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Good morning, it's Adam Silver's NBA now so let's party

In Monday's GMIB: Silver ascends, the Cavtastrophe continues, Terrence Ross obliterated Kenneth Faried and how Finland got into the World Cup. Subscribe!


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

THE NEW ERA BEGINS: For the first time in three decades, David Stern does not run the NBA. How many people are not wearing pants at NBA headquarters right now?

CAVTASTROPHE: Things are really going poorly in Cleveland. Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News reported that Luol Deng is stunned at the dysfunction. Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal confirms that Dion Waiters was recently kicked out of practice for tomfoolery only to not receive any further punishment like a minutes reduction. Ryan Mourton of Fear The Sword wonders how broken the team really is.

THE ANNALS OF WAIT ... WHAT?: Free agent cast-off Andrew Bynum signed with the ... Indiana Pacers. For a reported $1 million for the rest of the season. He'll be ready in a couple of weeks. Get your popcorn ready for the Bynum vs. Greg Oden battle in the Bizarro Eastern Conference Finals. Larry Bird, by the way, says that the idea the Pacers signed Bynum to keep him away from Miami is "stupid."

OLD CUCUMBER EYES AND EVERYTHING: Terrence Ross delivered a horribly nasty facial to Kenneth Faried on Friday. Dane Carbaugh breaks down the details.

BUCKS FINN: How the maker of Angry Birds got Finland into the 2014 FIBA World Cup over Canada, China, Italy and Russia. Hint: it's money. That said, Ball in Europe makes the case that Finland deserved to be in for basketball reasons despite a really low ranking.

BUILDING JABARI: Jonathan Tjarks on what top prospect Jabari Parker needs to add to his game.

SILVER'S LEGACY: Bleacher Report's team surveyed a host of NBA insiders to draw up a to-do list for the new Commish. Among the items: fix tanking, raise the age minimum and lighten the schedule.

SUNNY DISPOSITION: The world's most sunny tweet artist, Pau Gasol, is being considered by the Phoenix Suns, who want to bolster their playoff chances. Marc Stein reports that the Suns could send Emeka Okafor and perhaps a pick to L.A. in a deal. Trading Gasol for Okafor would save the Lakers a ton of money.

HOLD UP: The Warriors' plan to build a new arena on the San Francisco waterfront has been delayed at least a year, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

RETURN OF THE MACHINE: Sasha Vujacic is a Clipper. He hasn't played in the NBA in two years and 10 months.

THE ANNALS OF WAIT ... WHAT? PART 2: The Wizards snapped OKC's 10-game winning streak on Saturday. John Wall was a maestro, and Trevor Ariza outplayed Kevin Durant. I said it: Trevor Ariza outplayed Kevin Durant. February is a dark month, y'all.

SAD NEWS: Nate Robinson is done for the season after tearing his ACL. A spring without Nate just won't be the same.

LESS SAD NEWS: Chris Paul should be back soonThe Steves Nash and Blake could return on Tuesday.

THE SUPERB OWL: Our NFL team did incredible work covering the Superb Owl. (So did Ray Allen.) Check it all out in a magazine-style spread.

Happy Monday. See you next time.