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USA vs. Canada hockey: Live updates, game discussion as Battle of North America resumes

The Battle of North America, Part II: The American men look for redemption, both for the USA's loss in the women's gold game Thursday, and for their own loss against Canada in the 2010 gold medal game. Winner advances to play Sweden. Join us as we discuss live.

Martin Rose

CANADA WINS, 1-0. USA-Finland for bronze Saturday, Canada-Sweden for gold Sunday.

Dan P. [3:06 PM]:

@Todd Little Hard to say. In terms of “action” it wasn’t a great game, but the Canadians certainly get credit for imposing their will on the USA and completely killing their attack. In that respect, they played a “great” game.

NationalAnthem [3:00 PM]:

@Todd Little Depends on who you were rooting for. From a Canadian perspective, they had a game plan and were totally dominant in executing it. That would make this a great game. For the U.S., this was an exercise in frustration – totally boxed out, unable to complete passes and tip-ins, and their speed was mimimalized. What surprised me was that I expected a much more physical game. I thought Bakkes would be the most valuable player but he was next to invisible.

Todd Little [2:30 PM]:

@Clay Wendler that is awesome

mr_zach6 [2:27 PM]:

lol a fun game??? we lost im crying right now so bad that my teacher had to take me outside for some fresh air

Todd Little [2:23 PM]:

it was close, but I didn’t think this was that great a game. Thoughts?

NationalAnthem [2:14 PM]:

FYI: oddsmakers in Canada had the U.S. winning this one. They’re a great team and QUick was awesome.

jrobulls [2:13 PM]:

C’mon Super Swedes!

dustinrmikkelsen [2:12 PM]:

Luckily I lived in Canada as a child, so I can root for them in the gold medal game ;) Good game canucks eh?

Clay Wendler [2:11 PM]:

Scott Huh [2:11 PM]:

Many predicted no medal. Can still get the bronze.

jpsolberg [2:10 PM]:

jrobulls. so right quick is awesome

jpsolberg [2:10 PM]:


jrobulls [2:10 PM]:

Quick at least showing why he’s awesome.

dustinrmikkelsen [2:09 PM]:

Get shutout by your rival, with the world watching, an epic fail only worthy of us….

Ardbeg [2:09 PM]:

At least it’s not the Russians.

Travis Hughes [2:09 PM]:

That was a hell of a game.

Todd Little [2:09 PM]:


Erik Jonker [2:09 PM]:

Yes truly sorry

Chris Haines [2:09 PM]:

Well. Shit.

Scott Huh [2:09 PM]:

Price plays better for the Canadians then he does for the Canadiens.

NationalAnthem [2:08 PM]:

As a true Canadian, I have to say sorry for beating you.

WildandPredsFan [2:08 PM]:

Well, looks like it’s the bronze medal game for us.

NationalAnthem [2:08 PM]:

Shutout Carey Price!!!!!!!!

Todd Little [2:07 PM]:

rebounds just won’t come to US

Evan Sporer [2:07 PM]:


NationalAnthem [2:07 PM]:

one minute to play

Travis Hughes [2:05 PM]:


Erik Jonker [2:05 PM]:

But does it come in men’s?

Erik Jonker [2:04 PM]:

Zach 6" jonk? Impressive

mr_zach6 [2:03 PM]:

Hey eric jonker lick my jonk

Erik Jonker [2:03 PM]:

Hope he’s signed up for Obama-care

argile42 [2:02 PM]:

How many times do you think he apologized after that?

Todd Little [2:02 PM]:

no sustained pressure for US

Erik Jonker [2:02 PM]:

Shooting gallery

Pig.Pen [2:02 PM]:

That looked like it hurt….immensely.

Clay Wendler [2:01 PM]:

Scott Huh [2:00 PM]:

Where is the Russian judge to fix this like the ice dancing?

Evan Sporer [2:00 PM]:


WildandPredsFan [2:00 PM]:

Thank God that didn’t go in.

