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Timbers' letter gives fans permission to root for rival Sounders

It appears that despite recieving an amusing permission letter from their club, Timbers fans still won't root for the Sounders this weekend, even if it helps their team's playoff chances.

Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson has given fans of his team permission to root for the Seattle Sounders on Saturday.

The Timbers are two points clear of the Whitecaps for the final spot in the 2014 MLS playoffs, but the Whitecaps have one game in hand. If the Timbers are going to make the postseason for the second straight season, they're gonna need some help.

Maybe it's just me, but creating a fake permission letter for your fans to root for a rival against another rival seems like ... trying too hard.

Whatever the case, the responses to this letter have been varied.

Some Timbers fans are on-board, but the fast majority on social media appear to be unwilling to cheer for Seattle.

Sounders fans just seem to be amused.

This tweet from Ives Garcalep, made before the permission letter appeared, was already drawing negative responses from Timbers fans.

Don't believe me?