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Manny Pacquiao vs. Algieri live results: Round 5

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A look at what went down in round five of Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Chris Algieri needed to get his offense going this round against Manny Pacquiao, knowing he is almost certainly down 40-35 after four rounds (which is what the fight was at on the SB Nation card after four rounds).

This round Algieri came out quickly, landing some good jabs and landing a hard right hand to Pacquiao's face, establishing some control early in the round. Algieri continued to land some good right hands near the midway point of the fight and landed a good body shot before another good right hand.

Algieri is having a better round, not a perfect round, but one where he's able to land and not take a lot of shots in the process.

Pacquiao looked a little bit frustrated with getting hit and it was actually the first round that SB Nation scored in favor of Algieri. 10-9 Algieri and 49-45 Pacquiao after five rounds.