NationalAnthem [2:00 PM]:

6 minutes left

dustinrmikkelsen [2:00 PM]:

Another Canadian win does nothing to advance the sport, it’s already their national pass time up there.

Pig.Pen [1:59 PM]:


Scott Huh [1:59 PM]:

that PK was pretty good. maybe it can et them going.

WildandPredsFan [1:58 PM]:

Is it that much to ask for the US to score at least 1 goal??!!

Erik Jonker [1:58 PM]:

Canada 1 USA dumpster

Evan Sporer [1:58 PM]:

1-0 Canada, under 8 minutes remaining

WildandPredsFan [1:58 PM]:

@Pig.Pen 1-0 Canada

Pig.Pen [1:58 PM]:

What’s the score

Chris Dilks [1:57 PM]:

Callahan still needs a goal to atone for Canada’s.

Scott Huh [1:57 PM]:

It is much better when Callahan is on the teeam you cheer for instead of the rival

Nate Pilling [1:56 PM]:

Callahan, you crazy.

Evan Sporer [1:56 PM]:

Guys I don’t know if you know this, but Ryan Callahan is an American hero

Erik Jonker [1:56 PM]:

This is crazy

xcdudesquad [1:55 PM]:

I’m gonna be sick

WildandPredsFan [1:55 PM]:

Canada back on the power play. Yelp.

Travis Hughes [1:55 PM]:

Canadian power play. I don’t feel good.

Evan Sporer [1:55 PM]:

Canada going to the power play with 10:04 left

NationalAnthem [1:55 PM]:

Way to go Kessel!!!

Todd Little [1:55 PM]:

Quick can’t give up another goal. US will be lucky to get one at this rate.

Nate Pilling [1:54 PM]:

Dump and chase, take a shot into someone’s skates, get pinned back, repeat.

NationalAnthem [1:53 PM]:

Shots are 10 – 4 Canada in this period

Chris Haines [1:53 PM]:

@Erik Jonker Just over 11 minutes.

WildandPredsFan [1:52 PM]:


Erik Jonker [1:52 PM]:

What’s the time left in period 3

WildandPredsFan [1:52 PM]:

And spending too much time in our own zone has prevented that.

WildandPredsFan [1:51 PM]:

We really need something HUGE if we want to still have a chance in this game.

Travis Hughes [1:51 PM]:

@WIMinnesotaWildFan well yeah

WildandPredsFan [1:50 PM]:

@Travis Hughes Canada has been dominating for basically this whole game

Travis Hughes [1:49 PM]:

Canada’s been dominating the period, but Parise gets a chance like that and you remember how close the game is

Clay Wendler [1:49 PM]:

Scott Huh [1:49 PM]:

@Nate the USA would have about 10 more shots if they were the Devils

Todd Little [1:49 PM]:

@Nate Pilling good one

mr_zach6 [1:48 PM]:

TJ Oshie we need you right now bud

Nate Pilling [1:48 PM]:

As a Devils fan it feels like this is only the 50 billionth time I’ve watched this game in recent history.

Todd Little [1:47 PM]:

that was close

Nate Pilling [1:47 PM]:

@Chris Haines Gotcha.

Travis Hughes [1:46 PM]:

@Evan Sporer we’re even, Brooks

WildandPredsFan [1:46 PM]:

This whole game hasn’t been going well for them. :(

Evan Sporer [1:46 PM]:

Never thought I’d say that today

Chris Haines [1:46 PM]:

@Nate Pilling I meant me. I am also a Flyers fan.

Evan Sporer [1:46 PM]:

WOW. Orpik with a huge defensive play

Travis Hughes [1:46 PM]:

This third period is not going well or the United States

Nate Pilling [1:45 PM]:

@Chris Haines Woah, woah, woah. Let’s be clear here: I AM NOT a Flyers fan. I was talking about Travis.

WildandPredsFan [1:45 PM]:

@Erik Jonker Agreed.

