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Ohio State-Penn State refs make 2 obviously wrong calls in OSU's favor

Penn State already has a bit of an uphill battle to fight with No. 13 Ohio State coming to town, and the refs aren't helping.

On the first PSU drive, the refs awarded this play as an interception to Buckeye defensive back Vonn Bell, even though the ball hit the turf on the way down. Quarterback Christian Hackenberg faced heavy pressure off the right side of the offensive line -- not exactly a rarity in the 2014 season -- and was never able to step into the throw, resulting in the underthrown pass.


via ABC

It was upheld after review due to a lack of indisputable evidence to overturn, giving Ohio State the ball at the PSU 39, although almost nobody agreed with the actual call itself.

Seven plays later, the Buckeyes would take a 7-0 lead behind Ezekiel Elliott's 10-yard scamper into the end zone.

But the refs didn't stop there -- the next Ohio State points also came on a poor refereeing call, as they allowed a 49 yard field goal attempt to come several seconds after the playclock had already expired. Take a look for yourself.



Update: The officials' explanations after the game: