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Pacquiao vs Algieri results: Manny dominates with 6 knockdowns, wins decision victory in Macao

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Manny Pacquiao was able to dominate an undefeated opponent and remind the world exactly why he's one of the best fighters of his generation as he took a lopsided decision over Chris Algieri.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

The decline in Manny Pacquiao's power has always been overstated, even with his recent drought of knockouts he has been hitting and hurting big opponents with really good chins for years. Tonight was another case of him not scoring a knockout but hurting his opponent several times.

Against Chris Algieri, Pacquiao scored six knockdowns, giving him a huge cushion on the scorecards. There were a couple knockdowns that seemed like they were the result of Algieri slipping on a wet logo in the corner, but he still was clearly not talented enough to compete with one of the very best fighters of his era.

Algieri was trying to fight a style where he used footwork and a jab to keep Pacquiao off of him, but Pacquiao had no fear of Algieri's offense, which allowed him to walk forward, get inside and land harder punches.

With Algieri unable to get Pacquiao to respect his power, the knockdowns felt almost like an inevitability.

Pacquiao's speed is also such a huge factor because he gets his punches off so quickly that his opponent have minimal options that don't result in eating a countershot.

The final scorecards read: 119-103, 119-103 and 120-102, all for Pacquiao.

The most interesting part of the fight may have been Pacquiao after the fight saying that he wants Mayweather "next year." That has obviously been the story for years, but there's been a lot of chatter that the fight is actually being seriously worked on behind the scenes.

As for Algieri; he's a talented guy, but not quite world class, and his lack of power is going to be an issue regardless of the way he was able to come back against Ruslan Provodnikov. Against an elite fighter like Manny Pacquaio there are just such clear differences in skills that it results in a fight like this, but he'll probably hold another world title at some point in the near future.