Erik Jonker [1:44 PM]:

Canada’s Defense = Seattle Seahawks @ Super Bowl

Chris Haines [1:44 PM]:

@Scott Huh Two of ’em! /waves

Chris Haines [1:44 PM]:

@Scott Huh Two of ’em! /waves

Travis Hughes [1:43 PM]:

@Scott Huh hi Scott! /cries

Nate Pilling [1:43 PM]:

@Scott Huh I think we have one here with us! :)

Scott Huh [1:42 PM]:

imagine being a Flyers fan watching JVR.

Todd Little [1:41 PM]:

as a Panther fan it hurts even more see Blowmeester with that assist

WildandPredsFan [1:40 PM]:

Let’s tie it up!

Travis Hughes [1:40 PM]:

hey, Carey: nice SHUTOUT you have there hows that SHUTOUT going

Evan Sporer [1:39 PM]:

Alright folks, here we go: 20 minutes (or longer) to decide who goes on to play Sweden in the gold medal game. Third period underway.

Adam Gretz [1:37 PM]:

More Yandle and Byfuglien in the third, less Orpi…. oh. Right.

Nate Pilling [1:36 PM]:


Evan Sporer [1:35 PM]:

Required watching before the 3rd starts:

xcdudesquad [1:34 PM]:

Here’s what we need to do. Find as many Canadians as you can. Trick them into saying Shutout. Then we’ll score.

Travis Hughes [1:34 PM]:

Some intermission reading/vomiting: Our friend Spilly made a Russian Hot Pocket, special for the Olympics!

Vanderslack [1:30 PM]:

Speaking Canadian:

mr_zach6 [1:29 PM]:

true dat ryan

Evan Sporer [1:28 PM]:

Unrelated: The Dallas Stars should be really good in a few years

elvanthia.douvlos [1:27 PM]:

: – (

michaelmatkowskyy [1:26 PM]:

Go Canada Go!!

Travis Hughes [1:25 PM]:

@Nate Pilling he really is.

Clay Wendler [1:24 PM]:

Chris Haines [1:24 PM]:

This…this isn’t fun right now.

Nate Pilling [1:24 PM]:

I’ve never really watched Kessel that much, but man, is he good.

Evan Sporer [1:24 PM]:

We’re done with two periods: Canada 1 USA 0

Ryan Haas [1:24 PM]:

Being at school really doesn’t make it easy to watch this game

Chris Haines [1:23 PM]:

@Coach Couch

Coach Couch [1:23 PM]:

@Travis Hughes You are wonderful. #USA!

Evan Sporer [1:22 PM]:

Icing burned USA on Canada’s first goal. Now icing forces them to use their timeout.

NationalAnthem [1:22 PM]:

@Travis Hughes Good stuff. Keep ’em coming.

paul.k.whitfield [1:22 PM]:

What a game

Travis Hughes [1:22 PM]:

@Coach Couch If you scroll over the image you can click “hide image”

mr_zach6 [1:22 PM]:

lol im a champion i dont cry like your kids do

Travis Hughes [1:21 PM]:

@mr_zach6 /rewinds 24 hours //cries

Coach Couch [1:21 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Is there a way we can hide these? Because I’d really like to hide them once I’ve watched it 154 times.

mr_zach6 [1:21 PM]:

Hey Travis i dont care about a dang PK USA never loses

Evan Sporer [1:20 PM]:

Bylsma reaching into the well: Stastny, Pacioretty and Oshie finished that PP

Travis Hughes [1:20 PM]:

Canada’s being so aggressive on the PK

mr_zach6 [1:19 PM]:

Wow canada is probably good USA USA USA USA USA USA

Nate Pilling [1:19 PM]:

Seems like our PP strategy is: Shoot into their shins as much as possible.

Evan Sporer [1:18 PM]:

Canada simply keeping the USA to the outside on the PP, no pressure in front, not much doing.

Clay Wendler [1:18 PM]:

Travis Hughes [1:18 PM]:

Big damn PP here

Adam Gretz [1:17 PM]:

Orpik has been unspeakably bad in Pittsburgh all year.

