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FanDuel tips and advice, Week 12: What we can learn from Week 11 successes and failures

The best tips and advice for FanDuel strategy frequently comes from previous week successes and failures. Today, we take a look at Week 11, and see what we can learn.

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With one week in the books, we'll look back at the successes and failures of our FanDuel experiment.

My inaugural FanDuel game exposed a brand new way of fantasy losing. I thought I had covered all my bases on that front, but, as the 1 p.m. games got underway, I saw a big shiny No.1 next to my entry. Jamaal Charles' devastation of the Seahawks propelled my team to the top of the SB Nation league, and for the first round of games I thought I had started my FanDuel experience with a victory.

Alas, no luck. I watched as the gap shrunk with each passing game, eventually ceding the lead after Antonio Gates decided to take the week off. I did manage to finish fifth, earning a tidy $15 on my first time playing.

Let's take a look at what went well and what went poorly.


Jamaal Charles: 28.8 points on $8,700 - Worth every penny, Charles carved up Seattle to the tune of 178 yards and two touchdowns. With the average RB score around 11.12 points for the season, Charles's exceptional production was worth the heftier salary.

Brandon Marshall: 24.5 points on $7.100 - Underpriced thanks to his ankle injuries, Marshall turned in a 7 catch, 90 yard, two-touchdown performance that showcased the horrifying size of the Bears wide receivers. I shed a single tear every time I see Alshon Jeffrey or Marshall toss around a tiny DB and bail out Hay Cutler -- why, oh why, couldn't Stephen Hill do the same thing for Geno Smith?

Jordan Matthews: 19.2 points on $5,500 - I refuse to believe that my "Mark Sanchez Throws Mainly Jump Balls" theorem was incorrect. 19.2 points against a $5,500 salary gives Matthews two straight weeks of solid value with the Sanchize at QB. With the Titans on deck, Matthews should offer another game of affordable production.

Phil Dawson: 11 points on $5,000 - While kickers can be a total crapshoot, Dawson's 11 points exceed the kicker average of 8.8 points. I don't believe that kicker production is predictable, but it does give the impression that investing minimally in the position can reap decent dividends.


Robert Griffin III: 14.38 points on $7,400 - At first, I thought the damage done by an ineffective Washington offense would doom my week. However, a look through salary averages proves that I only lost a slight return on my investment. RG3 scored roughly 93% of his position's year-long average, while his salary was almost exactly the average cost of a quarterback. A 93% return is decent enough, but it does put a lot of pressure on the higher-ticket players to perform beyond projections.

Antonio Gates: 4.67 at $6,700 - Here is the biggest flop of my week. Averaging the top 15 TEs, the position scores roughly 9.5 points a week-a number skewed slightly by the dominance of the top tier, but illustrative nonetheless. With the top 15 TE salaries at $6,260, Gates was more expensive but woefully underproductive.

Reader that Beat Me

This week, our more skilled player is none other than my good friend Devin, who has been the thorn in my fantasy football side since we were 10 years old. Devin is a Vikings fan from New Jersey who, as a kid, picked his team solely to solidify his rivalry with another friend, who was rooting for the Packers. (The Jets had very little pull in 1996.)

His team pulled ahead after the late Gronk Smash.  As promised in the prior article, I'll give him the floor.

"Feels so good that my fantasy football dominance over you is being displayed in two leagues. Your fantasy teams are just like your NFL team; wildly disappointing and hilarious to watch."

Updated Financials and Thoughts for Next Week

After one week, I've spent $5 and won $20, giving me a tidy $15 profit. I'll set aside another $5 for this week's tournament, which means I've won roughly one Chipotle burrito bowl-with guac. Measuring my success via Chipotle purchases is the only way I'll accurately measure the gains.

This week, we'll focus on optimizing performance and actually reading the scoring settings. Join us Friday for a new lineup, a new tournament, and another chance to say hurtful things.

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