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Podcast: The Nets' rebirth in Brooklyn

Jake Appleman, author of Brooklyn Bounce, talks to us about the rebranding of the Nets and their historic first season in Brooklyn.

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Longtime NBA chronicler Jake Appleman spent a season with the Brooklyn Nets as the former laughingstock franchise moved from the swamps of Jersey to a the ultra-cool borough. His book, Brooklyn Bounce, captured the mood and feel of the team's rebirth. Here's what we talked about on this week's Drive & Kick:

  • How did the project come together? Also, Paul discusses his own failed book idea.
  • The reporting process and Jake's identity crisis.
  • Why Jake was relieved the Nets didn't get Dwight Howard.
  • The real, the contrived and the difficulties in creating a franchise out of thin air.
  • Whether the Nets would have done things differently with the roster if they had known how the season turned out.
  • The point guard lineage and how much Jason Kidd means to the franchise.
  • Jake shares the Kevin Garnett love.

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