Evan Sporer [1:17 PM]:

Kunitz bumps Quick after the whistle, USA power play coming.

xcdudesquad [1:17 PM]:

I hate Chris Kunitz so much. Important PP coming up

Clay Wendler [1:17 PM]:

Scott Huh [1:16 PM]:

Seems like the Kessel line is the only one getting chances

xcdudesquad [1:16 PM]:

Quick is keeping us in this game

Nate Pilling [1:15 PM]:

So, let’s to be stapling Brooks to the bench please.

TD70 [1:15 PM]:

@Travis Hughes “I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great team the Canadians have”

Vanderslack [1:15 PM]:

@Travis Hughes I feel like Avril Lavigne just punched me in the gut.

Travis Hughes [1:15 PM]:

I can’t deal with Brooks Orpik, man

Evan Sporer [1:14 PM]:

Jonathan Quick… holy moly

Nate Pilling [1:14 PM]:


Scott Huh [1:14 PM]:

i feel like Ted Stryker when he is trying to land the plane in Airplane!

Travis Hughes [1:14 PM]:


ActuallyStopIt [1:13 PM]:

extremely jittery

Travis Hughes [1:13 PM]:

So…. how we feeling everybody?

Jaime Eisner [1:10 PM]:

@Evan Sporer West is best!

elvanthia.douvlos [1:09 PM]:

cute at blue line, front of the crease…ok i got to get my hockey lingo game on….

Evan Sporer [1:09 PM]:

Nate Pilling [1:09 PM]:


Todd Little [1:08 PM]:

@Evan Sporer yes he has

Travis Hughes [1:08 PM]:

Seems like USA is being a little too cute at the blue line

Evan Sporer [1:08 PM]:

Similar to how Canda scored, they need to get traffic in front of the crease. Price is playing too well to just beat cleanly.

elvanthia.douvlos [1:08 PM]:

I can bear to look, i am just watching this discussion…

elvanthia.douvlos [1:07 PM]:

So guys…how do you think USA is playing so far? You think they have a chance?

Nate Pilling [1:07 PM]:

Poor possession for the US the last few minutes.

Vanderslack [1:07 PM]:

USA: odd-man rush please.

Evan Sporer [1:06 PM]:

Price has been exceptional

TD70 [1:06 PM]:

@NattyDre thank you for your observation

elvanthia.douvlos [1:06 PM]:

They cant let it be a shutout…come on USA!

xcdudesquad [1:05 PM]:

Breathe? What is that?

elvanthia.douvlos [1:05 PM]:

Nate Pilling neither can I…

Travis Hughes [1:04 PM]:

@Nate Pilling cant

Nate Pilling [1:04 PM]:

Remember to breathe, all.

Evan Sporer [1:03 PM]:

That one Kane look to Parise was great though, Price was just better

Todd Little [1:03 PM]:

find the open man for fucks sake

xcdudesquad [1:02 PM]:

I feel like the United States needs to just keep firing on net and good things will happen. We’re working to hard to get the “right” shot.

Evan Sporer [1:01 PM]:

The best zone entry for these USA power plays is a David Backes faceoff win

Todd Little [1:01 PM]:

damn, seems like I’m a minute behind some of you

NationalAnthem [1:01 PM]:

@NoVA Buckeye You’re a classy guy!

Todd Little [1:01 PM]:

power play

TD70 [1:00 PM]:

Thank Christ I have class in 30 minutes to distract myself

Travis Hughes [1:00 PM]:

USA power play. Big chance here. Make it look better than last time, guys.

Evan Sporer [1:00 PM]:

USA power play. Getzlaf off for a high stick, USA with a chance to even it back up.

xcdudesquad [1:00 PM]:

I wan tto say the cliche “its not over” bullshit, but I’m too busy pacing

Clay Wendler [12:59 PM]:

King in Canada [12:59 PM]:

holy relief!

Todd Little [12:58 PM]:

time to bounce back

TD70 [12:58 PM]:

Afternoon, y’all. Fuck Canada

Chris Haines [12:57 PM]:

Our turn for a comeback.

