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A half-goodbye to Baseball Nation

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Please visit now for your silly jokes and baseball news.

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There were a couple of ways I thought about presenting the news that Baseball Nation was no more. The first was to commission a painting of me standing atop a pile of skulls that represented the writers who were no longer at the site. I would be gazing upward, triumphant, possibly holding a flag of some sort.

The second way was to write a simple post. The artist didn't get the painting done on schedule, so here we are.

It didn't make sense to continue on an island without Rob, or to get another writer to help produce enough content for a standalone site. The most important message to get across is that, really, there isn't much changing. Rob is gone, but I'm staying with the network. My general baseball writing will move to SB Nation MLB.

Again, that's SB Nation MLB.

If you liked my stupid knock-knock jokes here, you'll get the same thing over there, buttressed by current news and dandy features from other writers. The topic will still be baseball. Don't even bother changing your bookmarks if you're lazy; eventually this domain will get you there.

Everything that's been written and hosted here will move to the new home, too. When you want to find something I wrote three years ago, just to prove that I used the same Serpentor reference in a more recent post, it'll be there. That goes for everyone's stuff. It's still on the network. It'll just be over there. I've worked with Marc Normandin and Steven Goldman before, and I'm excited to work more closely with them.

The last day here will be today or tomorrow, and there might still be a post or three that goes up here, but, good gravy, I'm not dead. I'll literally be writing on the same computer, for the same network, using the same template and tools I'm used to. Just over there.

Please go over there, to SB Nation MLB. Or keep coming here. You'll eventually get over there. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you at the new old site that's not that much different from the old new site.