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Out snowboarder Cheryl Maas displays rainbow glove in Sochi

After a failed run, lesbian snowboarder Cheryl Maas thrust her rainbow glove into the camera in an apparent political statement of support for LGBT rights.

Before the Opening Ceremonies even began we have our first apparent televised statement of support for LGBT rights at the Sochi Olympics. It comes from Dutch snowboarder Cheryl Maas, a married lesbian, after a slopestyle prelim run.

That's a glove covered in rainbows and, well, a unicorn. While the glove itself could be passed off as a totally normal thing for a snowboarder to wear -- rainbows and unicorns are lovely in any context -- the gesture to ensure the camera caught a full view of it is pretty unmistakable. Maas clearly wanted the world to see her rainbow unicorn glove. One struggles to imagine a snowboarder with a blank glove or one featuring a skull or something doing the same gesture.

We'll soon find out how many other LGBT athetes and allies in Sochi make statements, subtle or otherwise.

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