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UMass' dedication to losing is unparalleled

UMass now owns the nation's longest losing streak in FBS. They own this because they managed to lose to Miami (OH), a team that was on a 21-game losing streak, the longest in the nation coming into the game. It was a battle of teams that are really good at losing and really bad at winning -- UMass' only win last year was over Miami (OH).

It's not just that UMass lost 42-41.It's not even that UMass gave up 28 unanswered points. It's how UMass managed to lose the game on the last play, becoming the active losing leader, that's just impressive.

After driving all the way down to the Miami 6, all UMass needed to do was spike the dang ball and kick a field goal that was barely longer than an extra point. That's it. Just a short field goal to get out with a win.

But nope! Instead they did this.

Oh, honey. You were doing so well.