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Dozens of college football coaches already want Playoff expanded to 8+ teams

An ESPN poll of college coaches shows that many already want more teams involved.

This will be the first season in which we see the College Football Playoff take place, pitting four teams against each other to determine one true champion. However, many coaches already feel the field is too small.

In most sports, a playoff takes place with anywhere between 12 teams (NFL) to 16 teams (NHL, NBA) to 24 (FCS football), but FBS football is only going with four, for now at least. If college coaches have their way, that may change in the future.

According to ESPN's Brett McMurphy, a recent poll taken among college coaches shows that most of them want eight or more teams. (Obviously, a bigger field would benefit more coaches, who'd have a better chance of making the tournament.)

That's 60 percent that want the Playoff expanded, with the majority wanting an eight-team field. This sentiment is not only shared by coaches, as ACC commissioner John Swofford also said this week that he wants the field expanded.

Washington State head coach Mike Leach has long argued the Playoff should resemble the NCAA men's basketball tournament, saying the field should include 64 teams.