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Good morning, it's a shakeup in Cleveland

Today's GMIB: Chris Grant gets canned, Giannis is in the Skills Challenge, there's another new format for the dunk contest and much more.



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Good morning. Let's basketball.

CAVTASTROPHE: Chris Grant is out in Cleveland. The Cavs are 16-33, making little if any progress over last season. What Grant did wrongWhat Grant's exit means for Mike Brown. David Griffin has been named the acting GM. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said a whole lot of stuff about the situation.

Cavs takes from Zach LoweRob Mahoney.

Ken Berger mentions some names the Cavaliers have in mind to replace Grant in the offseason, including ... Phil Jackson?

ALL-STAR SATURDAY REVEALED: The league announced all of the participants for All-Star Saturday. Here's the most important news from that.

The weird new dunk contest set-up, explained. Here's the six-player field, headlined by Paul George and John Wall.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is in the Skills Challenge. I repeat, Giannis Antetokounmpo is in the Skills Challenge. This is not a drill. (Wait ...)

Steph Curry and Kevin Love will be in the Three-Point Shootout. Kevin Durant is teaming up with Karl Malone and Skylar Diggins in the Shooting Stars competition. Kelly Olynyk and Pero Antic were the last picks in the Rising Stars Challenge draft.

The best news of all (excepting Giannis in the Skills Challenge): the entertainment lineup. Kendrick Lamar on Saturday, Earth, Wind & Fire, Janelle Monae and some jazz greats at halftime Sunday, Pharrell Williams playing them out on Sunday. He's definitely going to play "Happy" on repeat, and these dudes are definitely going to dance. Except Kobe. Kobe doesn't dance.

THE STARBURY CHRONICLES: Stephon Marbury was involved in a brawl during and after a Chinese league game, resulting in an incredible photo of Starbury being locked behind a door for some reason.

GOLDSBERRY ALERT: Kirk Goldsberry on the verge of the Expected Point Value era of basketball.

FROM THE ANNALS OF HILARIOUS GIVEAWAYS: There's no time to make a bobblehead for midseason pickup James Johnson, so the Grizzlies are having Neck Tattoo Night in its place.

ALL-PUPPY TEAM: Photo evidence of Kevin Durant's adorable new puppy.

THE DELICATE DEFENSIVE BALANCE: Interesting stuff, per usual, from Zach Lowe.

DON'T RETIRE, STEVE: Our coach-in-residence Doug Eberhardt pleads for Steve Nash to stick it out.

VASUEEENUONSAUCE: Surprise! Charles Barkley, noted linguist, has trouble pronouncing Jonas Valanciunas' name. At least we think he was trying to say Valanciunas. He might have been ordering pasta. You can never know for sure.

DRIVE & KICK: Flannery talked to Michael Lee of the Washington Post about the rise of the Wizards.

CATCHING THE NFL: Adam Silver said on Wednesday night he thinks the NBA should rival the NFL. Is he loony?

Happy Friday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.