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Good morning, it's Rajon Rondo rumor central

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Today's NBA newsletter leads with pervasive Rondo rumors, plus final wrap-ups from New Orleans, more trade talk and all the links you need.

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Good morning. Let's trade rumor.

ROND-AND ROND WE GO: Rajon Rondo is the name at the top of the rumor sheet now that All-Star has ended. CelticsBlog sums up the news: the C's reportedly want two firsts for him, the Kings made a big offer and the Raptors are interested. Well then!

Meanwhile, Danny Ainge is still refusing to acknowledge he might even trade Rondo.

BY THE WAY: We have all of your trade deadline coverage in one comfortable place: our rumors hub. Bookmark it.

SPEAKING OF POINT GUARDS: The Knicks need one (stunning) and want ... Jeff Teague. Way to have realistic goals there, Knicks. Posting & Toasting reacts.

BUDDING TRADE: Woj reported the Wolves and Grizzlies have discussed a deal sending Chase Budinger to Memphis for Tayshaun Prince. Tony Allen and J.J. Barea may also be involved. And if the Wolves can lose Barea, they'd apparently be interested in pulling in Andre Miller.

Brief intermission from the rumors.

OH BOY: Lionel Hollins went off on the Grizzlies organization in an interview with a Memphis TV station. He explained the practice dispute with John Hollinger and basically blames Jason Levien for the end of his tenure. The only thing I know is that this does not help Hollins get another job. What's the point, at this point?

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Mark Deeks answers that question for a list of retired players. Shandon Anderson opened a vegan restaurant in Atlanta!

RUSS BACK: Russell Westbrook is planning to return on Thursday as the Thunder face the Heat. OKC currently has a four-game lead in the West.

FROM BROKEN TROPHIES TO BUSTA RHYMES DANCING:ranked the moments from All-Star Weekend. There were a lot of good ones.

BROOKLYN BOUNCE: The great Jake Appleman wrote a book on the Nets' first season in BrooklynGet it. NetsDaily talked to Appleman about the process and how it came about.

EXPANSION TALK: Kevin Pelton shows the data that indicates that there's plenty of talent in the world to justify expansion.

THE FINISH LINE: Pretty cool Grantland video focusing on Steve Nash's attempt to stay on the court.

A 72-HOUR FRIDAY: Lana Berry wraps up her trip to All-Star, where all the days blurred together.

PRO-GENY: Scott Cacciola has a terrific look at the second-generation NBA players in the league right now.

GIFS GALORE: The Daily Win takes a look at the best GIFs from All-Star Weekend.

A BOLD STAND: Despite discomfort, J.R. Smith will wear the damn face mask and play this week. Atta boy.

VIDEO EVIDENCE: T-Mac throwing a baseball very fast. This is happening.

Back to the rumor mill.

JACK FOR JET: The Nets want to swap Jason Terry for Jarrett Jack. Have the Nets watched Jarrett Jack this season? Plus, the Nets are looking at adding Jordan Hill, who is being underused by the Lakers.

BOBCATS COMIN': Woj reports a deal to send Gary Neal and Caron Butler to Charlotte crumbled recently. Will the Bucks be able to pick up assets as the ship sinks?

ODOM IN SPAIN: Lamar Odom won't be back in the NBA this season after all: he has signed to play in Spain. That closes one thread the Clippers had been following.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.