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Olympic curling results 2014: Norway loses, and the pants are gone

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The team and their pants have left Sochi.

Matthew Stockman

SB Nation 2014 Winter Olympic Coverage

Tuesday marked the unfortunate end to a crowd-favorite with Norway and their loud pants failing to advance in Men's Curling, losing to Great Britain in the tie-breaker session.

The Norwegian team captured hearts and eyes with their seemingly-endless stream of amazing pants, which ranged from representing the country's flag, paint splotches, references to high art and floral prints. It might not have been received well by all of the team's competitors, but that must be because they can't appreciate amazing things. Nevertheless, we've lost our curling spirit guide.

It seemed Norway was positioned to move on. They held a convincing 4-2 lead at the close of the seventh end, but collapsed late in the match. Great Britain scored a two-stone end in the eighth and once again in the 10th to win the match by one stone,  6-5.

Great Britain move on to face Sweden in the men's semi-final round, while Norway leaves Sochi unable to match their 2010 silver medal in Vancouver.

Team USA skipper John Shuster appreciated the pants, so there's hope yep. He stopped short of telling the Miami Herald that his team would try something this bold, but enjoyed Norway's attention.

"It's absolutely good for the sport," U.S. skipper John Shuster said of Norway's unique garb. "Anytime people are going to talk about curling in USA Today or the New York Times due to wardrobe, it helps bring curling to the forefront, and that's good. Honestly, when you're out there, you do not notice them. Not at all."

Farewell, sweet princes. It was a magical run while it lasted and we hope to see you in Pyeongchang in 2018.

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