Evan Sporer [12:57 PM]:

Holy deflection by Benn

elvanthia.douvlos [12:56 PM]:

That did not take too long into the second period.

elvanthia.douvlos [12:56 PM]:


Evan Sporer [12:56 PM]:

Bouwmeester point shot that may have been deflected. Think it’s Benn’s goal

Adam Gretz [12:56 PM]:


Travis Hughes [12:56 PM]:

Jamie Benn makes it 1-0 Canada. Shit.

Evan Sporer [12:56 PM]:

Canada goal

elvanthia.douvlos [12:56 PM]:

Who you think Lunquidst is rooting for? lol Think he rather play USA or Canada?

Travis Hughes [12:54 PM]:

elvanthia.douvlos [12:54 PM]:

Okay thanks…play by play please (just kidding) I will just sit back and watch the wise words of Travis…

Travis Hughes [12:53 PM]:

Here we go. Second period underway.

Evan Sporer [12:53 PM]:


elvanthia.douvlos [12:53 PM]:

I was on myspace, transfered to face…lol

Evan Sporer [12:53 PM]:

Travis Hughes [12:52 PM]:

well done, America

Travis Hughes [12:52 PM]:

Travis Hughes [12:51 PM]:

@elvanthia.douvlos i’m a myspace guy

james brondal [12:46 PM]:


elvanthia.douvlos [12:46 PM]:

you on facebook travis?

elvanthia.douvlos [12:45 PM]:

never mind i see DUH on me.

elvanthia.douvlos [12:45 PM]:

after yesterday bough a nice big bottle of pepto…

elvanthia.douvlos [12:44 PM]:

Please tell me USA is leading so far?

Todd Little [12:44 PM]:

awesome first period – toal stresser

elvanthia.douvlos [12:43 PM]:

i do not want to live stream until near the 3rd period…so whats going on?

Travis Hughes [12:43 PM]:

@elvanthia.douvlos hi!

Evan Sporer [12:43 PM]:

At least for Canada at the start. They really amped it up in the later part of that period.

elvanthia.douvlos [12:42 PM]:

Hi Travis, I am back again!

Travis Hughes [12:42 PM]:

@Evan Sporer lots from the outside, though.

Travis Hughes [12:41 PM]:

We have a tornado watch in the Nation’s Capital. A WHIRLWIND OF PATRIOTISM

Evan Sporer [12:40 PM]:

Teams on pace for a combined 81 shots…

Mark Heyck [12:40 PM]:

And, exhale.

Scott Huh [12:39 PM]:

20 minutes of hockey = 1 year off my life.

Chris Haines [12:39 PM]:

15 minute breathing break. Everybody go!

Evan Sporer [12:38 PM]:

Twenty minutes down, nothing settled: No score after the first.

Chris Dilks [12:38 PM]:

0-0 feels like a pretty good result for the US after that period.

WildandPredsFan [12:38 PM]:

Agreed, Chris.

Adam Gretz [12:38 PM]:

puck seems to be bouncing a ton

Ryan Blight [12:38 PM]:


Chris Haines [12:37 PM]:

That…was not a good powerplay.

Adam Gretz [12:36 PM]:

This power play could have gone better.

Evan Sporer [12:36 PM]:

I think the longer this remains tied, the more pressure there is on Canada

WildandPredsFan [12:35 PM]:

I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure things will even out soon.

Ryan Blight [12:35 PM]:

@Travis Hughes Same… swallows down bile

Charlie Gebow [12:35 PM]:

This PP could be going better

Travis Hughes [12:35 PM]:

How’s everybody holding up? I’m uhh…. stressed

Ryan Blight [12:34 PM]:

Welp… US PP…

WildandPredsFan [12:33 PM]:

USA Power play!!!!!!

Travis Hughes [12:33 PM]:


Evan Sporer [12:33 PM]:

USA to the power play

Dave Cariello [12:33 PM]:

Is this game being broadcast on Sirius/XM?!?!?!?

