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Nelson Cruz finding 5 years hard to come by

Is history doomed to repeat itself following Cruz's second five-year demand in two years?

Jamie Squire

Nelson Cruz's demands for a five-year deal are causing some problems for his suitors, per Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Before you ask, this isn't a repeat of last year's headlines, it's just history repeating itself. Circumstances are different considering that last year Cruz was coming off a suspension due to involvement in the BioGenesis scandal and this year he led the league in home runs, but he could once again struggle to see a market develop while expecting five years, on top of the draft pick he's going to cost teams.

Adding to Cafardo's note that the Baltimore Orioles are unwilling to talk about a five-year deal, ESPN's Buster Olney says they're content to wait out his talks with other teams while standing behind their existing three-year offer.

Cruz's 40 home run season was his career high, though it's not purely an aberration, since the slugger has rarely struggled to produce in his career. Where he has struggled is in remaining healthy and on the field. His 27 home runs in 456 plate appearances in 2013 would have resulted in 40 home runs had he received the 678 plate appearances he made in 2014. On the risk side, Cruz has never played in a non-hitters park and is an atrocious defender in the outfield, something teams are likely using to bargain down both his years and price.