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The best Black Friday deals for sports fans

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There are a lot of great sales that sports fans can take advantage of.

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It wont be long before you gorge yourself on turkey and football, enjoying one of the biggest holidays of the year. Now it's time to prepare for your post-Thanksgiving consumerism in style, and if you're a sports fan Black Friday has a lot ot great deals to offer.

The old adage is that it's best to wait until right before the Super Bowl to buy a TV, but this year it seems to be all about the Black Friday sales. We're not close to the point where you'll need or want a 4K screen, so it might be worth braving the crowds if you're slightly underwhelmed by your less-than-giant television.

Some of the best deals are beginning on Thursday night, so if you're prepared to survive the crowds it's worth getting out there.


Best Buy

You can get a 50" Panasonic LED TV for $199.99. This is one of those crazy doorbuster deals, so good luck -- but that's a steal.

MLB 14: The Show for PS4 will be $19.99. Baseball season is over, but at this price you can imagine it continuing for the next six months.

- Current sports games are on a great sale with Madden 15, FIFA 15 and NBA 2K15 all $29.99.

Fitbit fitness trackers are $99.99, so get healthy already.

Dick's Sporting Goods

- A great deal for the runner in your family with $15 off all athletic footwear $59.99 or more.

Adidas fleece jackets are 50% off. It's cold, stay warm.

- You can pick up a $699.99 Goalrilla basketball hoop for $349.99


- If you need a new TV for the Super Bowl this could be the best offer yet. A 65" Vizio LED TV for $648. This comes with a 1 hr guarantee too, so provided you're in the store between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. you'll either get one, or a raincheck for a later date.

- The best sports video games of the year are going on sale starting at 6 p.m. Madden 15, FIFA 15 and NBA 2K15 will all be $35 while stocks last.

- It's not just games, but consoles too. The Xbox One will be $329 with a copy of Assassin's Creed: Unity while the PS4 is $399 with a $50 Walmart gift card.

Bluetooth speakers for smartphones are on sale for $39.88. These make a great addition to any tailgate.



NordicTrack treadmill 60% off.

Prince Fusion table tennis table 51% off. The perfect chance to take up all the room in your garage and question "Why do we have this?" for the next decade.


Xbox One w/ Assassins Creed: Unity for $329.99 and a $50 Target gift card.

Beats by Dre headphones are $97. Finally you can recreate Colin Kaepernick ads at home.

Franklin Dual-Court rebound basketball hoop for $69.99. A small goal for the kids, but a good one.

Stok charcoal grill $65. All you need for that tailgate is the meat.