Clay Wendler [12:31 PM]:

David Statman [12:31 PM]:


Aqua [12:30 PM]:

@Travis Hughes 10/10, would buy and worship.

james brondal [12:30 PM]:

Puckingoal , try it

Evan Sporer [12:30 PM]:

Yeah Perry is healthy, what a move

Travis Hughes [12:29 PM]:

that’s an exclusive look at the American penalty killers

Travis Hughes [12:29 PM]:

Evan Sporer [12:29 PM]:

Quick has really settled in as the periods gone on. Looked a little shaky early, locked in now

David Statman [12:28 PM]:


Travis Hughes [12:27 PM]:

Crosby got up slow behind the play there

Adam Gretz [12:27 PM]:

That call looked a little … soft

Travis Hughes [12:27 PM]:

I’d pass along Canada’s PP numbers in the tournament but I don’t wanna jinx anything

Travis Hughes [12:26 PM]:

Eh… that call

Scott Huh [12:25 PM]:

In my expert opinion i tihnk the USA should try to void penalties.

Evan Sporer [12:25 PM]:

And with that, Ryan Suter off for holding the stick. Canada PP with USA’s best d-man in the box

Travis Hughes [12:25 PM]:

Jeff Carter’s scaring the pants off me

Evan Sporer [12:25 PM]:

Canada’s shots have been off the wall, USA has done a good job getting looks between the circles

WildandPredsFan [12:24 PM]:


Travis Hughes [12:23 PM]:

USA’s chances have been a bit better, would you guys agree?

Evan Sporer [12:22 PM]:

Ryan Suter is just so excellent at hockey

Travis Hughes [12:21 PM]:

@Gretz Interesting, isnt it?

Adam Gretz [12:18 PM]:

The North American teams play such a more wide open game on the big ice than the European teams do.

Evan Sporer [12:18 PM]:

Crosby out there with Sharp on that last Canadian shift. Babcock still trying to find a combination that works with Crosby

Travis Hughes [12:17 PM]:

Yeesh, that could’ve been ugly. Quick tracked that puck really well though

WildandPredsFan [12:17 PM]:

The US had some great chances there.

Travis Hughes [12:17 PM]:

Yeah, big ole shot block from Perry there

Evan Sporer [12:17 PM]:

Perry with a big block in that sequence as well, was banged up but still on the bench

Travis Hughes [12:16 PM]:

Talk about pressure. What a shift by the USA. Price came up big several times

Aqua [12:15 PM]:

We should try the thing where we score a goal.

Evan Sporer [12:15 PM]:

Big boy save by Price on Carlson trailing the rush

vlad3217 [12:13 PM]:

i can’t remember if the oracle works in here

vlad3217 [12:13 PM]:

@oracle gif me canada is not very good at hockey. yes i said it. #hottakes

Evan Sporer [12:12 PM]:

Great pace early on. Both teams flying

Clay Wendler [12:10 PM]:

Travis Hughes [12:10 PM]:

Man, these boards are SO springy

Evan Sporer [12:09 PM]:

Even with the Tavares injury, I’m pretty suprised Kunitz is still on a line with Crosby

Travis Hughes [12:08 PM]:

Hey remember how Chris Kunitz is an Olympian?

Evan Sporer [12:07 PM]:

Backes line going up against the Getzlaf line early on. And the chess match begins…

Travis Hughes [12:06 PM]:

Travis Hughes [12:06 PM]:


james brondal [12:05 PM]:


Evan Sporer [12:05 PM]:

Puck drop, and we’re underway

Roy Zuniga [12:05 PM]:

GO USA! !!!!!!!

Evan Sporer [12:03 PM]:

Other USA lines and pairings: Pavelski—van Riemsdyk—Kessel; Brown—Backes—Callahan; Stastny—Oshie—Wheeler, Pacioretty; Carlson—Orpik; Fowler—Shattenkirk; Faulk

Todd Little [12:03 PM]:

Faulk is in for Martin.

james brondal [12:00 PM]:

GO USA !!!

