Hall eligibility. Crazy.
RF Dwight Evans 66.9 They elected the wrong Red Sox outfielder.

SP Rick Reuschel 68.2 Hit 4 triples and stole 3 stolen bases in his career, which a lot for a pitcher.
SP Luis Tiant 65.9 Started Game Six. Wasn't brilliant, but was in rest of postseason.
SP Tommy John 62.2 5 years before surgery: 1056 IP, 113 ERA+; 5 years after: 1182 IP, 121 ERA+.
SP Chuck Finley 58.4 Best LHP of the '90s, after Randy Johnson and Tom Glavine.