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AL East starting lineups and rotations, as described by Google autocomplete

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Part three of a six-part series.

Here are the projected rotations and starting nine for every AL East team, as described by Google's autocomplete. If you missed the first two entries in the series, you can find the AL West here, and you can find the AL Central here.


  • These are from the drop-down menu in Firefox's browser search. I entered a player's name, followed by one letter from A to Z, and the result included here appeared on the drop-down menu.

  • These are not the first results. Otherwise they would all be "stats", "girlfriend", or "shirtless." These are the most interesting or amusing results. In some cases, interesting or amusing could not be found. There is nothing interesting about Ryan Goins, for example. There isn't even a "Ryan Goins girlfriend?" or "Ryan Goins shirtless" to fall back on

  • Google has all of our brains mapped and on file somewhere, so these are probably tailored specifically to me. I cleared my cookies first, but you never know.

  • A lot of these results have nothing to do with the actual baseball players, but the string of words together is amusing.

To the charts!

Boston Red Sox


Baltimore Orioles


Tampa Bay Rays


Toronto Blue Jays

New York Yankees


Worth actually googling: Nick Markakis takes strike one and J.J. Hardy on Young and the Restless. Not worth actually googling: everything else. Though the A-Rod thing is big, if true.