Evan Sporer [12:00 PM]:

Blake Wheeler in the lineup for Paul Martin, who is out with a hand injury.

Kurt R. [11:59 AM]:

just hypnotize them with phil kessel’s eyes, we got this

Todd Little [11:58 AM]:

let’s get it on

Evan Sporer [11:58 AM]:

USA Starters: Parise—Kesler—Kane; Suter—McDonagh; Quick

J.J. from Kansas [11:57 AM]:

Time to lock myself in the office and pray nobody remembers I’m here.

Clay Wendler [11:57 AM]:

Evan Sporer [11:56 AM]:

Other Canadian lines (for now): Perry—Getzlaf—Benn; Carter—Toews—Marleau; Nash—Duchene—Sharp; Doughty—Vlasic; Pietrangelo—Bouwmeester—St. Louis—Hamhuis

Travis Hughes [11:54 AM]:

CANADIANS: Figure it out your damn selves

Travis Hughes [11:54 AM]:

AMERICANS: Here’s your live stream.

Evan Sporer [11:54 AM]:

Canadian starters: Bergeron—Crosby Kunitz; Weber—Keith; Price

J.J. from Kansas [11:53 AM]:

Painkiller [11:51 AM]:

Looking forward to some good, old fashioned sh% regression from Canada.

garret9 [11:51 AM]:

Evan Sporer [11:47 AM]:

I’ve never tried using the app on my iPhone

desmodhennesy [11:46 AM]:

So I can watch this on my iPhone?

Evan Sporer [11:46 AM]:

No stream will be up on this page, we’ll be providing commentary. The NBC app should be carrying it, though.

desmodhennesy [11:45 AM]:

Are we going to see the live game on this webpage?



ZWal93 [11:32 AM]:

Let’s go USA!

GodZeller [11:31 AM]:

Thanks boys, I used to watch NHL but fell out of love. Gotta get it up for the Olympics though

Todd Little [11:31 AM]:

I think the clock is slow

Todd Little [11:23 AM]:

@John Fontana hasn’t hurt US offense. No excuses – if US wins it’s because they put toghether a better team.

Evan Sporer [11:23 AM]:

If the Brown—Backes—Callahan line plays like it did against the Czechs, along with Suter—McDonagh, the United States will be in great shape.

Todd Little [11:22 AM]:

@GodZeller a US win. joking aside, this should be a great game between two evenly-matched opponents. One of the teams will probably squeak it out with a late goal but part of me feels the US is going to suprise with a commanding win.

Adam Gretz [11:21 AM]:

This should be fun.

Evan Sporer [11:21 AM]:

@Zeller Canada has been trouble gettings goals from its forwards nad getting Crosby going. USA has been one of the more consistent teams in the tournament, and will try to match up against Canada’s top guys all game.

John Fontana [11:21 AM]:

If Canada loses today, I will put money down on the Canadian media and a contingent of fans blaming the size of the ice surface. I’ve seen too many remarks about it as-is. “It’s killing offense!”

cbenti60 [11:20 AM]:

Insert “South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut” YouTube Clip here

GodZeller [11:19 AM]:

Hey, I’m British. What should I be looking for in particular from this game?

mr_zach6 [11:14 AM]:


sarahconnors [11:13 AM]:

#tjsochi more like

mr_zach6 [11:12 AM]:

Fireworks, Hamburgers, Guns, and Clutch Hockey #gopede#tjoshie

mr_zach6 [11:11 AM]:

LOL @ Canada

mr_zach6 [11:08 AM]:


Evan Sporer [11:02 AM]:

Apple pie, the Grand Canyon, and T.J. Oshie

Todd Little [11:01 AM]:

damn, noon can’t come soon enough

Todd Little [10:46 AM]:

Todd Little [10:44 AM]:

whoa, that’s so american

Travis Hughes [10:43 AM]:

J.J. from Kansas [10:39 AM]:

Wait until you see the pic we’ve got for our gamethread

Travis Hughes [10:29 AM]: