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NBA All-Stars stage their own freestyle round

Let's go home.

The freestyle round in Saturday night's Slam Dunk Contest did not really go as planned. THIS is more like it.

First, LeBron James turns in this lefty windmill.


Soon after that, Blake Griffin uncorked a windmill of his own.


The East nearly jumped further ahead on this LeBron dunk. Alas, he jumped too high and hit his elbow on the rim. Common mistake. Happens to me all the time.


The West made up some more ground in the second quarter when Anthony Davis put it down without looking at the rim. He has long arms.


But then LeBron did his thing yet again. After yet another missed dunk, James ran the wing as Chris Bosh pushed the ball up the middle. One pass to the opposite wing, and ... this.


Who needs Bron in the dunk contest when we get this?

Who wins? East, but not by much. They may now pick whether they go first or second in the battle round.