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Winter Olympics 2014 skiing results: David Wise takes home gold in men's ski halfpipe

It's the second gold and sixth overall medal for the Americans in freestyle skiing.

Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom

SB Nation 2014 Winter Olympic Coverage

Where the American men couldn't grace the podium with their presence after snowboard halfpipe, the skiers went out and grabbed the gold medal. David Wise dropped a huge score in the men's ski halfpipe, posting a 92.00 to lead the field and take the top spot for the United States.

And Wise took care of business on his first run as none of the other competitors could match his original score. Mike Riddle of Canada tossed up a 90.60 on his second run to earn silver in the event, and Frenchman Kevin Rolland grabbed bronze with an 88.60 on his initial run.

Wise actually checked the top of the pipe on his final run to earn a score of 3.40, which was the lowest of the 24 combined scores. Another American, Aaron Blunck, scored a 79.40 to take seventh place.

The win gives the United States its second gold medal in freestyle skiing and sixth medal overall in the freestyle events.

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